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Agent 27 – Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

Agent 27 – Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

Agent 27 – Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess2021-10-04T10:15:53+00:00

Agent 27 – Kirilly

‘Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess’, is known for her in-depth and accurate astrology readings. She is not so much a fortune-teller as a ‘consciousness reader’, capable of traversing worlds: past, present and future. Kirilly specialises in soul journey readings, assisting her clients understand the power of past lives, collective/ancestral and personal karma and trauma in shaping our life’s unfolding, especially our adult relationship patterning.And most importantly, Kirilly supports her clients in recognising that none of this is who we truly are! Kirilly points her clients in the direction of accessing &/or developing resources, inner and outer, for spiritual growth, insight, healing, empowerment, creation, manifestation, realisation and awakening.” With 14 years of tertiary training in the field of psychology, psycho-therapy and shamanic practice and 15 years in private practice as a psycho-therapist, counselling supervisor and lecturer in the field of transpersonal counselling, Kirilly is a highly skilled therapist, specialising in a dynamic mix of transpersonal, shamanic and process-oriented therapy. Now based in Thailand, Kirilly is developing her online ‘Applied Astrology Academy’- known as the ‘Shakti Space Temple’ – An online learning, sharing and practice portal for those who love astrology and would like to learn in community, how to apply the wisdom of the stars to their daily life.

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