The Voice of the Feminine
The New Moon in Cardinal Air conjoined Spica
16th Oct 2020 at 20:31 BST

“Surely whoever speaks to me in the right voice, him or her I shall follow,
as the water follows the moon, silently, with fluid steps anywhere around the globe”
– Walt Whitman, “Vocalism”

In the beginning was the Word. But this Word did not ‘know’ itself. It just was. Born of ‘woman’, as the Native American traditions suggest, it is a place of non-action, of stillness and of unlimited fecund potential. It is the moment before movement. It is the motion behind evolution. It is the source of creativity. It is the deep pool from which life is birthed. It is the place of the non-manifest, that source from which life is generated.  It is ineffable, formless, beyond words and logic. It is not an intellectual concept or construct, but something discovered through experience, feeling and knowing.

Curiosity to understand brought about a shift in this Word and in time, a split occurred as this Word became two. Initially equally

balanced and intimately interwoven and inseparable, as depicted by the ancient Taoist circle symbol of integration and symmetry in which the tension between the energy of the feminine Yin and the masculine Yang co-exist, they moved apart with the development of writing and the alphabet.

Deeply embedded in a holistic, simultaneous, sympathetic and instinctual knowing view of the world, the Yin outlook is diminished by linear, sequential, reductionist and abstract thought, a world view defining the Yang perception of the world. As something occurs, you immediately process the whole of the experience in an all-at-once manner and simultaneously integrating what has befallen you into a gestalt. As soon as you start putting feelings and the content of your inner world into words or sentences, distortion takes place, as language struggles to relay the totality of the multidimensionality of perception and experience. Language arranges in a linear sequence the content of experience, a process that vastly differs from the experience that occurs within the experience. Over time, it is this latter process that has become the dominate perception, diminishing feminine values and with them, women’s power in culture.

Yet the Deep Feminine is the place behind which our reality has been created. It is the deep pool from which we draw from. It is the place we touch with our intuition. It is the dream of life before it is born. It is the place of awareness, before boundaries define the specificity of form. It is the place you must go to if inspiration is sought, if dreams are to manifest and if reality is to be forged. It is the darkness in which sight cannot be used and the rest of your senses become more alive, opening gateways to the dreamtime. And it is this ‘darkness’ that is feared by the light.

The Darkness

Yet darkness is not evil. It is simply winter. It is the stillness of night. It is the time before the dawn or the new moon. It is the time of the blood ritual. It is that moment before dropping into, and rising out from, a deep sleep. It is the moment of being expanded out in your awareness, just before you receive inspiration. It is transition, times when you feel you do not know who you are, when you think you know nothing and yet are about to discover something new. It is the world within.

What is within is reflected through what is without.

A simple dictum, but like the Taoist Yin/ Yang symbol, both are inseparable. What is without is a reflection of that which is within. And yet, we live in a world that diminishes the power of the within, opting to focus on the power of the outside. Your health and wellbeing will benefit solely from someone developing a magic pill that will keep you safe, as opposed to strengthening your own immune system and taking care of your own wellbeing, if we use an immediate contemporary issue to illustrate the point.

The Within is not more important than the Without, but it is not deemed as important as the Without, as seen through the lens of our modern values. The rise of the ‘Divine Feminine’ is, in part, the rise of the awareness that the Within has been neglected for too long, that our reality is generated from without and that the dis-ease of our world is a mere reflection of the dis-ease of the within.

Redistribution of power

On the 12th of January, there was a union of planets within the feminine sign of Capricorn, a counsel that has not been seen in millennia. The sign of Capricorn is constructed of two differing energy dispositions – a consciousness filter called Earth, reflecting the notion of embodiment, and a direction of energy called Cardinality, which encourages movement out into the world. Together they forge a pathway that enables the construction of a new reality. Three pronounced Yin planetary archetypes were involved – Saturn, which is associated with the definition of boundaries; Pluto, reflecting the force majeure of birthing; and Ceres, the sanctification of the Soul of the Earth – were joined at the superior conjunction of the Masculine Light, the Sun, and the breath of Light, Mercury, in a tight alignment, which basically describes a seeding point in consciousness wherein we, as a humanity, need to redistribute power away from the familiar pathways, seeking to give expression to the world within as opposed to merely focusing on the world without. This movement will not take place overnight but gradually over many centuries.

Much has been written about this pivotal bifurcation moment and its meaning for our humanity, but I’d like to draw attention to the fact that Capricorn is a Yin sign and that this redistribution fundamentally concerns Yin values. In other words, it is the time of the re-awakening of the Deeper Feminine. Rather than returning to her womb, it is a time to acknowledge those Yin qualities so marginalised in our current world construct.

That re-awakening has been happening over a many decades but has been accelerating since Pluto ingressed into the tropical sign of Capricorn, twelve years ago, in 2008, as Pluto accounts for a rhythm that draws our attention towards a primal regenerative matrix. Saturn, which reflects the need to define and face the margins of our reality, moved into this sign in late 2017, and we have become consciously aware of the path along which our reality has been moving. Their union in Capricorn on the 12th of January 2020 was last experienced in 1518 and will next occur in 2754, and so their alignment as two Creatrix forces is important since they account for the fundamental need to regenerate our reality, a reality that appears out-of-balance.

Within the cosmic weave, the lunations (the alignment of the Masculine and Feminine Lights (the Sun and Moon)) draw our attention to how these background evolutionary forces can be realigned. The forthcoming New Moon falls in the sign of Cardinal Air, a sign intimately connected to the 12th of January congress, as it forges a dynamic bond with          the degree of this alignment, thereby actively bringing forth a dimension of the deeper story.

Cardinal Air literally means speaking forth, and so this time is about speaking forth the message of the Deep Feminine, reinforced by the fact that this lunation aligns with the star, Spica.


At one time associated with Ceres before she emerged in conscious consciousness on the 1st of January 1801, the luminously bright blue giant Spica, a star in the constellation of Virgo, currently seen through the lens of astrology as being located at 23 degree of Cardinal Air (Libra), is one of the cosmic gateways through which the deeper feminine is reached. She is the Voice of the Heaven, as opposed to Vega (in Cardinal Earth, Capricorn) who is the Sound of the Heaven.

Remember though, that the feminine reveals Herself through nonlinear expressions! So do not expect her message to be verbal! If you seek to connect with her message, you will need to listen to the message of your dreams; what you embody within the sacred circle; when you walk in silence nature; when you mediate during the dark of night; as you approach your moon time; and through sound and movement. It is in those times that Her voice is heard.

It is through Spica that her message is loud and clear. Though active, it is still experiential. It is ‘feeling’ based, even if it is filtered through your ‘mind’. It is a ‘knowing’. It is right action without

judgement, without vitriol and without imposition. Akin to Justice and Truth, it lacks the arrogance of righteousness. It is clarity and integrity. It touches on the sense of power within. From this place you are no longer a victim or disempowered. Your voice carries a tonal quality to it, a quality that goes beyond the rhetoric of the words themselves. After all we reside within a world now eager to be heard, a world where words are used for the sake of it, a world where words carry pain, division and anger.

The coming six weeks are a critical time in the evolution of humanity, a time wherein many decisions will be made that will impact the direction of humanity. It is a time of the great reveal, even if the truth of the current crisis may only be revealed in July 2022. The Heart of Darkness that dispenses sweet opiates is being exposed, as the distance between the Deep Feminine has shortened with her birthing around the time of the Piscean Full Moon in early September. The Voice of the Feminine will be heard, even if she speaks liminally.

The Voice of the Feminine

It is important, therefore, to listen to the messages of your dreamtime; to spend time away from the lies of the mainstream media; to not engage in the distractions of social media; to listen to the messages of your body; to open yourself to ‘hearing’ her clearly and in trusting what comes through you. Her message is one of quality, not quantity. Her message is not about what will happen; will it be okay; will it be successful; will it be ‘heard’. That comes from the Deeper Masculine. No, this is about the intention of your voice and how it is directed into the world, as it IS being directed from within to without.

As the Light of our heavens draw into their embrace on the 16th of October, the question I leave you is not what you are speaking forth, but what is the quality of the content of your word?

All rights reserved Andrew Smith.

Image credit: Greg George – Agent 125 Crystal Mandala made for the Libra New Moon 2020

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