Mars Attacks – Aspects with Mars

by Agent 32 – Sol Jonassen

The Sun and Mars are currently waxing into a square that will be exact the 6th of February, 2016 at 17° Scorpio-Aquarius. Both signs strive for change and inspire you to take action for a better future. During this time, one not show mercy for anyone who is attempting to stand in your way, hinder your expression or show you disrespect.

The challenge is to not loose your head over small details or let the Martian heat derail you from what you are doing. The Sun Mars combo, can easily ignite any small things that may stand in our way and will fuel anything that threatens our freedom of expression or anything symbolic of suppression, frustration or castration by others. The fiery combo warns us to try and not direct our  energy into any small distractions, or anywhere that may compromise our dignity.

This aspect can cause much energetic disruption for many people as this stressful Martian energy, can easily make one loose their head or do things they later feel guilty about. From a yogic point of view, knowing how to deal with Mars is essential for a balanced life. It is difficult to regulate stress and deal with unwanted disruptions in this busy world, and  this energy will fire up any pent up inner claustrophobia,  tempers and pressure, easily triggered by nagging others and being in irritable situations. Pressure and stress  is at tipping point and needs an outlet, needs elimination. There is a greater than usual need for  things to be done “our way” which becomes  the source of frustration, if this inner desire is denied. To learn to be more flexible is warranted at these times, and if accomplished shows our strength in evolving and inner growth.

The adrenals glands are connected to Mars, and the  fight-or -flight instinctual response in the body. This instinct is fired up at these times when Mars’ energy is accentuated by another planet. A square aspect is a challenged one and shows up constantly in a world at war and in constant conflict, confirming to us that humanity still hasn’t dealt well with this primal instinct, of competitiveness and the fight for survival. 

The Sun-Mars signature in particular, is connected to the need to assert ones strong individual nature, to demand space, to explore ones own self expression and to connect only to those who see the world through the same lens as we do. To command this kind of personal freedom one needs to be firstly autonomous and be able to downplay the dependency on others. Sun-Mars is not about co-operating, that’s Venus’ domain, but is about forging the right to act accordingly to who we are. This type of authenticity comes with a price as not all will agree nor appreciate the individual drive and need for self assertion, especially if one finds a deep sense of security in being, the pleasing enabler, always tuned to making others happy and forgetting about ones own needs. Sun Mars aspects will bring up any pent up energy to help us recognize when enough is enough, with a  strong urge to finally say no to others where need be.

Scorpio, where Mars now resides, brings the tendency to unconsciously project our needs onto our partners, others or the world around us, and will show up in situations where the world is blamed for everything that is wrong in one’s life. Mars is an external force, and punches outward, like the arrow in its glyph, pointing outward and upward, an energy that needs externalisation, and inner energy that helps us manage ourselves in the world around us, fighting for our space in it.

Yogi Bhajan said «If you are willing to look at another person’s behaviour towards you as a reflection of their own relationship to themselves, rather than a statement about your own value as a person, you will, over a period of time cease to react»

The more you withdraw your projections, the more harmoniously you will deal with this aspect. Mars’ nature is to attack and can easily take things personally. The constant barrage of internet debates, trolling, and arguments are another arena where we see Mars playing out of control, where people try to dominate each other and assure that they get in the last word.

When you find yourself in any situation that stresses you out, the adrenals start pumping and the body and its tissues begin to contract. You feel like the world is attacking you as you tense up to protect yourself. Criticism, rejection, sarcasm or any other projections you experience, come from an energetic point of view, experienced as an attempt to crush, kill or destroy you, all symbolical from the sense that your identity is being threatened. To experience a psychic attack, even people’s negative and aggressive thoughts about you, is one of the most stressful things people experience as we quite often take it all in on personal level and we can’t resist but fight back.

Guilt, pride or lack of self-worth are the emotions that pull us into a situations where we become at war with others. They say
“the line you aren’t able to draw, will become an internalized war.”
That is true. We have to learn to stand up for ourselves without having to go to war. Mars is the planet of blood, fighting and therefore war, war is hostility. When people don’t like you, how do you react? By pretending you don’t care, yet hiding the pain inside that only leads to bitterness or the need to undermine others? Or do you go home and try to get rid of the humiliating pain by abusing food or hurting yourself? 

Good advice is to seek protection in and around  your heart. This center influences your immune system and is the first physical center that has contact with the soul. Go there. Forgive to lift your awareness. Be conscious in what you participate in, it’s your choice. The minute there is release, you’ll notice your immunity strengthen and  joy return, you will be strong again.

Mars indicates the great need to find the ability to protect ourselves, yet when done through the motivation of fear, we often end up in a place where the circular drama goes on and on. Yet a true Martian Warrior is a spiritual warrior and heals any lack of justice by giving, forgiving and using ones true insight as in the Yogi Bhajan quote above. A healthy Mars has no need to always have its own way and will not be hurt by the lack of understanding from others. A healthy Mars reaches a state of mind where one can stand alone and where codependency no longer blurs communication, nor boundaries with others. When you desire harmony in your life above all, complete harmony comes with what is true for the individual. Mars defends us, but the trick is to avoid defensiveness. Defend your right to be who you are, to stand up for your needs and evolve your will to be the real you is to show true courage.

When all is said and done, a healthy Mars is about defending our right to be authentic. To get there, we need to accept ourselves, know ourselves and use the will as a true spiritual warrior, 

Stay safe and sane and remember, breathing deeply is always advisable. Then you’ll see that even Mars is cool. Be ready to seize the moment!

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    Deb Gilchrist says:

    Fantastic info….I work with a lady who is an enabler and recently chose to protect herself from a bully she has worked with for 20 yrs. I enjoyed observing….Me …Mars in Cancer and for years took all too personally… Not anymore. Thanks for sharing …Peace, Love Deb


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