Mars Rx 2018 Ephemeral Aion

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

Aion Astrology

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“Aion is a child at play”


When we were kids, time flirted with Eternity.  A Summer felt like a lifetime in our constant explorations. And as I’m sure you have noticed, it slowly fades away. Time speeds up. It flies, it disappears, and it is the most popular wish people have, longing for more of it.  Problem is, all we have is time. It’s all there is.  Aion is a word used for this Idea in Hellenistic times and weaves itself perennially through Gnostic thought, showing itself as well in Jung’s thinking in Phenomenology of Self.  We are secreted from it and then neatly composted back into it. There is no beginning or end to it.  It is from this infinite coil that the templates for myth and story emerge.  Avatars of courage, cunning, and compassion, but also deceit, decay, and destruction.  These tales are etched into our Souls, yet we have forgotten.  When we were kids though, we sensed them.  We saw it in Superman or Christ, Wonder Woman or Mary, and as we grew older these mythic memories vanished like dreams. It is my guess, you are reading this because a part of you longs for better Mars stories and also a curiosity pulls you towards the moves he will be making this Summer.  Well, what if Mars is an Aion? What if Mars is about to step forward, coming closer to Earth than any other planet, to deliver a message-a specific one, written in an ancient-future language, and when translated properly, rings truer than even You. Is this the type tale you’re looking for?

Around every 780 days, Mars goes retrograde.  It is the peak moment of his synodic cycle which begins when Mars is conjunct the Sun (the other side of the Sun).  That occurred on July 26th of 2017 at 4 Leo.  When Mars is opposite the Sun-also closet to Earth-it is the midpoint of the cycle.  If we were to overlay Campbell’s monomyth over the top of it, this would be the “Facing of the Dragon,” “The Ordeal,” a “Death and a Rebirth,” a “Crisis,” the “Encounter with the Father.” It’s the rarest of retrogrades and also the longest of all the personal planets (Mercury, Venus).  General themes which seem to ooze from these close encounters like lava from Kilauea are: Run-ins with enemies. That is: Unfinished business to be resolved. Navigating attacks. Conflict resolution. Alchemizing frustration into problems solved and distilling anger into productive projects.  It is strength training.  A recovery of the Hero/Heroine stories from Youth.  Finding a new Aion, perhaps constructed by Mars himself. Or Vulcan. Or is it Cain or is it Abel? Finding out what true Power really is!? A willingness to change. These are just a few potential manifestations around the bend. But, it all depends.

There are no promises here.  Unless you have the courage to pull back your pointy finger and go spelunking instead into your own shadowy universe, you will remain prickly.  Unless you have the cunningness and wit to trick the villain of your life by inoculating them with love, you will remain spiteful. And unless you have the compassion to understand everyone is exactly where they need to be, regardless of what they have done to you, you have lost contact with the Aion.  As Ram Dass says, “We are all walking each other home.” Let’s just hope we are holding hands and hugging by the end of it.

.: The Technical Details :.

Mars will station retrograde on June 25th @ 9 plus Aquarius

Oppose the Sun with the Lunar Eclipse of July 27th @ 4 Aquarius

Station Direct Aug 29th @ 28 plus Capricorn

(the shadow periods extend even further in both directions)

Taking a gander at the sabian symbols for the two stations, a timely message appears:

10 Aquarius

“A popularity that proves ephemeral”

29 Capricorn

“A woman reading tea leaves”

*In case you were wondering, you always round up to the next degree to catch the symbol properly.

The message I see in these symbols is one that has been worrying me for some time. It’s the dangerous brew concocted by certain zeitgeist streams, viral memes, “fake news,” and our own echo chambers=all terms I’m sure you are quite familiar with.  Sure, fads come go, yet with the “popularity” of the Lobster King, the Red King, and (insert Sign here) King, it’s not hard to see the demons they summon from all sides. What is popular today, will not be in ten years, yet it is still essential to have a beginner’s mind with all of it.  We must be careful with “movements” and groups and ideological thinking.  It’s all just commentary on the Aion, not the real thing.  Again, it is a gift from Mars to have the strength to think and act from your own Truth until we stumble out of breathe into the eternal chambers of Self.  And what about the tea leaves? Tasseography is what it’s called.  I’ve done it.  It’s a form of scrying, like looking into a crystal ball or animal bones. Out of all the forms of divination I find it to be the most subjective.  That’s not to say there aren’t some true Oolong See-ers who could tell you when you will finally find the One, I’ve just never met one.  This is also a common critique of Western Astrology, one that I see often as well. You see it with Astrologers who have gone rogue, renaming planets, coming up with their own strains of Astrology, telling you that all other branches of Astrology are false. These dark wizards have even probably found their way into your inbox without you even being aware….it could even be me….? So what’s my point with all of this? The Aion? The Hero? Mars? These symbols? How are you to apply this information to your own life in the month’s ahead? Let’s think of it this way:

Discernment is more precious than gold

or even BTC

Without it, we become flock or swarm

school or murder

Individuation motionless

So when Mars steps forward from the Aion and becomes One himself

Our swords should be ready to cut through the buzzfeed

Our shields should be strong enough to deflect arrows aimed at our hearts

Only then will we be free of sin,

because we will have found the only true aim

which is at thy Self

An Aion

A child at play

The Hero of our story


Find where this battle is taking place in your chart.  Contemplate these ideas, these symbols, and gather stories for the rest of us.  We all house various types of demons, but the difference between someone who is demonic or angelic is simply discovered by what is being aimed at.  Aim up, not down.  Aim with truth, not lies.  Aim within, not without and you will begin to see the malevolence of Mars rise like rainbowed steam. If Aquarius pulls us into the future, it also creates prediction and anxiety; And if Capricorn pulls us into the past, it can create resentments and depression.  This is the battleground we are entering into. A real face off with Chronos, stretching us in two illusory directions. It’s important to know what we are fighting for and what we are running from.  If you need help, I do offer the Mars Journey as a Reading.  Nothing would make me happier than going on this journey with you!

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,


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