Agent 98 <br />Lorna Bevan

Agent 98
Lorna Bevan

Writer, Consultant

Agent 98 – Lorna Bevan

Lorna offers clients a unique mix of skills as a qualified Psychological Astrologer, Jungian Psychotherapist and Master NLP Coach via her international Hare in the Moon Astrology practice. Based in Rural Hampshire in the UK, she is available for consultations and coaching worldwide combining the ancient art of astrology with the modern art of personal coaching. The powerful synergy between coaching and astrology makes effective and lasting change possible. Lorna writes visionary astrology articles for her own subscribers, the CIA and Daykeeper Journal. She is a member of the Astrological Association, the Association of Professional Astrologers and the Association for NLP.

Lorna has had a varied career as a Modern Languages Teacher, a Management Development Consultant, a Counselling Clinician at Personal Performance Consulting Worldwide, a Personal and Career Coach and Psychotherapist. Her passion for astrology started in hospital age 39 when, ill with cancer, she had an epiphany when she was given a book about Carl Jung “The Wisdom of the Dream” and began to study Psychological Astrology in the Swiss Huber School in Zurich followed by a 3 year Postgraduate Psychosynthesis training in London. She left her career as a management consultant and set up her psychotherapy and astrology practice.

Special interests :

5D Astrology integrating the Centaurs, TNOs and new planets into your chart

The Emerging Deep Feminine:the Resurrection, Creator and Awakener Goddesses-Eris, Sedna, Medusa, Lilith, Chariklo,

Making the Gods work for you- collaborating with the Outer Planets

The Post Pluto/Uranus landscape 2016-2023

Location:  Hampshire UK

Location: United Kingdom
Phone: +44(0)1256883883
Email:  [email protected]


5D Astrology Report: 2018: Matter Meets Mystery

This 5D Report describes the meta field that you dance in with the mysteries between choice and non-choice. In 5D there is no “future” waiting to be “predicted” - it’s an open Source, a collection of possibilities until it merges into the present. The leading edge of space-time marks the “present” crawling outward, moment by moment, transforming tomorrow’s maybes into yesterday’s fixed happenings.   Quantum uncertainty says the future is not determined until it’s happened.  Instead of buying into either the usual utopian or dystopian projections of the future when we’re either living in heaven on earth with angel wings or we’re all toast, don’t expect it to be perfect and get comfortable with the mystery, with What Is.