Mars in Scorpio:Homecoming – Jan 3rd – March 5th 2016

By Agent 17 – Armand Diaz

Homecoming: Mars in Scorpio  3 January – 5 March 2016

Mars takes off his Libran bow tie and dinner jacket as he enters his second home of Scorpio for a two-month stay beginning on 3 January. Mars was last in Libra from late July to mid-September of 2014, and we may find ourselves revisiting issues and concerns from that period over the next few months. This time around, however, Mars will not be entertaining Saturn as his houseguest, and will have a freer reign.

It’s not that Saturn restricted Mars all that much last year, but Scorpionic matters – including sex, finances, and control – were all given extra weight. In fact, it seemed to many that Mars’ swim through Scorpio last year precipitated many of the events that were expected during the spring of 2014, when the Uranus-Pluto square was especially hot.

In Aries, his other home sign, Mars is outgoing, fiery, and somewhat impulsive: the soldier, athlete, or entrepreneur. Scorpio is a more inward sign, and rather than going on the offensive, Mars tends to play defense – and play it hard. Mars in Scorpio is security-oriented, and can be protective to a fault. At worst, Mars in this sign can “shoot first and ask questions later” or encourage you to cut off your nose to spite their face. Emotional control issues can be sparked, with jealousy or even paranoia resulting. There can also be a tendency to close ranks and develop an Us versus Them mentality, demanding that people are “with us or against us.”

On the other hand, Mars in Scorpio can be actively protective, like a mother lion with her cubs. There is a certain amount of danger in the world, and we need to dedicate a sensible amount of energy to our security. In the sign of the scorpion, Mars is ready to take a defensive stance to protect us from bodily, emotional, or financial harm. Rooting out potential problems before they get out of control is a project with which Mars is ready to help.

Relationship issues will be prominent during Mars’ time in Scorpio. In general, there is recognition of the value of existing partnerships, and a deep, sincere, kind of passion. Scorpio is known as a sexual sign, and I wouldn’t discount the libidinal energy of Mars in his second home, but we’re likely to see that passion is more closely tied to emotional bonding than bedroom gymnastics (don’t worry – Mars visits Sagittarius next).

As soon as he gets into Scorpio, Mars is active. He squares Mercury on the day that Cosmic Messenger stations to go retrograde, January 5th. This is the second of three squares that the two planets make, the first having been on December 27th and the last on March 5th. Sharp words are to be expected, and anger is likely to be expressed verbally – although road rage is a distinct possibility. Keep in mind that it may be two months before issues are resolved, so try to have a bit of patience and avoid going off half-cocked on faulty information.

Things will have a different vibe on January 18th, when Mars trines Neptune. The god of the seas tends to egg Mars on, pushing the boundaries of… just about anything, actually. On the same day, Venus squares Jupiter, an aspect that is likely to amp up the energy in relationships. Taken together, these aspects could make for a passionate couple of days, although the signs involved suggest a bit of cautious restraint.

Relationship matters remain in focus as Mars meets up with Juno, an asteroid associated with partnership, on January 25th. While there are many potential manifestations of this energy, it suggests that those in existing partnerships will feel this most directly, with passions being stirred (and maybe shaken).

An awkward quincunx to Uranus in Aries could make for covert tensions around the 5th of February. Aries is Mars’ other home sign, and he can appreciate the Uranian urge for individual freedom. Yet, viewing things from his Scorpionic perspective, Mars is not quite his usual risk-taker self. He kind of gets it, and sort of agrees with Uranus, but isn’t ready to act. We may feel sure – almost sure – that we’re ready to move, but a nagging hesitation could have us stumbling over our own feet.

Mars joins Uranus in aspecting Venus around February 6th and 7th. Uranus would like to mix the pot a bit in relationships, perhaps suggesting we try something new with our partners, but also helping us to consider finding a new and different type of partner. Mars in Scorpio may temper that urge for novelty, reminding us that what we have needs to be valued, and newer isn’t always better. Yet a square from the sun in Aquarius at the same time does suggest the need for freedom. It may be time to give your partner a bit of space, and take some for yourself.

Healing energy is strong around the 9th, as Mars trines Chiron. While this can be applied to any area of life, we may need to assuage relationships more than other things.

If the passion and intensity of relationships has been too much as Valentine’s Day approaches, Mars helps out with an easy sextile to Jupiter in Virgo on the 13th. This is another aspect that helps us to value what we have. Grand displays of affection aren’t needed, but heartfelt gestures will be appreciated.

Aside from the Mercury/Mars square on March 5th, there aren’t any more major aspects during Mars’ stay. Of course, the moon will aspect Mars throughout the month, as will other planets by minor aspects, and Mars rises and culminates each day, so we’ll be feeling his presence, as always.

As we go through each sign, remember that Mars may be revisiting matters from late summer of 2014. It may be hard to keep track of events in our individual lives, let alone the ceaseless flow of information from the collective, but it can help to look back if an issue was particularly prominent at that time.

Aries has an awkward time of it with Mars in Scorpio. The usual outgoing thrust of the ram is bent back around into an inward defensiveness that somehow makes sense but doesn’t feel right. Financial matters may be especially vexing, although a conservative approach to money can be rewarding. Try to avoid taking new loans, unless you have a clear purpose.

Although we’ll all be looking at relationships as Mars wades through the dark waters, Taurus will be particularly focused on partnership. The key issues could be about the competing needs of independence and connection, and the trick is to balance and respect both.

Gemini may feel the energy of Mars in Scorpio most in the area of work. It’s a good time to put your head down and get to it, and the required energy will probably be there for most twins. A focus on health and physical wellbeing is also a sound idea for Gemini during this period – although focus doesn’t mean worry!

Cancer will benefit from Mars in an easy trine. Scorpio and Cancer share the value of protection and security (scorpions and crabs both have hard shells), although Scorpio is more actively protective. Creative projects could be a priority.

Leo may feel a bit of angst around the home. The desire to batten down the hatches could be strong, and it may be time to get in touch with the extended clan to reconnoiter resources.

Virgo has a relatively easy time of it with Mars in Scorpio. Virgins can appreciate the reserve of Scorpio, and Mars’ careful approach works well with Virgo’s detail orientation. This can be applied to almost any area of life, which should be very helpful to Virgo, particularly as Mars sextiles Jupiter around February 13th and at the full moon on the 22nd.

Libra may feel the energy most in the area of finances and material possessions. Mars in Scorpio encourages sensible and conservative investments rather than risky speculation, but keeping spending under control may be the first strategy for Librans to embrace.

Scorpio experiences the energy most directly, with their ruler in the house. The boost reverberates through all aspects of life, and physical vitality should be strong. The positive and more challenging sides of Mars in Scorpio described at the beginning of this article are all applicable to scorpions, so choose wisely.

Sagittarius may wonder where the energy, or irritation, is originating. With Mars just a sign behind it in the zodiac, there’s a sense of impending change that isn’t quite clear as of yet. Archers should pay attention to dreams, and could benefit from focusing on spiritual activities, like meditation.

Capricorn is another sign that gets a burst of energy with Mars in Scorpio. Long-range plans can be formulated and acted upon, especially around February 3rd, when Mars sextiles Pluto. Social plans should also go well, especially with close friends and associates.

The cool, intellectual air of Aquarius – prominent with the sun in the sign from January 20th to February 19th – is less likely to be happy with the emotionally intense and clannish vibe of Mars in Scorpio. Water-bearers may take solace by focusing on career, or donating time to a worthy cause. Aquarius also has the job of tempering some of the excesses of Mars, so try to be the voice of reason.

On the other side of the spectrum, Pisces can resonate with the emotional tone of Scorpio, but seeks to move beyond the personal realm. Pisces may enjoy devoting time to philosophy and spiritual exploration, or working to improve conditions on our planet – we certainly could use the help!

Mars’ stay in his second home will be significant on many levels. It’s a very protective energy that will in some ways set the tone for 2016. We can choose to retreat to the battlements and ward off invaders, and that may be necessary some of the time. But to the extent we feel secure, we can contribute to our overall wellbeing. Start with those closest to you, and work outward from there.

Agent 17 – Armand Diaz