Agent 555 Louise Edington

Agent 555 Louise Edington

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Agent 555 – Triple 5 – Louise Edington

Louise Edington has been studying and practicing Astrology as an interest for 30 years and working professionally as an Evolutionary Astrologer since 2012. Louise has also been writing daily Astrology posts since 2012 on her Facebook business page, Louise Edington, Astrologer, and now on and She enjoys all aspects of professional Astrology but her main passion is helping clients to understand how the energies work within so that they can live a fulfilled life characterized by deep understanding and acceptance of who they truly are. She does this through providing Astrological counseling, teaching Astrology classes and writing. You may learn more about her services at and also follow Louise at the following links.,, and

Louise’s first book, ‘Modern Astrology: Harness the Stars to Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose’ is available now on Amazon at

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Re-Claiming the Fish: Saturn and Capricorn in the Age of Aquarius.

In Astrology, the sign of Capricorn is said to be a feminine sign, and both the sign and it’s ruler are represented by the sea-goat which is a creature of impossibility with the front half of a goat and the tail of a fish.  Over millennia of Patriarchal rule and conditioning the planet and sign has lost it’s yin qualities with the sea-goat becoming a goat alone much of the time and Saturn and Capricorn being said to represent the Father amongst other things. Saturn and Capricorn have been spoken of in Astrology as harsh, cold and unloving and this article challenges that as being a reflection of the patriarchy itself.