Libra Ingress – Divine Balance
Sept 23rd 8:20am UT 

By Agent 12 – Julija Simas

Sun conjunct BML, asteroid Juno, North Node
Sun sextile Saturn
Moon/Ceres 135° to Jupiter
Mars square Saturn
Venus trine Uranus/Eris, inconjunct 150° Chiron
Jupiter opposite Neptune
Jupiter trine Pluto 
Mercury retrograde square Pluto

This week the Sun, North Node and Black Moon Lilith meet in early Libra for a potent Equinox message. With Mercury retrograde and Venus in full bloom, Libra’s ruler, communicating those deeply visceral urges become key to the months ahead, accentuated by a total lunar eclipse in the Aries/Libra polarity coming up on 28th September. With BML conjunct North Node and the eclipses happening here, we are ending cycles and redefining relationships, adjusting and adapting ourselves to the times as they are changing us and the world around us.

The ingress of the Sun into Libra marks the end of summer and the autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the end of winter and the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere on  Sept 23 8:20 am GMT. It is celebrated as MABON in Pagan spirituality in the north and is reversed in the south to celebrate OSTARA. The Sun in Libra brings our consciousness and the light into focusing on being in balance, relationships, love, marriage and and the weighing up of life’s choices. Day and night are only equal twice a year all around the world, equalising the importance of each and every one in all situations.

The tropical zodiac is aligned with the seasons and the 4 cardinal points –
0° Aries – Equinox – Spring/Autumn
0° Cancer – Solstice – Summer/Winter
0° Libra – Equinox – Spring/Autumn
0° Capricorn – Solstice – Summer/Winter

The SCALES of MA’AT, are the symbol of the sign of LIBRA. In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that upon death, ones fate in the afterlife was determined by the weighing of one’s heart. Upon death, one entered the underworld (Duat), where Anubis, the God of the afterlife, weighed the persons heart on a scale against the feather of Ma’at, the goddess of order, truth, and righteousness. It is at this time, we symbolically weigh our own hearts to rebalance the good and the bad, the black and white, the positive and the negative, the yin and the yang, and the need for a balanced and harmonious existence in whichever way it needs to come. It is at this time when we seek balance the world seems the most imbalanced. Wherever zero Libra is in your chart, is your key for rebalancing. The weighing of our hearts brings our lives back to order.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 12.26.03 pm

With this equinox we have Venus riding high as the morning star, still in Leo retracing her retrograde steps and in the same area of the zodiac now for the 3rd time in the last few months.  This deliberate Venus transition has asked us to rebalance ourselves somewhere majorly in our lives, by this stage of her new cycle we want to be ready to move on with a goal set high in our priorities, our wands held high. Venus is in trine with Uranus and inconjunct Chiron, the momentum for moving ahead feels much more liberating and daring than before, urging us to move in our own directions with the minds we like around us, the ones who understand our quest, our pain and our motivation and feel the need to disengage with those that may prevent or hamper our progress. Venus is about what we attract into our lives and the Law of attraction is always one to abide to.

The Moon  is about what we feel, our emotional make up, and in mundane Astrology represents the people a broad sweeping look at our collective sentiments at this time.  This equinox the Moon is conjunct Ceres in Capricorn and moves toward an eclipse in Aries by next week the 28th. The Moon in Capricorn can feel somewhat heavy, due to the heaviness of responsibilities or feelings of being all alone, feeling unloved, feeling unrecognised for hard work or for ones achievements, it’s a tough placement. Conjunct Ceres we double up the responsibility, and  it makes as all consider carrying some of the weight of the world on our shoulders. Think of all the people fleeing unsettled countries right now trying to find a home, a safe place. It would seem we could/should  be responsible to help somehow, as the borders between nations lose their stronghold and we realise a global community is somewhat inevitable. All we need to do is think about “what if” we were  in their shoes. No doubt the complexity and hugeness of this matter being set off by the massive planets of Jupiter and Neptune in opposition in Virgo and Pisces, finding solutions to chaos in the signs of sacrifice and service.  With the recent Solar eclipse triggering this polarity and more to come in this zone over the next few years we know this global issue is far from over, yet the signs of Virgo and Pisces, may inspire us with some of the solutions. Is there an astrologer on the board of the UN??

Eclipses in Virgo/Pisces polarity to come are:

Solar Total – 9th  2016 – at 18 Pisces
Solar annular – Sept 1st 2016 – at 9 Virgo
Lunar appulse –  Sept  16th 2016 – at 24 Pisces
Solar annular – Feb 26th  2017 – 8 Pisces

Saturn the ruler of Capricorn freshly moved into Sagittarius, also tells of the plight of global immigration, refugees, international borders as now Saturn moves toward a square with Neptune, intensifying into this quarter of the year and continuing into 2016, peaking again next June.  With Uranus retrograde and Pluto about to turn direct on the 26th September, just after the equinox, the ongoing square between these 2 builds to the next crescendo by December 28th. Here we will see the 2 potent energies of Saturn square Neptune and Uranus square Pluto existing together and well into 2016. Whilst in the midst of change and transformation on many levels, both global and personal, we also now incorporate, how to structure and make real, the dreams and visions we have for the future. An impossible task it may seem, but all we need to do is consider the things we never thought would be possible and have since become a reality and go from there. In 1989, when the Berlin wall came tumbling down, this cycle of Saturn and Neptune was seeded and now in it’s closing square,  just look back at how many breakthroughs have occurred. This cycle completes in 2025 at 1° Aries. We are heading to new beginnings in so many ways and now is the time to forge on through by firstly clarifying that vision then breaking down the borders of that which we never though  could be broken. Diffuse stagnant energies, dissolve barriers and help make the impossible, possible.

With Mercury retrograde at this time beginning square to Pluto and opposite Uranus, all of the above is accentuated. Mercury’s retrograde ends conjunct the North Node just before our nodes move to Virgo/Pisces (Oct 11th) where the ideas of now, begin to circulate and mutate in the mutable signs. It’s all in the AIR for now, as the dynamic of cardinal signs is to ignite ideas, start the conversations and the ball rolling, yet the mutables are the signs where we can expect the most change, adaptation and sharing and see these ideas begin to take shape. With the Saturn and Neptune square also occurring in  mutables we can get quite a changeable picture of  dissolving barriers and stagnant energies beginning to move again.

Good Ol’ Jupiter makes many aspects in this chart, a square to the Moon, opposition to Neptune and a trine to Pluto. The need to continue to empower ourselves with truth, with faith and with wisdom, is to have the strength and the joy to help us keep going, ride the winds of change and ride that wheel of fortune as Jupiter in Virgo aims to fix a few things and Neptune helps us adhere to collective ideals. Our own faith can keep so many fires burning stronger than than anything else and Virgos’ dedicated principles help enormously here. The world is changing fast and we’d better keep up,  because guess what? We are the drivers more than we would ever imagine, the collective consciousness is an energy of our times, a reality of now, never before so soulfully ignited by so many. Many would have doubts that the world is awakening, yet keeping the faith, is our Agent responsibility, to continue to switch on a few more lights. I know myself I’m switching on lights somehow, somewhere everyday, doing as little or as much as we can is the best we can do. Our diligence, awareness , intelligence, motivation and strength not to give up is highlighted this Equinox by Mars about the square Saturn, it may be hard work,  but it will all be worth it! The challenge continues to push through to the new as the new paradigms reshape our minds and thinking, eventually they will reshape our planet too so stick with it!.

Then Peace will guide the planet and love will steer the Stars!


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Happy Equinox from the C*I*A!


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    norma pirie says:

    very important info, beautifully written and presented, so that we who are called to live by the intentions and higher missions symbolized through the study of our planets and lights, are encouraged & validated & strengthened by your work.


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