Agent 369 – Linda Jonson

Sadly Linda passed away in 2021 with an unexpected illness. We thank her greatly for her work in the EA community, she will be greatly missed!

Linda is an Evolutionary Astrologer, living in NSW, Australia, who combines Astrology Editing and Writing with Information Technology skills. She is also a dedicated teacher, consultant, and moderator of the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology. In 2010 she began compiling the EA Glossary – a 500 page hyperlink-formatted compilation of JWG’s Evolutionary Astrology guiding principles for students and the general astrological community – with the Final Edition being published in 2016. She recently edited seven books for JWG and will be undertaking further editing work as more EA books are being translated into other languages.


Email: lindatjonson @

School of Evolutionary Astrology:


Location: Deer Vale, NSW, Australia

Skype: linda.jonson6