EQUINOX – Libra Ingress – – September 22nd 8:02pm UT

by Agent 36 Michele Finey

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Libra Ingress 2017

September 22nd  8:02pm UT,

The seasons shift once again with 12 hours of daylight hours and 12 of darkness everywhere on planet Earth. The sign of Libra symbolises this balancing act.

Libra’s ruling planet is of course Venus, and she is now located in Virgo, closing in on Mars. The celestial lovers will reunite two weeks after this Equinox for the first time in almost two years.

This chart focuses our attention on our most important relationships. It reminds us to honour one another’s differences and respect each other’s self-expression and needs. Harmony cannot be attained by repressing our individuality and forever trying to please others. Neptune can sometimes lead us to lose our sense of self.  Our desire to belong, or to be with another can override everything when our self esteem is low.

As we approach the Venus-Mars reunion this chart symbolises the importance of not losing our individuality, or sacrificing too much for the sake of others. Equally the reverse is also true, selfishness and lack of consideration for others will eventually lead relationships to break down. Libra is all about equality, fairness and justice.

The Moon and Jupiter can be seen close to one another, a positive sign of hopefulness and optimism. Jupiter is about to oppose Uranus which should help to open our eyes to the truth and raise consciousness a fraction or two…

Allegiances, loyalty and alliances can change when we enter a new Venus-Mars cycle. My research suggests that each Venus-Mars cycle manifests according to the Sabian Symbol for the degree it takes place, as well as the degree where the original seed conjunction of its cycle began. These cycles span thousands of years. At 32 year intervals another Venus-Mars conjunction occurs. For the past two years we have been in a Venus-Mars cycle that resonated with 17 Virgo “A volcano in eruption” which at its last conjunction triggered 25 Virgo, “A flag flies at half mast in front of a public building”. You could not get two more apt descriptions for the past two years of turmoil and political dysfunction. To fully understand the scope of the Venus-Mars cycle, grab a copy of my book!

The good news is that the new Venus-Mars cycle that commences on October 6, resonates with 30 degrees of Cancer. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A Daughter of the American Revolution” and this specific conjunction will be at 20 Virgo which is “A Caravan of Cars headed for Promised Lands”. Both these symbols imply that we are heading into a new positive landscape, especially in the US where a political ’revolution’ is  still unfolding. This new Venus-Mars cycle will last for almost two years (until August 2019) when another new cycle will commence.

Since the total solar eclipse that traversed the US in August and last month’s Full Moon that aligned with watery Neptune, we’ve witnessed nature’s fury on a grand scale with devastating floods in Bangladesh, hurricane after hurricane smashing through the Caribbean and southern United States plus two powerful earthquakes (8.1 and 7.1) in Mexico. The 7.1 was not an aftershock, but a separate event.

In addition to these major quakes, an ongoing series of earthquake swarms continues to unfold  in the Yellowstone region. The latest swarm in Idaho is especially active with thousands of tremors over the past few weeks. Two powerful solar flares also erupted last month. There has been la lot of movement and change.

We can expect a major paradigm shift  in October with two key astrological events taking place, the Venus-Mars conjunction and Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio on October 11.

Venus-Mars conjunctions are a wonderful time to start new relationships, personal or professional, especially when Venus and Mars are in the morning sky as they are now.Apart from personal relationships, these conjunctions have a saros-like cycle that spans thousands of years and manifests in the larger social and political spectrum.

Jupiter in Scorpio is likely to help us make progress in understanding natural laws. It’s a highly resourceful and constructive position for Jupiter, helping us uncover the truth and revealing secrets and undercover goings on.

Great for research of any kind, Jupiter in Scorpio enhances willpower and determination. The focus is very much on the big picture and fundamental truths.

It brings to an end a two year period with no outer planets in fixed signs that has taken us on a pretty wild and unpredictable journey.

Jupiter in Scorpio will likely expose corruption and call wrong doers to account for their actions. At its best, unethical and unscrupulous behaviour is not tolerated by Jupiter in Scorpio (nor by Saturn in Capricorn which is fast approaching).

Jupiter in Scorpio could signal the death-knell for the Trump administration, for at this ingress  Saturn is located at 22SG51 and the Moon is at 21GE27. These degrees trigger Donald Trump’s Moon, Sun and Nodal Axis once again. The ingress chart also lines up with his son, Donald Trump Junior’s Mercury (21SG10) as did the recent Saturn station.

Note that the Venus-Mars conjunction squares this axis. Mars in particular will play a key role here with its exact square to Saturn and the Moon and to Donald Trump’s Moon and his son’s Mercury. Chiron in Pisces completes a mutable grand cross which is a key aspect for rapid change.

The instability we’ve witnessed  across the board will give way to a more stable and sensible period as Jupiter becomes  firmly established in Scorpio.

C*I*A Message!
At these potent times of the year it is important for us to take time out collectively  to focus on where we are heading! It is customary  to look at the event chart for this Ingress, to use the Sun and position of the planets as the prophecy of what lies ahead. We are not ones to predict, yet in the words of Nick Campion  “as soon as we predict something, we are creating the future!” A very important point for those of us who look to astrology for answers and guidance, the self fulfilling prophecy concept is one not to heed lightly.  Keep that in mind as we work together at looking at the next few months and  be mindful about what we project into our world for our personal and collective future!

About Agent 36 Michele

Michele Finey is an astrologer, hypnotherapist, author and artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Since the 1980s her feature articles have appeared in a range of international astrological journals and magazines. Her works include Solar Fire’s Health and Wellbeing Report and two books; Secrets of the Zodiac (Allen and Unwin 2009) and The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars (Wessex, 2012). Michele also produces a comprehensive 32-page annual astrology calendar that can be purchased at her website: http://www.celestialinsight.com.au

Michele makes an astrological Calendar everyyear, 2018’s is out now!

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