The Astrological History & Mystery of the Divine Feminine – Part 1 Mary Magdalene
Laura Boomer-Trent  – Agent Dakini #87

KARMIC TRANSFORMATION : Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16th July 21:38UT

By Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16th July 21:38UT


The horoscope of this Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE, at 24°04’Capricorn, suggests mighty strong karma at work – some good and some not so, some past, some future. As usual, it is the present which matters, as what we do in the present sets the tone of future karma. Only in the present do we see how personal, familial, and ancestral karma has worked in the past, leading us to where we are now. With such weighty celestial activity in the run-up to and during this potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the astral advice is stay in the present moment as much as you can – and keep the heart fully open and mind focused upon love. 

Though be aware how, in typical human fashion, just as one plucks up courage to confidently take personal charge to discipline’s one’s self to create a healthier world, along comes an often underestimated collective karma originating from leftfield. ‘Throwing karma’ coming out of nowhere could seemingly have nothing to do you with you personally. Yet bizarrely it does.  

A long thread of human history binds us all; and we would do well to be aware how collective karma connects an entire 35-year generation to a shared and powerful transformation, particularly that of sustainability and shared resources, business and responsibility, harmonious relationships, and fair rules to live by.

Therein lies the crux of this Full Capricorn Moon Lunar Eclipse: if something isn’t working within a relationship, corporate or custom, work or home, health or heart, now is the time to take a little time out to rest in the partial light of this Lunar Eclipse and look into deep into the shadows of our own individual subconscious and shine the light of personal awareness. Indeed, it is time (again) to nourish our connection to the universal consciousness, and to work (again) on our destructive emotions and release everything which no longer serves a spiritual love (remembering that loving yourself is considered healthy when not ego-based). That said, it pays to be extra cautious right now, especially if or when consolidating, or perfecting the angle of facet cuts on a metaphoric treasured jewel. Not to be anxious, but with a relaxed awareness embedded into the cautiousness. 

Those with planets around 22-26 ° in Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) may already have psychic antennae sensing karmic action – in thought, word or deed – is like a rock thrown into water, creating an ever-widening ripple effect; aware how the unresolved or unfinished can slowly but surely unravel and unfold to make itself known (especially now for the leading signs), even if it takes 35 years to do so (more on this long , Saturn conjunct Pluto cycle in a moment – along with a rendition of Karma Chameleon and a Boy George comeback; only kidding on last point 😉 ).

To be astrologically direct, this is an Earth-Water Sun Moon Element combo: events and situations may be most (emotionally) demanding; perhaps one of the most subtly intense and powerful Full Moons of the Earth Sow year – as well as the most potentially rewarding. Even so, shady secrets will try to hide in the swamp and obstacles remain ever-present, especially when the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is conjunct head honcho Saturn, powerful Pluto, and karmic South Node. Note, however, that overcoming difficulties is a sign of success. In fact, those in positions of Plutonic power and Saturnian authority turn hurdling over hitches, ditches, and hindrances into an art form. They also use fear as a means of control. 

Facing up to fears and doubts takes a certain maturity in the rational world. For a magical human, however, all it really takes is watching your breath, breathing deeply with awareness will also enable you deal with irrational thoughts and fears, too. Recognizing when you are afraid can even be an impetus to create a more peaceful place. If we didn’t have fear in many situations, we’d be toast. Fear can motivate – as well as freeze. Some may even be rewarded for facing their fears during this Full Moon.

How we handle a potentially obstructive and restrictive Saturn, Pluto, and South Node in Capricorn matters, especially in this interconnected world. Just remember if you’re in a hot spot, there are always ways to resolve even the most heated issues: being grown-up and organised helps. As does breathing, slowly and steadily to clear the mind; answers and resolutions will appear – even if it means asking for help (in how to handle the situation) from your nearest and dearest – before calling in professionals, which you may or may not need. 

At this shared moment in time, in as much we are all together under the same transformational Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Mercury is Retrograde! And the usual drill for a detailed triple-check turns into a triple deep inspection within our own sweet self, going back to why we do the things we do as well as discover foundations of support, and historical memories.

The greatest gift from Mercury retrograde can overcome adversity once and for all; Mercury in Leo works on transforming the mind from the inside out, from deep within our own synaptic plastic mind, rooting out laziness, vanity, anger, greed, resentment, bitterness and fear, and replacing destructive emotions with love, patience, joy, compassion and kindness. In other words, any of the same-old ploys we have used for-ever-and-a-day to manipulate, schmooze, and control anyone to do what we want are no longer appropriate. Leo’s influence demands integrity intact and loyalty pure, particularly when consciously interacting; releasing (emotional or past-life) hang-ups and blocks as best we can – and thereby let go of self-sabotaging habits that do no one any favours, least of all ourselves.

To provide strength and support when going through any kind of metamorphosis it is good to be surrounded with people, things or ideas you love, love you, and nurture spirit and soul; the Sun in Cancer tends to care for all beings, as a Mother would her child. And for another week the Sun basks in Cancer, the Sign of the Great Mother Goddess, which rules and is ruled by the Moon. The Moon right next to taskmaster Saturn and forceful Pluto can make one feel besieged: at once bringing an all-or-nothing obsession to certain areas: double check 24 Capricorn mark in your scope to see which area of life ‘karmic wisdom-lessons’ may now appear (in an open astral portal until January (or longer, throughout 2020).  

While this quite long Lunar Eclipse, which is over 5 and a half hours, will pass in an evening or three, associated feelings could come around with a certain monthly regularity until November, when issues of love and security, authority and control, will begin to clear, if not sorted to some degree. 

Take note:

The two ‘power-house’ planets, Saturn and Pluto, conjunct exactly January 12th, 2020, @22Capricorn to then complete a momentous cycle which began slowly, taking most of 1982-85 to get going. This is therefore a message to all, but thirty-somethings especially: try not to get bogged down by relationship materialism. Recognise also, how none of us are perfect: we are all in the process of becoming responsible and loving human beings, learning how to live by the heartmind and embody wisdom in action. 

Be aware how the Moon is now on the fifth of ten occultation’s of Saturn, Pluto AND the South Node, Luna’s natural flow, i.e. our own intuition and personal emotional flow, could be dangerously restricted by (even self-imposed) rules and regulations. A South Node with Saturn produces a certain kind of elitist tendency that lacks empathy, resulting from ancestral privilege from this or previous lives; those holding onto to perceived hard-earned power but not wanting to evolve or make changes to benefit anyone else but themselves are also exhibiting major transformation and how this pans out will also depend upon the collective will to release, transform and heal.  

Meanwhile, nature has its own course as time and tide wait for no man. And the Moon is watery ruler of said tides; at the point of culmination Luna is emerging from a triple looping epic Eclipse time tunnel, and a seemingly close initiation into the dark side with omnipotent Pluto, devilishly karmic Time Lord, Saturn; all the while all three – Moon, Saturn and Pluto – reckon with mega-strong past-life-action-relationship indicator, the Moon’s invisible crossing point on the elliptic with Earth and Sun, called ‘the South Node’, aka ‘Ketu’, or the ‘Dragon’s Tail’, making it all theoretically fantastic. if a little dramatic, to have the past so clearly laid out – and just a little daunting as the future bekons.

Still, there is every reason to keep romance alive and the love-light shining in your heart because Love Goddess, Venus, is conjunct the means to a kind and caring helpful future, i.e. the karmic Moon’s North Node, aka Rahu, or Dragon’s Head, revealing LOVE is the most precious human gem.

Venus in Cancer further empowers the Cancerian Mother Goddess (within – remember even guys have a feminine side (i.e. right brain)) to bathe in love, sweet love, and all that feels secure within our most familial sphere (global family also), and to nurture our ability to love patiently and be patiently loved, calmly authentic, supported and supportive somewhere safe; somewhere called ‘home’. 

With no less than SIX planets now retrograde, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse marks the need for creature comforts at the beginning of a fairly long season of rethinking, renewing, reviewing, reworking, reinvesting, redeeming, re-visioning, and researching. Mercury, for instance, is retro until the New Leo Moon, August 1st, going back from self-serving Leo into family-serving Cancer. Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto are also retrograde until the turn of the Fixed Fire Cross, or even Equinox, making it difficult to immediately forge ahead without having to re-do.

While there will certainly be breakthroughs along our own personal journey, Mercury’s recent conjunction with Mars, suddenly exposed a right royal drama and secrets that could sway finances and other shared interests to extremes. But it isn’t resolved until early September, when truly practical solutions are acknowledged and/or implemented with some serious feminine wisdom.  

Also over this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, there are Fixed Stars to add sparkle into the cosmic mix; as the Moon is with the three other astral markers, it is also with an important Fixed Star, ‘Rukbat’, adding a steadying influence to the Earthy Capricorn. Although, the Water element dominates, suggesting any transformation is through movement and flow.

Spirit Sun is in Moon-ruled Cancer, also conjunct a Fixed Star, ‘Pollux’; this could indicate how trying to bring the negative into fruition is taking its toll – and it is time for a rethink to avoid any (more) heartache.

Consider how love and trust go hand in hand; and how things of value are also often borne from the pain of creativity; so events around this Moon could also be labelled ‘challenging’ – Luna is in her detriment in the ambitious sign Capricorn, after all. And even though this is just a partial eclipse, it may still be one to remember. As Earth blocks Sun’s light upon the Moon, a trinity aligns to create transformational shifts that can be both personal or collective, as well as spiritual or physical, geo-physical or cosmic. So go easy out there dear readers: remember everyone has a story. And (not that one should really compare) remember to give thanks as your story isn’t as mad, bad or as sad as others, or even as you think it is. 😉 

For those lucky enough to view this eclipse include much of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the South-Eastern part of North America. Basically, everywhere except the Norther United States, which has already seen a fair share of eclipse earthquake action the past couple of weeks.  

In India this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is called Guru Purnima, i.e. the ‘Teacher’s Moon’, to honour the spiritual teacher. From a meditator’s point of view this is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse for ripening one’s practice. Actually, truth be told, this is THE Full Moon for everyone’s practice to ripen. Just try not to make a crisis out of any karma drama 😉  

Last words from ~ Dongzar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche ~
“Fearlessness is generated when you can appreciate uncertainty, when you have faith in the impossibility of these interconnected components remaining static and permanent. You will find yourself, in a very true sense, preparing for the worst while allowing for the best….By knowing that something is lying in wait for you just around the bend, by accepting that countless potentialities exist from this moment forward, you acquire the skill of pervasive awareness and foresight like that of a gifted general, not paranoid but prepared.”

With best wishes for a wonderfully enlightening eclipse from Agent Dakini #87 aka Laura Boomer Trent

May the transformation be of benefit to all!

Do join me next week, 21st July, I will be giving a webinar on the Divine Feminine

The Astrological History & Mystery of the Divine Feminine – Part 1 Mary Magdalene
Laura Boomer-Trent  – Agent Dakini #87

From Laura Boomer-Trent, aka Agent Dakini, who can also reveal astrological and spiritual archetypes in your birth chart, that often serve as confirmation of your purpose and soul contract. There is a universal awareness within astrology that can empower one to consciously co-create with the universe a future you would like to see manifest.

Laura can be contacted to read natal karma birth charts, as well as year-ahead horoscopes, relationship, synastry, family dynasty, astro-carto-graphy; adept in the healing arts: Western, Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan, Laura is an astrologer with over 30 years of experience, and a dedicated Buddhist scholar for 25. Consultations can be in person (in London, England), or via skype or phone. International clients welcomed. Spiritual astrology retreats are also offered Summer and Autumn, in Southern France, where students also explore astrologically inspired historic sites as well as the Black Madonna. 

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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