Homeland Security: Mars in Cancer, 15 May to 1 July 2019

By Agent 17, Armand Diaz


If you were hosting a party of Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon’s South Node in Capricorn, you might be a little upset to look across the street and see that Mars had just set up shop in the neighbour’s house. It wasn’t much of a party to begin with, with this somewhat sour and sober crowd, and now the Cosmic Warrior is staring threateningly from the other side of the road.

We’ve all been feeling fearful enough lately, as the impending meeting of Saturn and Pluto draws nigh. We can tell ourselves that it isn’t until next January, but one look at the current chart shows that the two planets are only a couple of degrees from each other. Last month, the two stationed to retrograde at about the same time, and the South Node met with both of them within a couple of weeks. It’s a savory stew we’ve been getting a taste of lately.

The problem with putting Mars into the mix isn’t just that he tends towards action at precisely the time when we might be better off waiting a bit before deciding what to do. In fact, when Mars was in Taurus, he had a generally constructive effect on the two planets as they climbed through Capricorn. No, the issue is that Mars is in protective and clannish Cancer.

He isn’t too happy in the sign under the best of circumstances. Mars plays defense well when he’s in Scorpio, but in Cancer he tends towards too much emotion, making it difficult to channel his energies effectively. He can fly off the handle when anyone in his clan is perceived as at risk. This is particularly dangerous at the collective level, as Mars can stoke up nationalism and ethnic polarization.

Yet there’s an upside, too. Mars in Cancer will be challenging the Capricorn planets, but he gets along well with the sign, and even has a decent relationship with its ruler, Saturn. While we may see some tense moments in international relations, we can also expect that Saturn and company will slow down some of Mars’ extremes.

It may be worth noting that Mars is angular (powerful) in a few prominent places at his ingress on 15 May. Those places include Montreal and Moscow, the West Coast of Africa (including Monrovia, the capital of perennially troubled Liberia), and southern New Zealand. Mars misses Washington, DC, by just a little. It’s worth watching for news from these places in May and June.

Important dates to watch include May 22nd, when Mars sextiles Uranus in Taurus. This is a potentially productive energy that can help us find new ways to act with family. It might also be a good time to work on your home security system, or even to consider beginning a remodeling project.

Just a day later, though, Mars squares Chiron, who’s putting the hurt on his home sign of Aries. Around this time we may have some fears about our ability to stay safe and protect ourselves and our loved ones. That is most likely to happen at the personal level, but we may also see nations circling the wagons.

Keep your eyes open for new stories to break around June 1st, when Mars squares Pallas Athene in Libra. Pallas Athene is a truth-teller, a bearer of inconvenient but necessary truths. Mars may be somewhat reactive to the news: “We had to do what we needed for the sake of safety and security, to protect the homeland” (homeland is an Orwellian term that emerged just after 9/11/2001 – when Mars was in Cancer).

The action really reaches a boil around the middle of June, as Mars meets with the North Node while he opposes Saturn and sextiles Neptune on the 14th. At best, this is a time of concerted effort and willingness to cooperate and even sacrifice for the greater good. At worst, it could mean obsessive protectionism and xenophobia. Watch for issues around migrants to be prominent at this time, along with Donald Trump’s border wall.

A week later, on the 19th, Mars and Mercury team up to oppose Pluto. This is a day for speaking truth to power – although power may well speak its own truth back. There’s great potential to upend repressive structures at this time, but there’s also the potential for repressive authority to clamp down on dissent. In fact, the Cancer/Capricorn axis suggests that authority and tradition win out, at least on this round. With Neptune stationing just a couple of days away at the solstice, we could see some extreme reactions.

The placement of Mars in Cancer has the potential to be quite volatile. While there is the possibility that we’ll use the energy in very constructive ways, there are some pitfalls to be aware of, too.

The Water signs may have the easiest time making the most of Mars in Cancer – at least Scorpio and Pisces should feel more or less in control. For those with significant placements in the sign of the crab, there’s potential for both great creativity and destruction, so be as mindful as possible and choose wisely.

Fire signs have a tougher time with Mars in Cancer. Aries will be especially affected, with their ruler unhappy in his watery transit. Irritability and a sense of not being able to move fast enough could be problems, but this is also an opportunity to focus on home and family. Leo and Sagittarius may find that they also have a degree of irritability, and it may seem to be of unknown origin.

Earth signs get along pretty well with this transit. Even Capricorns do okay, although they may feel a little uneasy. Partnership could be a hot area, for good or ill, and some Caps may find a worthy opponent during this time. On the other hand, folks may start out as foes but become great allies. Taurus and Virgo can use the Mars/Cancer energy with relative ease.

The Air signs will have some challenges, although Gemini can use this period of time to focus on finances, and Libra on career. Aquarius may need to make some adjustments with coworkers. In general, the Air signs prefer a cooler, less emotionally charged vibe, and Mars in Cancer is anything but cool and collected.


Agent 17 Armand Diaz

Agent 17 Armand Diaz

Writer, Consultant

Agent 17 – Armand Diaz, Ph.D. Armand’s approach to astrology is informed by his extensive work in the evolution of consciousness and a broad knowledge of ancient and modern spiritual traditions. He also reaches beyond astrology with both Tarot and the I Ching,. Although a sunny Leo, his Scorpio ascendant isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues, as reflected in his most recent book, Separating Aspects: the Astrology of Breakups, Divorce, and Other Partings, the result of years of delving into difficult territory with clients.

Armand teaches astrology, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops within the United States and internationally. He is a contributing writer and editor to a number of astrology websites, and has been published in The Mountain Astrologer and other journals. His books include Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World, and Transpersonal Astrology: Explorations at the Frontier, an anthology which he co-produced and co-edited.

Location: New York
Website: IntegralAstrology.net

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