Element: Fire
Modern Ruler and Traditional Ruler: The Sun
Anatomy & Illnesses: The heart, circulation, the centre of the body’s system

The glyph for Leo is a symbol of the Lion’s mane, representing pride and honour. This glyph also symbolises the valves of a heart, representing love, creativity, fun and ‘what makes us tick’.

Leo is an easily identifiable constellation resembling the Lion’s mane or a sickle. Leo’s brightest star is Regulus, one of the four Royal Stars of the ancient world, depicting the Lion’s heart. Denebola, the second brightest star, depicts the Lion’s tail. In both northern and southern hemispheres, Leo is best seen at midnight in the midheaven when the Sun is in Aquarius in January and February.


    • Leo, the fifth zodiac sign, leaps out of the security of Cancer to individuate and create a sense of self.
    • Leo celebrates unique identity, the part of us that stands separate from the family unit and seeks its place in the world,
    • Leo is the creative journey of life, the journey to find one’s purpose through following the passion of one’s heart.
    • Leo expresses the archetypal hero’s journey, the quest to conquer, be recognised and to receive honours.
    • Leo can be a narcissistic energy that seeks attention for the sake of self reflection, but Leo is also a generous and joyful energy.
    • The skills represented and learnt in Leo are needed to survive in Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius, where a strong sense of identity is necessary for survival.

Generous, proud, dramatic, romantic, narcissistic, confident, childish, egotistical, ambitious, distinguished, narcissistic, demanding.

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  1. Magically Enchanted
    Magically Enchanted says:

    Lol. Idk, I’m a Leo and I am very much a proud narcacist…. a true narcissist is though. So to me to applied twice. A Leo’s always right 😉


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