Are the Home Fries Burning? Mars in Cancer 2017

By Agent 17, Armand Diaz

Are the Home Fries Burning? Mars in Cancer 2017

Mars enters the sign of the crab on 4 June, 2017 and stays underwater until 20 July. In Cancer, Mars is more likely to advocate for kith and kin than for self. It is a somewhat primal and protective placement for the Cosmic Warrior, and we’re likely to see a kind of aggressive defense in many arenas, especially international politics. Expect that there will be a lot of flag waving and chest thumping, for these seven weeks. Yet just who the threatening other is may be unclear, or subject to rapid change, and different factions will have different ideas about who is dangerous.

Not all of Mars’ activity will be all that war-like, however. He makes an easy sextile to Venus on 9 June, at the Sagittarius full moon and Jupiter station to go direct. This is likely to foster a can-do attitude in romantic and sexual relationships, and can certainly make for a fun Friday night.

Things get a bit heavier two weeks later, as Mars squares Jupiter and trines Neptune on the 25th and 26th, just after the Cancer new moon on the 23rd. Around this time, our sense of safety and security may feel threatened, and appeals to be diplomatic and go through channels could be countered by a reactionary response. When Mercury enters the picture on 28 June, we could find that the rhetoric of self-preservation is especially hot.

As we move into July, Mars makes an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Once again, our primal sense of clan may feel threatened, and the collective consciousness could sink into an us versus them mentality. Just who them is will vary depending on perspective, but it’s likely that both governments and corporations will fit the bill for many people.

An edgy quincunx to Saturn on the 9th could be a problem for Mars (or Saturn, or us). Saturn in Sagittarius both inflates and challenges belief systems, amping up rhetoric to the point where absurdity becomes obvious. With Mars in Cancer, it could be that many people will start to see where their beliefs don’t match up with their more instinctual needs.

Mars saves the most dramatic fireworks for the end of his stay in Cancer, squaring Uranus on the 17th. Uranus in Aries represents the individual who is radically independent, or maybe simply erratic. Mars in Cancer is unlikely to make such fine distinctions, however, and treat anyone who is deviating from the norm as a threat. Like a police officer who knows what’s best and is ready to independently act as judge and jury, Mars may decide immediate intervention is necessary.

Yet Uranus isn’t to be pushed around, either, and may explode – verbally or otherwise – so show Mars his limitations. Perhaps most intriguing is that Uranus is in Mars home sign, and so the two planets may be able to find some common ground. Enforcing personal preference with ostensible community values is one possible manifestation.

Each of the signs will experience Mars’ time in Cancer in its own way. We get an energetic boost in an area of life, depending on how Mars aspects our Suns. Cancer gets the most direct energetic boost – something crabs will most likely feel after their birthdays. Leo will have to work to see how this energy plays out, and it may be that dreams and time alone hold the greatest value. Virgo is likely to see an uptick in activity around friendships and group activities.

This is a high energy time for Libra in the area of career, although there could be some pesky folks to deal with, too. Scorpio may get a bit of the travel bug, although Mars in Cancer may not turn motivation into manifestation. Sagittarius could find that financial issues around loans and insurance become prominent.

Capricorn will feel this energy most directly in the area of relationships. Finding a good opponent may be as important as having a compatible partner – and they don’t need to be the same person. Aquarius will need to handle issues at work, maybe including an irritable or irritating coworker. It’s also a good time for those in the sign of the water bearer to work on health and particularly exercise. Pisces will find that a creative outlet is an excellent way to use the energy of Mars in Cancer.

Aries may find challenges around home and family (more than the rest of us). A proactive approach to issues is probably best, so a trip to the hardware store (or your folks’ house) may be in order. Taurus will find this a good time to focus on the local neighborhood and improving routine, while Gemini may need to get serious about finances.

No matter your sign, you’re likely to be focused on your home and family, or however you define your comfort zone. Mars in Cancer can be an energy that helps us to create improvements as well as shore up defenses, but it can also point out the need to be cautious and attentive to those nearest and dearest.

Agent 17 Armand Diaz

Agent 17 Armand Diaz

Writer, Consultant

Agent 17 – Armand Diaz, Ph.D. Armand’s approach to astrology is informed by his extensive work in the evolution of consciousness and a broad knowledge of ancient and modern spiritual traditions. He also reaches beyond astrology with both Tarot and the I Ching,. Although a sunny Leo, his Scorpio ascendant isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues, as reflected in his most recent book, Separating Aspects: the Astrology of Breakups, Divorce, and Other Partings, the result of years of delving into difficult territory with clients.

Armand teaches astrology, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops within the United States and internationally. He is a contributing writer and editor to a number of astrology websites, and has been published in The Mountain Astrologer and other journals. His books include Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World, and Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, an anthology which he co-produced and co-edited.

Location: New York

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