Leo Lunar Eclipse – Intention Activation

by Tara Greene Agent 129

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of the heart

February 10/11, 2017   

Follow your Bliss

The first eclipse of 2017, is in LEO, the sign of courage, passion, leadership, willpower and the HEART. This is not, like that dramatic song, a total eclipse of the heart, but it still packs a powerful activation of our passions. Joseph Campbell’s famous words are our cosmic marching orders. 

This eclipse is ruled by the SUN, our source of light and life. The Sun is associated with GOLD and Leo governs the HEART chakra, the essence of love. The story of King MIDAS is relevant. A greedy king who loves gold more than anything is given a wish to teach him a lesson. He wishes that everything he touches turns to gold. He is happy with this wish at first, but when he touches his daughter and she turns into a golden statue, the king realizes that love not gold is the most precious of all things. After much prayer, the curse/wish is resolved, and all the gold is returned to life by being bathed in a river.  This Leo eclipse reminds us to decide what is really precious to us, appreciate it, love it and cherish it.  We must have courage to dare to trust our hearts.

This penumbral eclipsed moon will appear to be subtly darker as if veiled. It will be difficult to see even in areas where it is most visible. The eclipse begins on Feb 10 @ 11:22 UT, reaches maximum on the 11th at 12:43 and ends at 2:53 am.

The areas most affected are where the eclipse shadow falls. The path of total visibility extends from North of Hudson’s Bay in Canada through Quebec, the east coast of Canada plus all the eastern seaboard states north of Washington D.C. The total visibility path cuts through Cuba, Venezuela, most of Brazil, all of AFRICA, Europe and the MIDDLE EAST. The path cuts right through IRAN and crosses through most of Russia bisecting it. The eclipse will not be visible at all in Eastern Indonesia. Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The effects of an eclipse last up to a 6 months before and after the eclipse, as the next eclipse season approaches. Eclipse cycles repeat every 18 years, as part of the Saros families they belong to.


This eclipse belongs to Saros series 114, which last occurred Jan 31st at 11° Leo/Aquarius 1999. It is an penumbral eclipse and the 59th in the series that began at the North Pole in 0971 and finish in 2233. Penumbral eclipses  occur as the series is nearing its end or is at the begining of its cycle around the globe, These eclipse series are birthed at the poles, and peak as total eclipses as they move north or south towards the equator, to peter out again, like dragons circling the globe.  There are many eclipse cycles and families circling the globe for vast periods of time. Eclipse families can last for 1000’s of years.

For more advanced and research minded folk following our C*I*A Updates, you can follow all eclipses and their cycles or families at this website link below. Find the eclipses happening in the years of your birth, and track them every 18 years! We have set up n eclipse table here https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/eclipse-datesdegrees-signs-2000-2024/

Most astrologers use the Pre eclipse that occurred before you were born, find your Pre- eclipse Solar and Lunar , know it’s saros family and stay connected to it. If your were born near eclipse season, chose the eclipse closest to your birth. see eclipse tabel HERE:

Of course for more help with all of this and learning more  throughout the year, join our C*I*A membership!

This eclipse is the 59th in the series of 71 eclipses in this family Saros 114.
The last six eclipses of this series were in 1999, 1981, 1963, 1944, 1926, 1908. Every 54 years eclipses will return to the place on the globe where the eclipse was 54 years prior. Think about what you were doing then. These years were important turning points in the world.

The first Eclipse in this cycle occurred on May 13, 0971. The issues that occurred during that year repeat over and over again. The first eclipse coincided with a famous battle in Syria in 971. It marked the first clash between Christians and the Muslims ending in a Byzantine victory. Syria is still a battleground for these same factions. By looking ta this first eclipse of the series, We see the Sun and Moon are in the Taurus Scorpio polarity, with interestingly  Neptune’s placement the same as where Jupiter has now just turned retrograde, and this eclipsed Moon joining the birth charts Pluto degree. With Neptune and Pluto both joined to this eclipse from it’s birth, it speaks of the masses, the movements and the transformation our world is experiencing right now, as perhaps it did as a new millennium was about to begin back in 0971.

To align yourself with the power of this eclipse, take time to still yourself and do this eclipse activation meditation below, connect deeper to the process moving through us all at this powerful time.

For more on the aspects of this particular Luna eclipse, READ Agent Dakini’s article here!


TAROT cards

LEO is the sign for the Major Arcana of STRENGTH # 11 or 8 in the Tarot. Strength, traditionally shows a woman holding open the jaws of a lion or riding a lion with an infinity symbol over her head. This indicates that she has learned to control her unconscious animal instincts. The Sign of Leo symbolizes the Inner child who naturally expresses itself in art, song, dance and play. The Court card for Leo is the Prince of Wands. If you have a Tarot deck pull out these cards to act as Guides and Mascots for this meditation

INTENTION is everything.

Bring 4 red candles into your ceremony or ritual. Smudge yourself first to clear a sacred space before doing any ceremony.


Colors: gold, yellow, orange, deep purple
Sound; E Major
Celtic TREE Mythology: Holly and Hazel 

MINERALS:  Ruby, peridot, rose quartz,

FLOWERS: Sunflowers, yellow daisies, yellow roses, calendula, all bright yellow flowers,

FRUITS: Golden delicious apples,

INCENSE:  Sandalwood, Frankincense, myrrh, orange peel.

LEO ESSENTIAL OILS: for regal presence, Rose, neroli, jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, vetiver, carnation, sandalwood.

HEART TONICS: garlic, hyssop, marjoram, cumin, rose, anise and angelica.

TO HELP SELF EXPRESSION: cypress, lavender, geranium, chamomile, cinnamon, benzoin,

HERBS and TEAS: lemon balm, chamomile, tarragon, eyebright

Images of Lions, big cats, kittens, children and Sun


Greek – Cybele, Apollo/Helios, Babylonian- Ishtar

Vedic – Surya, Tara, Durga, Hindu- Garuda

Egyptian- Sekhmet, the Sphynx, Amun Ra, Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Nut, Bast,

CHINA – Xihe. Roman Britain – Sulis

Irish- Grian,  Celtic- Brigid,

Christian- Sol Invictus. Japan-Ameratsu

Nordic- Freya, Inca- Inti

Begin by smudging yourself first. Light your candles. One for each direction. I always work EAST to SOUTH to WEST TO NORTH. Always move clockwise. Call in the four elements and the four direction into your sacred circle. Call in the four Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, RAPHAEL in the same order.

You can create your own mantra or affirmation.

“We summon up courage, we ask that we open and heal whatever pain or blocks there are in our hearts now. We open to the fullest our fearless passions, courage and daring to creatively express all that we are.

Center yourself by breathing, sit or lie down, close your eyes.

Begin to breathe, naturally and deeply, sending your breath down your spine into your root chakra. With your intention send your breath down your spine into Mother earth to ground yourself. The earth has a flame at her center. Go down and merge with her fire and then breathe it back up through your tail bone, bringing the hot fiery breath up through each chakra one at a time from the root to your HEART CHAKRA. Its associated with dark green, sometimes tinged with pink. Feel your heart expand and feel hotter.

Feel your heart beat and imagine going into your heart entering its walls. It will most likely be dark, and you can state “Let there be light” and watch it light up. See the walls of your hearts inner landscape. Let go of any preconceptions. Allow yourself to be present in your heart scape. Ask yourself which heart chamber you need to visit. Follow your subtle feelings. Touch the walls of your heart, the more fully you sense this the better. Will yourself into one of the chambers in your heart or just stay centered. Feel yourself being one with the drumming of your heart.

Ask to connect with courage, will, creativity and self-expression. Be open. A large cat, black panther, lion or lioness, or other animal may appear. Whatever shows up is fine. An alligator, hippo, a shark, whale, eagle, dolphin, or turtle may become your animal guide. Welcome your power animal. Thank them for appearing. Ask questions or just say I am open to receiving your wisdom, love and protection.  If no animal appears, just stay in your heart and breathe love and feel the love that emanates from your heart. If there are blocks or pain be with them. Call upon Archangel Raphael and CHIRON to help heal your heartache.  If you need to cry, do so, use the pull of the moon to let your feelings out.

Even of you can’t sense anything trust and imagine that you are melding with your animal spirit. Feel every muscle. Revel in your instinctual body strength, wisdom and energy.  You may be given directions.  Vow to follow them, to open your heart, to source your strength.  When you feel fully saturated, thank your power animal and slowly come back to full consciousness and awareness.

At the end of every ceremony thank the spirits and elements for being in your circle. Release each one back to their direction, starting in the East or whichever direction you began with, saying thanks out loud. At the end of the ceremony say, “May the circle be open but unbroken. Thank you. It is finished in beauty. Aho.”

Write down or record your experience.

Play dance sing and let your inner child out to celebrate. Open you heart and love.

Blessings TARA

Tara Greene Agent 129

Tara Greene Agent 129

Agent 129 – Tara Tarot – Greene – Tara Is a Professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader, women’s spirituality, dream work, shamanic healer and workshop leader since 1990.  Tara is also a Certified Transformational Psychotherapist. Tara has a busy practice with clients worldwide.

Specialities: Professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader, women’s spirituality, dream work, shamanic healer
Location : Toronto, Canada 1792 Dundas Street East Toronto Ontario Canada M4L 1M3
Emaill: taragreene @ sacredartscentre.com
SKYPE : taratarot
Website: www.taratarot.com,  www.infinitynow.wordpress.com
Facebook: FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tara-Greene-Tarot-Psychic-Astrology-Consultant/193065840714514

Tara on C*I*A Website articles etc https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/taragreene/

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    Ahhh Tara you are beautiful.
    Thankyou so very much Chic for all the wisdom & Knowledge you share with me. I’m just finding my path, I’d so love to join up but I am absolutely broke. I explained about my circumstances on your FB and hope you forgive me for being open about what my situation has been. I’m cleaned out, I’m washed out and trying to gather my strengths. I’m in so much trouble financially too. But I’m trying to raise myself up and feeling very sick too. I long to be a part of something greater than myself. I long for family, to love and be loved in return. I trust in truth cos that’s LOVE. AND THAT’S WHAT I GIVE, SO WHY SHOULDN’T I HAVE IT IN RETURN. MY PASSION HAS BEEN SQUASHED. 2WKS AGO MY HUSBAND HAD A TEMPUR TANTRUM COS I WANTED TO LIVE IN A CLEAN HOME. HE HAD ANOTHER TANTRUM COS I NEEDED MUSIC IN MY LIFE – I’VE NOT BEEN ALLOWED EVEN MUSIC FOR 12YRS.


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