Mars. Moon. Jupiter. Scorpio. “The Morning Sky Mushrooms”


If you’re an early riser or just never went to sleep last night, you may have seen them: Mars and Jupiter lassoing the Moon into their subterranean conversation in Scorpio.  Now that Mars has home-field advantage, he is adding some extra warmth to the mycelial growth of Jupiter.  Most of their workings are in the dark, but they aren’t hiding anything.  As the day’s welcoming committee, they remind us before the Sun breaches the horizon: Don’t ignore what’s happening beneath the surface. This is the perfect time to compost some of your psychological poisons.

Paul Stamets, the mouthpiece of the fungal world, reminds us as well, “…to never underestimate the power of a mushroom to find food.” Ever since Jupiter moved into Scorpio a couple of months ago, the metaphor I simply can’t shake for him is that of a mushroom. Misunderstood by many, taboo to even more, it is the mushroom who keeps this whole green ship turning.  Not all fungus produces mushrooms, just as with us, not all that happens beneath the surface turns to medicine.  One of their main roles is to turn what is dead into life.  Relate this to anything on its way out in your heart, and you are seeing what I’m seeing in the garden of your mind.

You may have missed them this morning, but they will be back tomorrow.  Wake before the Sun, look East, and you will see them.  Mars and Jupiter growing in strength, the Moon waning swiftly into her New Moon womb on Sunday near the Galactic Center. The best question to ask them might be:

What needs to die to be made into medicine inside me?

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,




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