All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.”


He woke me before the Sun with a gale force wind to remind me of what he is dreaming.  As he grows in strength next to Jupiter in the morning sky, Mars also flows into an effortless alignment with Neptune today (trine).  With both Lords of Pisces whispering in his ears, something is being tuned up–or tuned down, depending on one’s vantage point.  Mars trine Neptune isn’t the rarest of transits, but when it comes, it’s good to have your board ready.  Epic breaks are usually forecasted.

In Steven Kotler’s book The Rise of Superman, he makes a strong case for adventure sports athletes being the best flow hackers on the planet.  Studying the impossible feats of Laird Hamilton riding monster waves or Dean Potter free soloing the most challenging of mountains, only to jump with his wingsuit from the top, you begin to notice they aren’t crazy, nor are they adrenaline junkies: They are addicted to Flow. In other words, they are motivated by mystical experiences, the types that bend time and amplify “the Voice” within, leaving them feeling like a god with a belly full of soma. Through my own perspective, there is no better planetary combination for flow than Mars/Neptune.

For flow to happen there needs to be risk.  Without risk, no flow. It doesn’t have to be risking your life to achieve the neurochemical cocktail either.  There are ten thousand ways to take a risk.  There also needs to be complete, one-pointed focus. Energy flows where attention goes! When Mars is trained like a good soldier within, he stands straight and alert and is ready for whatever Neptune brings.  He has trained his whole life for these moments.

Take Kerouac for example.  He was born with Mars trine Neptune.  As legend would have it (Neptune), when he wrote On the Road, he sat down at the typewriter with all his drugs of choice and didn’t leave that room until a nearly 120 ft. unbroken, unedited manuscript was produced (Mars).  Flow.  (The real story is filled with a few essential details, but we can toss them into Neptune’s swell for now).  Jack’s partner in crime for much of the story, Neal Cassidy, a man of incomprehensible energy and lust for life also had Mars trine Neptune–both had Mars in Sagittarius; How apropos!?

It’s not that Mars and Neptune create flow, but they do create near perfect conditions for it.  We just need to put ourselves in the right position in these conditions.  Our edge is the right position.  With everything we do, we must find that edge, and take a risk by going beyond it.  Again, we don’t need to risk our lives to find it.  It’s been in us all along.  And once we do find it, be careful, because it’s the most addictive experience available to us…

…It’s Mars in Scorpio though. He can handle it, meaning we can too. It’s the best kind of addiction to battle with.

*Want to know more about Mars in Scorpio, watch Batman Begins

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,