Mars Retrograde Gemini, your Sun Sign Update


Mars retrograde in Gemini:

Mars in Gemini travels retrograde from October 30 to January 12. All retrograde cycles prompt a review and introspection process. Happening only once every two years (less frequently than any other planet), the Mars retrograde cycle is particularly significant in terms of personal realignment. Mars is the planet of desire, of instincts, impulses, and actions that propel the creative process of your evolution.

The current Mars retrograde cycle has substantial added karmic kick to it. Watch for your soul to bring into question something that is essential to review or revive. The next couple of months could prompt a course correction, this regarding a plan or undertaking, a developing prospect, a perception, opinion, learning curve, or communication track. A shift regarding a meaningful relationship or involvement is within range of this transit too. Mars in Gemini turns the spotlight attention on a friend, sibling, neighbour, classmate, cohort, or lover. (The following also falls under the Gemini archetype: social trends, mobility, networks, paperwork, licences, rent and rentals, short distance moves, education and learning, transportation, media, communication technology and devices (phones, etc.).

A déjà vu feel is your clue to a past life reconnect and to the potency of what is set into play. What springs to life now can hold great promise but know it may not be fully brewed or fully visible just yet. It will be necessary to gather more information and to give it more time. What you don’t know now will reveal itself to you soon. That could happen over this next couple of weeks or months, when the retrograde cycle ends mid January, or even later (i.e., six months or more). Mars/Neptune (square aspect) will keep circumstances moving along a fluid track, incorporating a degree of uncertainty or nebulousness in the mix. Mars/Neptune will meet on November 19 for the second of three alignments (first was October 11, last meeting will be on March 23, 2023). Each time this planetary pair meets, they will reveal or expose something more.

As stated above, Mars retrograde operates as a course correction influence or a qualifier cycle regarding plans, involvements, and prospects. The transit serves to eliminate that which is not strong enough to go the distance and to clear the way for what will. For now, place yourself in observer mode. Watch for a repetition of thoughts, ideas, and insights. Why do you keep coming back to it? You will find an answer inside of that thought process or feeling.

Hold back from impulsivity and reactionary moves, take time to reflect before you act. Stay hopeful, even though you may not have a clear vision of what is on the road ahead. Allow for inspiration and answers to come of their own volition. Stay open to the range of possibilities, but do not be attached to outcome or projected expectation. Anything can happen between today and tomorrow, between now and then! Don’t hold on too tight. Instead, allow for things to move along their natural course. If you can do this, then you will set yourself up for your best options to find their right watermark. Put another way, you will set yourself up for best case scenarios.

How can you align with what is in your best interests? Keep alert, keep searching, keep posing questions. Most importantly, keep asking yourself why. Why is that same conversation happening inside your head, why is that same thing repeating itself again, what is the lesson you have not learned yet? Also keep on watch for instincts and intuition to speak up more, whether they signal for you to try something new or encourage you to stay the course and follow through. Mars retrograde is best used for a check-in with yourself. It serves to get you ready for the next phase or step which will hit full steam ahead after the retrograde cycle is over (mid January forward.)


Watch for the Mars retrograde cycle to increase your intuition and awareness, to make you more obvious to yourself. This transit will prompt a shift of perspective regarding how you are showing up or not showing up for yourself. Actions speak louder than words. They convey a message you have not wanted to hear. This is not something new, it is something that has been seeking your attention for awhile.

The week of the total lunar eclipse of November 8 can accelerate circumstances or your internal process regarding this inner confrontation. It could prompt a sudden confrontation, cut off point, or realization, a breakthrough, a lucrative opportunity, or an opportunity to move yourself to more solid ground. A move toward independence and self autonomy is a step in the right direction. Look to the week following the eclipse to facilitate more letting to or going with the flow. Even so, there is a significant component of uncertainty in the mix. Past November 19, you can gain more clarity or find yourself on a better upswing.


Where are you? Does it feel like the right place to park yourself? These questions pertain to your emotional, physical, material, and spiritual wellbeing. Now through mid January, Mars retrograde can see you question yourself more. Mars retrograde gifts you with extra time to get yourself sorted out and ready for a next stage or phase which will put you on the move in the first quarter or half of next year.

The total lunar eclipse of November 8 can thrust the action switch in an abrupt, suddenly revealing, turn the corner, or life altering way. This can be especially so if your birthday is on or near May 5 to 9. Something (or someone) could come unstuck or unglued. You could make an important discovery or gain an important insight. Where does it go from here?  Watch for the way forward to unfold in increments, one stage or day at a time. Uncertainty continues to be a significant factor. Trust you will gain a better sense of direction in due course. What is important for you now is to make full use of each moment and the opportunity it presents. Each moment is a shaping tool. By the end of the month, you should feel you have a better handle on it/on yourself.


Typically, Mars spends 5 to 6 weeks in a sign, but due to the current retrograde cycle, Mars will tenant Gemini for 7 months. Consider it as attending an extra long spin class. While you could be frustrated with a sense of spinning your wheels and not getting any further along in actuality you will be making progress. By the time the cycle ends, you should have well developed leg muscles. What is required is to stay full present with what each day presents. One thing leads to/sets up the next thing. Each thought, impulse, conversation, or challenge is an opportunity in the making.

The week of the total lunar eclipse of Nov 8 will dial up the intensity in the world of politics and finance. With Uranus/Mercury in the mix, watch out for disruptions to your workday, plans, or schedule. Be on the lookout for equipment or vehicle issues or a sudden onset regarding your health. To the plus, you could spot a bargain or advantage, or find a better way to tackle a problem or issue. November 14 onward can put you on the move, on the upswing, or on the gain. A step ahead is your best aim. Take full advantage of moment while the getting is good.


Mars retrograde is a background influence for your sign, but it is potent none the less. The transit gifts you with an extended time to get yourself better prepared, to finish off, tie up loose ends, to clarify what is in your best interests, and to clear away that which may be encumbering you. Now through the middle of January takes you through phase two of this three-part process. Mars retrograde is best used to observe yourself in action, to reflect and reassess your intentions and goals, and to get a better feel for where you are right now and where you see yourself going. Neptune can continue to stir up uncertainty or confusion. Simply allow yourself to ask for questions and guidance and watch for the answers appear of their own accord.

Although Mars continues to extend your experiential learning curve, the total lunar eclipse on Nov 8 could be solidifying in a definitive, course correction way. That week hosts Venus/Saturn Mercury/Saturn and Sun/Saturn (all square aspects). Despite pressure or push come to shove, the eclipse could set up an empowering and opportune backdrop. Nov 12 to 16 can set bigger wheels in motion/set you onto an ease of access upswing. Mars retrograde and several trine aspects can pump up synchronicity, opportunity, creativity, and inspiration. (Not surprising for the time of year, your spending could increase too.)  Expect your days to get fuller and to keep you well on the go in the second half of the month.


Mars retrograde (to middle of January) could see you change your mind or perspective. It could prompt a redirect of plans, intentions, involvements, or goals. A temporary project or a short-term matter could occupy you too.  A second look or a retry will fill in essential missing keys. A short course, skills refresher, or upgrades (of all kinds, i.e., knowledge, experience, equipment, or tools) could prove worthwhile. Too, the next month or two can take you through an interview process and/or see you jump through a few hoops.

Mars transit puts added focus on a key relationship, whether that is a one-on-one matter, or it pertains to your involvement with a group or community. Whether temporary in nature or whether it leads to a permanent change, Mars retrograde is a pull-back influence. It is meant greater objectivity and to reassess whether you are getting the goods out of that relationship or involvement.

Be it an ending or a new prospect, know that Mars retrograde dials up the karmic nature of circumstances. When/if you feel a sense of standing at a gateway or threshold of significance, take it as a clue.

The week of the total lunar eclipse of Nov 8 holds added tension. You could witness the action (internalized or externalized) as pressure, then relief, as forcing the hand, as a delayed no longer, quick turnaround or hit a quick bounce back trigger. The eclipse could be disruptive or produce the unexpected. Added expense or an opportunity for financial gain is possible too. You can feel the fullest effect of eclipse if you are born on or near August 5 to 10 (or the eclipse makes a direct contact to your chart.) November 12 onward could see a surge re covid, flu, and such. Even so, it is not likely to slow down or inhibit the upswing. The week of November 14 sets as a lucrative backdrop for moving ahead and for staying a step ahead. Several trines set the momentum for holiday shopping, travel, and merry making.


Mars retrograde (through middle of January) puts you on a rethink of a priorities, responsibilities, and commitments. This includes a reassessment of your career goals. Are you ready for a next chapter? Is the time ripe for a change? Do you have the necessary credentials or enough experience? Do you need more training or more time to prove yourself? A job review could be in the works too. It is essential to make a good impression. This transit could bring into question and/or change your relationship with your boss, manager, or someone in authority.

Mars retrograde calls for you to invest more time and attention into getting yourself better positioned. On another note, you could find yourself on a role reversal with another. For example, you may find you have to step in and take charge for a parent, another family member, or for someone who cannot go to bat/advocate for themselves.

A temporary project, job, or course could set you up for future gain. A second opinion, second look, or repeat could be worthwhile. The Mars retrograde transit can also be a time to resubmit paperwork, to refinance, to request a time extension, to renew a licence, or to rework the agreement.

The total lunar eclipse of November 8 could see you gain sudden clarity and/or make an important breakthrough, this regarding work, health, a learning curve, an investment, a communication track, or a future prospect.  November 12 to 16, you can find things fall into place for you easily and well. Proceed with caution on November 18,19, especially regarding your health, and re drug or alcohol consumption. Mars square Neptune can find you susceptible or forgetful. (It is a good transit for letting the time slip by, for rest and relaxation, for movies, music, creative projects, or romance.)  November 19 onward puts the holiday happenings into full swing.


Mars retrograde is a time to rein yourself in a little more. Spend less, save more. Direct less attention to outer world distractions. Instead, invest more of your time and attention into yourself and your inner world. Have another check-in with yourself. What conversation are you having with yourself? What ideas, thoughts, impulses, and perceptions are claiming more of your attention? Are your expectations being met? What needs to change or be upgraded? All retrograde cycles are best used for introspection. Are you well focused and feeling on target? Mars retrograde wants to caution you against spreading yourself to thin.  Quality over quantity is where your best opportunities lie.

On another note, Mars retrograde can be good for revisiting places and reconnecting with folks you have not seen for awhile. Take a refresher course. Reconsider plans and options. Aim to get back to those “good for you” habits and routines. If you have lost yourself, its time to find yourself again. Mars retrograde (through the middle of January) it is a time to wrap up loose ends and to get prepared and ready for a next phase of life to begin.

The week of the lunar eclipse of November 8 can be a face forward, ‘get the job done” week. There can be a push/pull, added resistance, a hurdle, a deadline, or extra pressure to face. The eclipse can bring the unexpected. It could be a reveal, a sudden opportunity, insight, or flash of inspiration, it could be a break-apart or a breakthrough moment. Please note, the effect of an eclipse will depend on if or how it makes contact to your natal chart. Otherwise, you will simply see the indirect effect through others and world events.

November 13 to 16 hosts a good run of stars (trines: sun/moon, Venus/Jupiter, Mercury/Jupiter). These few days can be lucrative and opportune for setting wheels in motion. They also set the holiday action (travel, shopping, entertainment, spending) into full swing. Aim to cash in on the best of the moment.


Mars retrograde (in effect to mid January) can see you question your motivations or that of another. It can see you change your mind, your plans, or even your lifestyle. Your instincts can be signalling to you in a different than usual way. You could find you are picking up signals from another. The transit can put the spotlight on your intimate relationship or on someone who is close/important to you (personal, friendship, family, business related). Not seeing eye to eye? Not able to find common ground? Are you on a repeat but not getting anywhere new? Is the writing on the wall too obvious to ignore any longer? It may be time to broach a conversation or a topic that you have been wrangling with or avoiding for awhile. Mars retrograde is a time to pull back. It can be wise to take a temporary time out, to regroup, to gain a better perspective.

Mars retrograde is also a time to re-strategize and/or revise plans, involvements, agreements, and finances, to resubmit paperwork, to renew a licence or status. Redo your will, re-mortgage, double up on your payments where possible, get an extension or a credit increase if you need it, etc. Do not hesitate to seek a second opinion, or to check in with a specialist, lawyer, or agent.

The week of the total lunar eclipse on November 8 can pile on extra pressure. Do the work, stay ambitious, and you could have plenty to show for it. The eclipse can produce something unexpected and/or completely change the score/redirect you. You could hear important news, something or someone you did not expect could show up, or you could make a significant breakthrough. The eclipse will hold significant impact if your birthday happens on the eclipse or in the week of (November 7 to 11). If things get jammed or come to a halt, they will not be for long. The markets could feel a squeeze but watch for a quick bounce back in the week that follows.  November 12 onward puts whatever is on go into a much fuller swing, holiday action included. Note that Neptune creates added susceptibility or vulnerability. Direct added attention to health, safety, and security. We could see upward trends for covid, the flu and such.

November 13 to 16 are lucrative and opportune. The second half of the month sets a good backdrop for USA Thanksgiving celebrations and for all that goes with the upcoming holidays.


Mars retrograde prompts a change of mind, opinion, plan, interest level. It can move you in two directions. You can find yourself on a pull back with some folks or some involvements. At the same time, you may resume something you planned to ditch. The transit will also see you reconnect with others, whether they are from your recent past or your karmic past. The karmic nature of circumstances is two-fold. You can find yourself at the threshold of repeating the past or reaping the harvest of what has transpired in past lives. How will you know the difference? Watch for the circumstance or relationship to immediately expose the conflict or the gift, especially so through the month ahead. November 7 to 19 can be significant in this regard.

The total lunar eclipse of November 8 can prompt a creative solution or a breakthrough with someone or something. The eclipse can force the envelop regarding a health or a work-related matter. An eclipse will always incorporate an element of suddenness or the unexpected. A sudden departure, a reversal of fortune, sudden advantage or saving grace opportunity is in the mix. Stay ready to jump on top of it.

Mercury’s trine to Neptune on November 12 launches an opportune run of stars through November 16. Intuition and creativity are at peak. Take full advantage of the gifts of the moment. November 24 and 25 offer an opportunity for healing (emotional, spiritual). Jupiter ends retrograde on November 23. Mars trines Saturn on November 28. You should find yourself on a good upswing in the second half of the month.


Mars retrograde takes you through an important regroup, correction and healing cycle, this regarding work, day to day activities, or body, mind, and soul. If you have been out of work, it could put you back to work. On the other hand, it could be time to take a break. There could be any number of reasons for a change in your work or your normal everyday routine. For example, you could undergo training, to search for a better job, go on stress leave, parental leave, or you might just need time to figure yourself out.

Mars retrograde can also dial up an issue/conflict with a co-worker or employee. If you feel especially triggered by the conflict, know it is dialing up a karmic replay of significance. All things happen for a reason. It is your opportunity to move it/move yourself to high ground. The week of November 7 to 11 can see you confront this matter head on. It takes you through an internal re-evaluation process that can see you change your approach or your position. Despite how challenged you may feel or how crunchy it can get; it can be a productive week for removing blocks and/or moving it out of the way. November 12 onward can see you bounce back quickly and/or reach higher ground. November 13 to 17 can be lucrative and opportune. Take the ball and run with it. Use these days to hit it full swing, to give yourself a good lead/good advantage. Intuition and in the moment serves you well.

On another note, more people are out, about and on the move this month. Covid, the flu and such are also on the upswing. Protect your immune system. Don’t take unnecessary chances with your health, and make sure to stay on top of your must-do list. Jupiter ends retrograde on November 23, the day before the USA Thanksgiving (and typically the biggest travel day of the year in the USA). The stars set a good backdrop for creating special moments and for spending quality time with loved ones.


Mars retrograde in Gemini well used for switching gears and/or for taking time out to pursue creative projects, to reconnect with folks you have not spent time with recently, or to get back in touch with yourself.  It is also well timed for a shift of attention onto the holidays and all the extras that they dish up. Revisit, revise, rethink your plans and goals. Despite the crunch week of November 7 to 11, you should find that you can connect the dots well, that things fall into place easily and that opportunity readily presents itself. This is especially so from November 13 to 16, November 20, and 28.

The total lunar eclipse of November 8 can be especially catapulting and fast tracking for you if your birthday falls on or near February 3 to 7. Mercury in opposition to Uranus could produce a sudden break or breakthrough. You could hear news or face something unexpected. It could be jarring, exciting, extreme, or opportune. Anything goes when Uranus is in the mix. Stress is in the mix too. You will feel the breakthrough effect of this eclipse the strongest if your birthday falls on or near February 3 to 8.


Through mid January, Mars retrograde puts added emphasis on home, family, a review of the past, and on preparation for a next phase of life to begin. You can spend more time going down memory lane. You can’t change the past, but you can change your perspective. It is time to clear your clutter and free yourself of anything that might tie you down unnecessarily. Mars retrograde can see you revisit places or reconnect with folks too.

Look for Mars retrograde to help you to fill in missing blanks, even ones you didn’t know you had. If something or someone new triggers an instant rapport or a keen sense of familiarity or déjà vu, take it as a clue to its importance. All things happen for a reason. On another note, Mars retrograde can be time to consider relocating, to renew your mortgage, and/or to change your lifestyle. If you are considering a move, a real estate purchase, or launching a new business, the end of March through May is an optimal time for you.

The week of the total lunar eclipse of November 8 can see you turn a corner with someone or something. Events or news can put you in the know, shift your priorities, and/or set you onto an alternate course. November 12 to 16 should be smooth running. These dates are full of potential and opportunity. They can put you on a positive upswing. Venus/Jupiter can see you make great gains (or spend more usual). It is a good week for travel, for getting the ball rolling, for increasing your profits or earning, and/or for making the most of what you have. Aim to stay a step ahead with shopping and such. November 19 onward puts the holidays into fuller swing. Mars/Neptune (square aspect) can be an exposure transit so please protect your health, especially your immune system.


Rose Marcus, Evolutionary Astrologer and teacher, ISAR CAP, is based in Vancouver, Canada. Her first book, a compilation project, Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, Lewellyn Worldwide, was published in 2010. Rose is also a contributor to Natural Astrology, International Voices of Evolutionary Astrology, published in 2021. Over the span of her 30-year career, Rose hosted many astrologers for workshops, (including Jeffrey Wolf Green, and one his first schools in 1994), has lectured at conferences in the USA and Canada, and has written for numerous publications and projects, including daily horoscopes for the Mountain Astrologer (2007/08). Since 2010, Roseand Kristin Fontana have co-hosted a monthly radio show on upcoming transits on Guiding Stars, (based in California; show podcasts are also archived). In 2019, she launched SoulWise School of Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and Patricia Walsh. In addition to in-depth monthly forecasts and astrological counselling, Rose offers clairvoyant readings.


Location: Vancouver, BC


Rose Marcus, Evolutionary Astrologer and teacher, ISAR CAP, is based in Vancouver, Canada. Her first book, a compilation project, Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, Lewellyn Worldwide, was published in 2010. Rose is also a contributor to Natural Astrology, International Voices of Evolutionary Astrology, published in 2021. Over the span of her 30-year career, Rose hosted many astrologers for workshops, (including Jeffrey Wolf Green, and one his first schools in 1994), has lectured at conferences in the USA and Canada, and has written for numerous publications and projects, including daily horoscopes for the Mountain Astrologer (2007/08). Since 2010, Roseand Kristin Fontana have co-hosted a monthly radio show on upcoming transits on Guiding Stars, (based in California; show podcasts are also archived). In 2019, she launched SoulWise School of Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and Patricia Walsh. In addition to in-depth monthly forecasts and astrological counselling, Rose offers clairvoyant readings.


Location: Vancouver, BC

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