Journey into astro-Magic – C*I*A’s Jupiter in Scorpio Retreat

with Agent 25 Gil Dwyer

Journey into Astro Magic: In Search of Truth and Trust

We are on a journey towards the Aquarian Age, at times full of hope for the future of humanity. Yet our passage through the murky death throes of the patriarchal structures and culture that characterises the Piscean Age, appears at times to be particularly excruciating. In this context it is especially reassuring to be involved in a mission with the Cosmic*Intelligence* Agency, on retreat in a tranquil setting close to its Headquarters in Melbourne. That this mission was being led by a group of strong, talented women that included C*I*A Founder Agent 12 appeared particularly apt.

It is difficult to do justice to the experience of the Jupiter in Scorpio retreat, which for me embodied all the archetypes presented by the heights of Jupiter and the Plutonian depths of Scorpio. It certainly energised my oh-so-Sagittarian brain about the possibilities of the Jupiter in Scorpio year ahead.

The C*I*A’s annual Victorian three day/night retreat promised to provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in astrology, divination and inspiration. It was facilitated by a core group of Victorian based C*I*A agents – sage and strong women all  seasoned and experienced astrologers or /and healers and diviners – 88 Stephanie Johnson, 66 Sara Gilbert, 29 Deborah Wallish -James, 33 Olga Morales, 126 Louise Senior and 12 Julija Simas. It centred on an experiential and inspiring program and wonderful food, in the soothing surrounds of the Maitripa Centre, in aptly named Healesville.  Starry Teller, Gemini Brett Agent 1123, from Seattle, USA was the “special” guest.

A work of art dinner on the first night hinted at the succession of fabulous food, with Chef Agent 57, and Agent 11 Helena Jedjud and other helper preparing more five star resort than typical retreat fare. The after dinner Opening Ceremony coincided with a coming together of Jupiter and the Sun at the fourth degree of Scorpio. Most fittingly the sabian symbol for this degree describes A Youth Holding A Lighted Candle in a devotional ritual, gaining a great sense of the great “Otherworld”. An astrological mandala had been laid out in the temple incorporating Agent 29’s wonderful crystal collection. With the addition of many candles, an ethereal crystal glow and lightshow enveloped the group. The ceremony once again brought together the heights of Jupiter and the depths of Scorpio. A sacral chakra meditation that took me into bowels of a ship was followed by a tale and a meditative visualisation led by Gemini Brett. From here we were invited to take on our journey in the comfort and company of the wonderful group gathered here by the C*I*A’s positive intentions.

When I retired to my bed on the first night I felt the journey talk hold, as I had an especially intimate visit with Pluto in a death mask, as all the wonderful departed souls who had been part of this life returned to visit me. I also seared with the reminder of the mortality of those closest to me. With the benefit of hindsight this was a particularly cleansing experience that left me ever so peaceful and brought me back to my philosophical self by the next morning.

The more rationally leaning side of my nature was quietly sceptical when it was clearly stated that the aim was for each of us to return home somehow fundamentally changed or transformed. Nevertheless by the end of the retreat this had indeed happened for me.

Presentations by Agents 12 and 1123 on the first morning set us up with the astro content to further understand the journey of Jupiter through Scorpio, then an outdoor experience infusing ourselves with the directions, the light of the Jupiter Sun conjunction, and embracing the physical connection of Agent 1123’s unique way of connecting astrology with the earth in understanding the Roots(IC) the Rise (ASC), The Reach (MC), and the Rest (DSC). This was followed by all breaking up into small groups, with Agents 88, 12, 29, 1123 and 66 acting as Astro mentors exploring the transits of Jupiter in individual’s charts, a necessary part of a retreat experience adapting the information to the individual charts of those attending.. All the other seasoned and practicing astrologers were placed together in a group led by Agent 1123 and this proved to me to be a great mentoring experience. It increased my confidence in the knowledge that I have gathered over the past forty years, since I did my first introductory course with the aid of slide rule, table of houses and hand drawn charts. We explored Hellenistic Astrology as a lens for viewing the Jupiter in Scorpio effect on our lives.

Later that day Agent 33 took us through a process to explore lucky indicators and cycles in our charts, especially relating to Jupiter and the Part of Fortune. With a Scorpionic air of secrecy, and a related encouragement to take good notes, we learnt that certain midpoints with Jupiter and the Part of Fortune bring luck and abundance. After dinner we gathered for a night of magic and divination, moving between Astro Cards, Journey Cards, Mythic Oracle, Tarot Cards, or making our AstroMandala using Tarot Cards based on the natal chart. A quite magical atmosphere and harmony surrounded this experience.

This segued into star gazing on a clear night, while viewing the constellation Scorpio set in the sky. Gemini Brett set up time lapse photography to capture this experience away from city lights, and with a waxing crescent Moon gradually sinking in the west. Saturn was also visible in the early night sky. Here I had an especially close encounter with a star, although I have not a clue to its name. This was assisted by the frequent “starry telling” by Gemini Brett who brought together a love for science and precision with a true sense of awe and union with the stars and practical tips for merging with them. 

I had arrived at this retreat secretly sceptical about the possibilities of such an encounter with those wonderful celestial energies, so close to my suburban domicile. After all on a previous C*I*A Star Camp at Honeymoon Gap Julija and I had seen what I had assumed was an otherworldly apparition pinned as Canopus – the second brightest star in the sky. It had amazed me to find out that this was not an unusual manifestation of Canopus setting. A few years later I was to learn that this Star was closely conjunct my Moon. While Gemini Brett challenged the proximity of my Moon and Canopus by explaining, how Fixed Stars are used as they are projected onto the ecliptic, yet no where near conjunction in the physical sky, yet being encouraged to engage with individual stars. Recalling similar conversations in my childhood I experienced what can only be described as a merging with the energy of the star. This revived an experience I had at the age of five.

While I will not attempt to cover all the wonderful experiences of this retreat, another highlight for me was the astro journeying created and narrated by Agent 29. This Saturday morning temple experience aimed at finding the bigger perspectives of our lives, as we journeyed to the far reaches of the heavens. Taking me back somewhat to Alice in Wonderland, the key addition of the heavenly realms helped me fly. This had been described as a trip with Jupiter to the nodes and back, where we engaged with a pulsing heart and journeyed with it into our universe. Deb even made us all a token heart to take away the essence of this journey with us.

The rest of the afternoon could be spent luxuriating in making our mark via art therapy, or resting up and absorbing our journey in our own ways, exploring the rolling green landscape around Maitripa.  Agent 36 Michele Finey joined us to help with the Art workshop, guiding us with the use of materials and paints.The richness and colour of the artworks were displayed later and the art prize was given to Jo Cox, whose painting depicted a robed woman walking with a lighted torch “Hermit” like down a dark pathway.

 An equal first was given to Deb James for her chakra meditating figure.

For Saturday night it was intended to create a labyrinth that we would all walk after dinner, as part of our journeying, the heavens opened with an unambiguous message that tonight we would need to create our labyrinth inside the Meditation Hall, more than suitable for our inner exploration.

We began our night of celebration, dressed in full regalia with an instruction to come as someone who embodied Jupiter in Scorpio. I chose French lesbian, feminist theorist and novelist Monique Wittig, who had fired my imagination with her 1969 novel La Guerilleres The His Holiness the Dalai Lama come too, dressed and ready as the costume winner, for a ready to wash dishes outfit, a red plastic robe, with a yellow towel! How perfect Terrence ! After dinner we gathered in a circle by Sun Sign,  when it became evident how many Pisces and Sagittarius were at this event. A quarter of our circle encompassed the first Aries, fittingly wearing a bright orange wig, a Taurus, 2 Leo’s, A Libra and followed by a few Scorpio’s, the other 2/3rds or our group, being mostly Sagittarius, 2 Capricorns, 1 Aquarian and many Fishies! Agent 66 prepared a short talk with some great pictures on labyrinth their meanings preparing us for our journey to walk our crystal labyrinth, with a grounding and cleansing intention. At night the labyrinth looked magical and everyone, even though it took a while knew it was worth it to have to wait to have one’s turn.

On the final day we explored the living and natural magic of astrology, astrology as a living guide in a conscious universe, especially through the cycle of Venus and her imminent journey into the Underworld  which begins end of November, with Julija and Gemini.

A closing ceremony outside in the beautiful green grass and sunny outlook, Agent 1123 was transformed into Agent 23, who led a song on the roots, the rise, the reach and the rest. An amazing group of individuals had gathered for the retreat, we felt blessed and happy to have spent time with each other,  already planning our next times together, doing Astrology – and loving it!

After our closing ceremony, and brief hugs all-round with old and more recent friends, we all returned home, weary but indeed transformed on a deep spiritual level. I would like to convey my extra-expansive Jupiterian gratitude to the wonderful team that brought this retreat together, as well as the fabulous group who primarily participated. It was as Julija had said on our first night, people come to C*I*A retreats and we see them leave transformed at some quite profound level. It was an especially multi-dimensional experience, and I’m not just talking about the ‘four seasons in one day’ weather.

Agent 25 – Gillian Dwyer

Looking forward to our next retreat in Australia being planned for Sept or OCT 2018 up near Byron bay NSW! Join membership now, to be first to be invited! Remember our retreats are usually for about 30 people max and tend to get booked out fast!

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Agent 25 Gil Dwyer

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    peta santos says:

    dear gil, so nice to read your well voiced expressions about our recent retreat. i would just like to add that deborah wallish james was equal first prize winner of the second art prize ( louise won the inaugural prize), because of the celestial glow of unbound energy that radiated from the canvas. i look forward to see ing you again,with much love, peta.


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