• The glyph of Venus is made up of the circle of spirit on top of the cross of matter.
    This symbolises matter ascending into spirit, the grounding of conscious reality and 
    the importance of balancing the spiritual with the material.
  • It depicts the dominance of spirit over matter and represents female energy.
    Similar in meaning to the Egyptian Ankh (life), this glyph is a marriage of male and
    female through honouring the feminine energy of spirit.
  • This combination creates new life and contentment.
  • The glyph also resembles a hand-held mirror symbolising the
    importance of reflecting on ourselves in order to assess our self value and self esteem


  • Classified as a terrestrial planet, Venus is sometimes called Earth’s “sister planet”, for the two are similar in size, gravity, and composition.
  • Unlike Earth, Venus is a most inhospitable planet with a surface temperature of almost 900°F and an atmospheric pressure 90 times that of Earth.
  • Her surface is an inferno of volcanoes hidden under a cover of dense carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid clouds that rotate separately to create an intense Greenhouse effect.
  • Spinning from east to west, the opposite of all other planets except Pluto, Venus’ sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

Diameter: 12,104 km
Mean distance from Sun: 108,200,000 km
Rotation: 243 days for one rotation, backwards

Atmosphere: Carbon Dioxide

  • An inner planet, orbits between Earth and Sun
  • Venus is never further than 48 degrees(max elongation)
    from the Sun
  • A terrestrial planet, Earth’s “sister planet”, similar in size
  • Venus is most inhospitable,  surface temperature of almost 900°F, an atmospheric pressure 90 times that of Earth.
  • Her surface is an inferno of volcanoes, covered by dense carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid clouds, creates an intense Greenhouse effect


          • Venus’s energy is mild, harmonious and sensuous.
          • Venus represents the principals of beauty, sensuality, love, romance, pleasure, appearance and attraction.
          • Venus naturally seeks relationship, sociability, aesthetics, artistic pursuits, giving and receiving love.
          • Venus represents what we value, how we value something, what we like and what we dislike in regard to taste, aesthetics, beauty, fashion, our partners and all our relationships.
          • Venus symbolises the ability to appreciate oneself and others, and the capacity to attract others and the things one values.

Rulership/Domicile – Taurus/Libra
Exaltation – Pisces
Detriment – Aries/ Scorpio
Fall – Virgo
Joy – 5th House

  • Metal – Gems – Jade, Alabaster, Copper (conductor)
  • Plants – Daffodil, grapes, cherries, Ferns, rose, Fig, almonds
  • Associations /Rulerships/traits
    Friday, copper, art, high society, culture, music, poetry, money, women, taste, peace, harmony, likes, dislikes, Natural, pleasant, sensual, personable, social, cultured.
  • Shadow: possessive, envious, lazy, hedonistic, materialistic, stubborn, prone to getting stuck.
  • In the body Eating disorders, hair, complexion, kidneys, blood sugars, venereal diseases, stress and tension in neck and shoulders, cheeks.

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