Trigger Finger: Mars in Aries (31 December, 2018 to 14 February, 2019

By Agent 17, Armand Diaz


Trigger Finger: Mars in Aries (31 December, 2018 to 14 February, 2019)

By Agent 17, Armand Diaz

As the New Year begins, Mars strides into his home sign of Aries, adding fuel to the fires that will be burning through the beginning of 2019. Mars often acts as a trigger for other aspects in the sky, and especially so when he’s acting freely in the sign of the ram. This year, there’s a lot of celestial activity for the Cosmic Warrior to ignite – in fact the skies are a virtual powder keg, with solar and lunar eclipses and a Uranus station as the highlights among a group of hot aspects.

Mars gets into Aries on December 31st in most places, making for a charged New Year’s Eve – perhaps all the more so because it’s fueled by drinks, thanks to Mars spending the last few hours of 2018 in the watery sign of the fishes. Expect a lot of emotion and action as the year begins: we may see fireworks on both the individual and collective levels.

An implosive/explosive first week of January ends with a solar eclipse in Capricorn on the 5th that is tied to Uranus’ station to go direct on the 6th. As tensions gather, we look to find a release point. While not everyone will wait until the 8th, a square between Mars and Mercury could provide an opportunity to unload verbally, although these two planets in hard aspect to each other are also a recipe for road rage, so be careful driving.

On the 18th, Mars falls into a nice trine with Venus, an aspect that could be great for igniting romance in a new or existing partnership. With Mercury meeting Pluto on the same day, it could be an honest, bare-bones conversation that provides the oxygen that Mars and Venus need to get the fire going. As the Sun squares Uranus on the same day, there could be some surprising news or an unexpected decision that shakes up our expectations, romantic and otherwise.

Things remain very charged as we get to the full moon/lunar eclipse on the 21st. This is a time when things come to light, when we express our emotions freely – although perhaps not intelligently – but somewhere in the mix we get the sense that we aren’t hearing the full story. Mars is square to Saturn at this eclipse, an aspect that always feels like driving with the parking brake on. Both planets are in their home signs, and so very powerful, and Saturn is in Mars’ sign of exaltation. It would be an opportunity for focused action if the eclipse weren’t making it hard to concentrate. Try to find a constructive outlet for any frustrations that build up around this time.

January 24th and 25th is another time when we’re likely to act on impulses we’ve been keeping under control. Mars goes over the degree of the solar eclipse on the 24th and forms a nice trine to Jupiter a day later. Beliefs are more likely to inspire us than reason, and it’s better to act on decisions we’ve already made than to jump in on a whim. Still, we’re inspired to take a leap of faith, and the ground beneath us may not be all that firm, anyway, so movement could be the better option to standing still.

As Mars squares Pluto on February 1st we’re again pushed towards action. This time, we may feel that we need to rebel against restrictions that are keeping us in check. It could be work or career matters that are the problem. Many of us will feel the need for change at the collective level, and a few will push (too?) hard for immediate transformation.

The rebelliousness continues through the first half of February, peaking on the 13th as Mars meets with Uranus. This is always an aspect that has explosive potential, as we’re each pushed to the extremes of individualism on the personal level and revolution in the collective. As this is their last meeting in the sign for about another 77 years and it’s taking place at the last degree of Aries, we can expect an especially charged few days around this aspect. The quest for individual freedom may interfere with more than a few Valentine’s Day plans. Mars is also opposing Pallas Athene on the 13th, so there could be some tensions around who’s telling the truth, or what direction ‘the revolution’ should take.

The Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, should feel Mars in Aries most directly. Aries will feel an extra bit of energy in a general sense, while Leo may apply it to travel or learning, and Sagittarius can make the most of it in the areas of creativity and romance.

Water signs will have more difficulty handling the electricity and heat of Mars in his home sign. Pisces may be inspired to make more money, while Cancer could have to deal with career issues, and Scorpio may be uncertain who or what is causing problems.

Air signs can benefit by using Mars in Aries constructively. Gemini can get out to socialize, network, or make the most of social media. Libra may be more focused on relationships (as usual), with perhaps something new brewing in this area of life. Aquarius can make use of the energy in a more general way for communication and taking care of tasks – especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius lending a helping hand.

The Earth signs have some challenges. Taurus may not be sure what to do with the energy that seems to come from nowhere to irk the peace (no worries, bulls, Mars and Uranus will both be in your sign soon to show you exactly what needs attention). Virgo might have to deal with financial matters like loans or credit cards, and it probably isn’t a bad time to take on some sensible debt, like a mortgage. Capricorn may have to deal with home and family issues.

No matter if the energy is more flowing, for Fire and Air, or more challenging, for Water and Earth: action is the way to go with Mars in Aries. Knowing what to do is the hard part, and it’s best if you are working on decisions made a while ago or over the course of time. More impulsive decisions might be problematic, although immobility isn’t much of a virtue, either. At the very least, try to take this time to accomplish something of value to yourself (and maybe even others). Free-floating energy is likely to be the most difficult to handle, and you don’t want to latch onto a random cause just because you feel the need to do something.


Agent 17 Armand Diaz

Agent 17 Armand Diaz

Writer, Consultant

Agent 17 – Armand Diaz, Ph.D. Armand’s approach to astrology is informed by his extensive work in the evolution of consciousness and a broad knowledge of ancient and modern spiritual traditions. He also reaches beyond astrology with both Tarot and the I Ching,. Although a sunny Leo, his Scorpio ascendant isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues, as reflected in his most recent book, Separating Aspects: the Astrology of Breakups, Divorce, and Other Partings, the result of years of delving into difficult territory with clients.

Armand teaches astrology, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops within the United States and internationally. He is a contributing writer and editor to a number of astrology websites, and has been published in The Mountain Astrologer and other journals. His books include Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World, and Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, an anthology which he co-produced and co-edited.

Location: New York

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