Mars in Libra: Iron Fist Velvet Glove:

By Agent 17, Armand Diaz


Full Dress Uniform: Mars in Libra

22 October – 9 December, 2017

The Cosmic Warrior puts on his dress uniform for six weeks, minding his manners and following protocol as he marches through Venus’ second home. Libran harmony is inimical to the more impulsive Mars, and in this sign he can have difficulty expressing himself directly. Yet with Venus in mutual reception with him for much of the time he’s in the sign of the scales (from 7 November to 1 December), it’s possible that this will be a productive time – bargaining and negotiations with a hint of force, diplomacy from a place of power… an iron fist in a velvet glove?

Mars won’t be especially busy during his stay in Libra, but the aspects he makes will be quite powerful. Of special note are his square to Pluto on 19 November and opposition to Uranus on the 1st of December. The first of these aspects may amp up tensions that come to a head and are released at the second – especially as Venus will be at the very last degree of Scorpio at the time. The effort to contain our aggression can only go so far if the causes aren’t removed – clamping down the lid on a pot will prevent it from boiling over only if the heat is turned down at the same time.

Mars squares the asteroid Juno on 27 November and makes an opposition to Pallas Athene on the 3rd of December. Juno often signifies partnership matters, and with Mars in the sign of the goddess of love we may see that relationship issues get hot at the end of November. Pallas Athene is the sword-wielding goddess of wisdom, and we can expect that she’ll be combining forces with Uranus to remind Mars to cut to the truth and call out empty statements for what they are.

In practical terms, these six weeks may be a time when we feel our energy contained and restrained, although tensions could build as a result. Look for a diplomatic solution to conflicts, but be aware that negotiations could break down, especially towards the end of the Mars’ stay in Libra. Have a constructive outlet for your energy – exercise as well as artistic and creative projects are possibilities.

Those who are ruled by Mars – particularly those with Sun, Ascendant, and Moon in Aries or Scorpio – may feel this energy (or lack of it) most directly. It’s helpful to recognize that any lull or feeling of limitation is temporary rather than a permanent change. It is most important for those with prominent placements in Aries and Scorpio to find ways to channel their energies. These signs should avoid any tendencies towards being passive-aggressive, a remote but conceivable possibility. Aries may find that relationships are prominent, while Scorpio is likely to have trouble getting a handle on exactly what’s going on – unexpected and unseen benefits and irritations are both possibilities for Scorpions.

Libras will have to host Mars, a somewhat challenging houseguest who’s likely to disturb the delicate balance of self and other with a tilt towards self. Libras should also have plans for using the extra energy at their disposal. Try to foster direct expression of your thoughts and feelings: share them openly – but politely, of course.

Sagittarians may find that this time is especially good for networking and connecting with others who share similar ideals. Capricorns could be drawn towards work and career, perhaps feeling a start-stop vibe that may be a bit frustrating. Aquarians should have little difficulty appreciating the more reserved and contained energy of Mars in Libra, and could find it helps to clarify and work towards long-term goals.

Pisces are likely to have a more challenging time, although it may be that they simply don’t tune in to Mars’ placement in Libra. Taurus might also have some difficulty with this energy, and it could show up in the workplace, perhaps with a difficult colleague.

Gemini will find this a creative period, and it should be easier than usual for the twins to agree on a project and devote time and effort to it. Those born with significant placements in the sign of Cancer are likely to find home and family prominent, and may struggle to maintain harmony. Leos may find the emphasis goes towards more mundane matters such as the daily routine and commute, as well as local community and neighborhood commitments. Virgo might be concerned with finances, and it is quite possible that economic decisions will be both necessary and difficult to make.

For those with long memories, Mars’ passage through Libra may recall issues from his retrograde in the sign during the first half of 2014. Look to see how things that began around that time are affected now.


Agent 17 Armand Diaz

Agent 17 Armand Diaz

Writer, Consultant

Agent 17 – Armand Diaz, Ph.D. Armand’s approach to astrology is informed by his extensive work in the evolution of consciousness and a broad knowledge of ancient and modern spiritual traditions. He also reaches beyond astrology with both Tarot and the I Ching,. Although a sunny Leo, his Scorpio ascendant isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues, as reflected in his most recent book, Separating Aspects: the Astrology of Breakups, Divorce, and Other Partings, the result of years of delving into difficult territory with clients.

Armand teaches astrology, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops within the United States and internationally. He is a contributing writer and editor to a number of astrology websites, and has been published in The Mountain Astrologer and other journals. His books include Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World, and Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, an anthology which he co-produced and co-edited.

Location: New York

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