Jupiter in Scorpio – Illuminating the mysteries – Oct 10 2017 – Nov 8 2018

by Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Jupiter in Scorpio – Exploring and illuminating the Mysteries- Oct 10 2017 – Nov 12 2018

It’s time to get into your `I spy’ garb; Jupiter the Cosmic Santa Claus is coming to Scorpio Town! Jupiter ingresses into Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 until November 8th 2018, paving the way for an expansion of all issues related to Scorpio: sex, death, finances, and transformation.

Jupiter, defined by learning and expansion, is like the adjective `big’ when it transits a sign. This suggests that the spotlight will be on “big’ transformation, the core Scorpio issue, for the next twelve months. Jupiter spends approximately one year per sign, as it takes twelve years to make a complete orbit around the sun. Each of us have a Jupiter return year every twelve years-a year of new growth, risk-taking and exploration. This is why the ages of twelve, twenty-four, thirty-six, forty-eight, sixty, seventy-two and so on are often `break-through years.’ Check your chart to see where Scorpio falls. It is THAT arena which will be emphasized during the next twelve months. You can compare what’s upcoming to the last time Jupiter graced the sign of Scorpio; 2005, 1994, 1982, 1970 etc.

Scorpio relates to power and mystery. The underbelly of power is knowing when and how to navigate change, since, everything within the universe is in a state of perpetual flux. There is a mystery at the core of life’s biggest changes; the genesis of life and death. How do we shift from one state to another?  Scorpio fuels this process wherever it activates our chart. Positioned between the balance and beauty of Libra, and the levity of Sagittarius’ light, Scorpio is the energy of magic, mystery and intensity.

The base animal depicting the zodiacal Scorpio is the scorpion; repulsive, evasive with a creepy crawly poisonous stinger attached to its tail used to kill. Sometimes this stinger hurts the animal itself when it’s in a frenzy fit. Likewise, where we find Scorpio can be where we hurt ourselves.  Fortunately, Scorpio energy has two other symbols reflecting its complexity; the majestic eagle and the mythological phoenix.  The eagle, king of the birds sees all as it surveys the landscape with grace and wisdom. Nothing escapes the gaze of Scorpio! The story of the phoenix is the ultimate turn-around tale; rising from its’ ashes to ultimate power.

Before one soars’ one needs to crawl. Everyone has scorpionic challenges to transform. Such issues  read like the `seven deadly sins’ ; envy, lust, gluttony, pride, despair, compulsion, obsession. Where you find Scorpio in your chart is where you undergo obvious trials and tribulations. We grow through facing our darkness, or, we don’t. We heal our issues, or we don’t. To quote Scorpio Rising Friedrick Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us…Makes us stronger.”

Many healers, therapists, physicians and mediums have a strong Scorpio signature in their charts. Because they have gone through their own personal process of `healing their darkness’ they feel compelled (a good Scorpio word) to assist in the process of others. Healing others assists in our own healing.

Scorpio rules sex and death in all of its ‘complexity. The sex act can lead to the ultimate creative mystery, birth, or, it can be denigrated into the ultimate power trip, rape. Sex like, death, is a transformative process.  The French word for orgasm is `petit mort’; the little death. When we surrender to a sexual connection it can heal. The mystery of Scorpio is in this conundrum. One can be healed through a sexual bound, or denigrated, death can lead to `heaven or hell’.

As Jupiter transits through Scorpio we may discover the healing path of our own darkness, but first we need to identify it. Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, enhances learning and the dissemination of ideas via travel and academia. Jupiter, the archetype of `Santa Claus’, is a `world traveler’, generous and jolly!  We can expect the Jupiter transit in Scorpio to cast a spotlight on our Scorpionic themes, and in essence unveil what needs to be healed. Jupiter adds a touch of levity and learning to the depth of what `lies beneath’. To learn what’s ahead we cast an eye backwards to earlier transits of Jupiter in Scorpio.

There were at least three breakthrough books in sexuality published in 2006, the last time Jupiter was in Scorpio; `A Brief History of Human Sexuality” by Heather Whipple; `Sex among the Rabble; An Intimate History of Gender and Power’, by Clare Lyons; ` Mysteries of Sex: Tracing Women and Men through American History ‘by Mary Ryan. Even the titles of these works reflect the Scorpio themes; mystery, power and sex! Also in 2006, NASA launched its first mission to Scorpio’s modern ruler Pluto, blending the theme of Jupiter expansion with travel. The planet, Pluto, is often considered the energy of the volcano, and on January 9th in 2006 there was not one but two eruptions of the Alaska Volcano, Augustine. As the ruler of `power’ Scorpio rules the stock market. In January, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 11,000 for the first time in the decade.

Going backwards another twelve years to 1994 most of the top tunes reflected sexual love; `Endless love ‘ by Luther Vandross; Elton Johns’ `Can you feel the Love’; ` Love is all around Us’ by Wet Wet;  `100% Pure Love’ by Crystal Wake; and the ever popular Boys to Men rendition of ` I’ll make love to you.” In keeping with the times, one of the top movie hits of 1994 was, “Four Weddings and a Funeral”!

Also in 1994 there was a notable astronomical event reflective of the Jupiter/Scorpio symbol; the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 slammed into Jupiter causing an array of debris. In this example Jupiter truly played the role of big benefic `Santa Claus’ protecting earth from the rogue comet!

Going back to other Jupiter in Scorpio years, we discover that the horror/mystery movie, `Poltergeist’ was released in 1981; Elisabeth Kubler Ross published ` On Death and Dying ‘ in 1969; and the ultimate transformative therapy for alcoholics, AA, was founded in 1935 by `Bill W’.

Scorpio rules depth and darkness, and anything precious but not obvious. Underground is where we find precious metals, gems and oil; the lifeblood of shared economies. Deep within the human psyche lies the richness of our own being. Expect Jupiter to illuminate these complex themes.

What to expect over the next twelve months? As Scorpio is the energy of shared resources we can expect an expanding world economy…heading towards a new destination! Once the planet of quick and eclectic change, Uranus jumps into the sign of `money’ in May of 2018, a new structure begins to take shape. Underground commodities; precious metals and oil will likely increase in value. The foundation of a new global economy will likely to emerge.

Socially we may see an interest in the tolerance of sexuality diversity or greater understanding in sexual expression. Scorpio cares about depth, intimacy and ways to craft these goals within relationships. Perhaps we may see more interest in workshops or learning designed to strengthen the ties that bind.

Jupiter in Scorpio may also expand our understanding of the death process including information on ways to nurture and comfort the dying. Expect more interest in the field of thanatology; the study of death. We might see court another landmark legal case regarding the right to die, such as the one played out with Terri Schiavo in 2005, the last time the planet of the law, Jupiter, was transiting Scorpio.

The major transits Jupiter makes in 2017-2018 are 1) a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn (1/15, 4/14 and 9/12); 2) a trine to Neptune in Pisces (12/2, 5/25. 8/19); and 3) a trine to Chiron in Pisces.  The Jupiter sextile Pluto transits generally favor us to pursue personal and professional goals in a more systematic and ambitious manner. It’s change with a sense of purposeful motivation. The trines of Jupiter to both Neptune and Chiron suggest a deeper motivation to heal old wounds. We may also collectively want to make deeper connections with people `other than ourselves’ and instill humanitarian goals. Spiritual goals mixed with compassion and enhanced understanding takes precedence over practicality.

Secrets and lies have a lessoned shelf life with Jupiter in Scorpio. We may see revelations concerning long-standing conspiracy theories, as, being just `fake news.’ Or we may see a rise on NEW conspiracy theories based on actual evidence. Either way, Jupiter in Scorpio needs to flush out the truth of any situation.

Overall, the Jupiter in Scorpio transit presents an opportunity to shine a light collectively and individually on the murky hidden facets of ourselves and our culture. The blending of the `Santa Claus’ energy with  Scorpio promises to be a time of healing, discovery and expanded awareness.

A shout out to you and anyone you know! Agent 56 is collecting birthdays for research. Doing two different research studies:

  1. Birthdays of folks who have successfully recovered from alcoholism
  2. Birthdays of folks who work ( even part time) as a psychic/intuitive/or mediums

This information will turn into two research studies. EVERYTHING WILL BE ANALYZED ANONYMOUSLY YOUR NAMES will not be used!!

Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Agent 56 Cassandra Joan Butler

Agent 56
Cassandra Joan Butler, BSW, MS, LMT, is a practicing astrologer since 1987, based in WNY outside of Buffalo New York. She offers `integrated consults’ utilizing her skills in mediumship and  social work (Cornell University)  communications (Syracuse University), and healing (homeopathy and massage). In addition to her college teaching, Cassandra has held weekly astrology classes since 1995, and workshops at various international venues such as Lillydale Assembly, Chautauqua Institution, SOTA and the Jungian Center of WNY. Cassandra has written astrology columns for various publications, and has extensive experience on radio and TV. She has been the astrology columnist for the midwest’s `Pathfinder News’ since 1991. She is the producer/host of the radio program `Cosmic Connections.’ In 2013 she  founded the Church of the Divine Grace; a spiritual church with astrological underpinnings, and, in 2014 she founded the `Sanjo Institute of Spiritual Studies’ which offers students a blending of spiritual tools for healing. Cassandra is passionate about applying astrological wisdom to all avenues of life for healing of mind, body and spirit.


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