Jupiter in Sagittarius: Igniting Fresh Meaning & Purpose in Our Lives!

By Agent 22 Maggie Kerr

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Igniting Fresh Meaning & Purpose in Our Lives!

My Saggie Soul is very excited by the prospect of our big mate Jupiter’s return to his home sign of Sagittarius for his once in 12-year visit. Why? Because I need some fresh fire to enliven my life with positive optimism and enthusiasm after this very testing year while he’s been in deep dark Scorpio! How about you?

The lure of widening vistas and travel and learning and all the Saggie goodies on offer  over  this next  12 months will re-inspire us all, so get set to embrace your ‘inner hero’, jump on your trusty steed and ride forward once more, freshly empowered after your sojourn in the underworld!!

As Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8th for the first time since 2007, the global scene has rarely been in such a state of ‘high tension’. So it is with great interest I consider the implications of the year ahead into 2019, as Jupiter’s ‘job’ is to expand and enlarge the theme of the sign he triggers, and Sagittarius is all about the nature of TRUTH & BELIEFS.

Typically, Jupiter is considered a ‘good guy’ (or The Lord of Positive Karma) as he opens and expands new territory for growth in our lives. But he also has a tricky feature as his expansion urge highlights extreme positions and amplifies issues. So hang onto your hats people we’re in for some big global shifts between Nov 18 & Nov 19.

JUPITER in his own Sign of Sagittarius is now DIGNIFIED in his own sign so extra potent!

Here’s the heads up on the many associations of both the planet and sign about to take centre stage!

Opportunity, expansion, growth, generosity, abundance, exploration, seeking, visionary, big picture, higher learning, meaning, purpose, beliefs, ethics, law, morals, wisdom, religions, ideals, truth,  international affairs & trade, gambling & speculation, writing, 

publishing, teaching, the media, dissemination of knowledge & information, foreign travel and cultures, extreme activity

First, a Quick review of his process during 2018 in Scorpio…and since 2010from my Jupiter in Scorpio article written last September! “Scorp rules the behind the scene power brokers who run our government and corporate systems as they hide in the shadows beneath the outer forms as they are presented to us. Over the next 12 months, these power brokers will be confronted with the need to transform their systems.

With a bit of luck good old Jupiter will have a fine time digging up all manner of secrets and lies they use to control and manipulate us. We will also see ever increasing levels of surveillance systems kicking in as the ‘material world controllers’ continue to deepen their erosion of civil liberties in the name of the ‘war on terror’.

Then there will be the revelation of BIG names involvement in sexual and financial scandals in all levels of society…bring it on! We can also expect a new wave of brave whistle-blowers calling out the rampant corruption in all levels of banking, government and corporate culture!

So I’m seeing this Jupiter Scorpio year as a time to confront and heal the deepest darkest regions of our collective unconscious; to dig up and release the pain and anger that is affecting so many people as we pass through ‘the dark night of the Soul’ in our global evolutionary process”.

So does Astrology work or what?! Within days of his entrance into Scorp in October 2017 the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, quickly becoming a metaphor for subsequent sexual and bullying scandals, and giving rise to the #metoo movement.   Scorpio rules the realm of the Sacred Feminine mysteries”! 

This Jupiter in Scorpio year has brought many of us deep and intense experiences through death of loved ones or personal illnesses…or in some cases betrayal of our political system & leaders. In the larger spiritualising process we are often’ brought to our knees’…or pass through a ‘dark night of the Soul’…or have to wander in the desert for 40 days & nights so we simply have to surrender and let go to trust our instinctive regenerative process!

I have heard 2018 already described as the beginning of ‘third wave of the feminist movement’ – 1st wave early 1900s demanding vote for women – 2nd wave 1960s demanding equal rights – and now 3rd wave activating equal rights once more plus an end to workplace bullying and sexual exploitation. Fabulous!!  Of course, this is not just about women but all people experiencing abuse or discrimination.  Gotta love Jupiter doing his job during 2018 bringing to attention all manner of abuse and misuse of power in our culture?

Since he began his new cycle in Aries in 2010 when he joined revolutionary Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn in the  transforming ‘Zap Zone’ of the 2010s, we have seen heightening of the extreme polarized and divided world in which we live. So here we see his backhanded ‘opportunity’ through his revelation that we can no longer divide and conquer, or support a system that continues to sustain division and separation!

There has been a powerful seed of change planted over recent years. Now we just wait and keep nurturing the seed for TWO more years until he reaches Aquarius, when some major shoots will begin to arise in the collective!

So what’s next as he charges into the dynamic fire sign of Sagittarius?

Before I get into things just need to point out that planet influences happen both ‘functionally’ or in a positive sense, and also ‘dysfunctionally’ or in a limiting way ok?

UPSIDE   optimistic, positive, inspiring, see life as fortunate, truthful, feel lucky, expansive, urge to grow, seeking, questing, tolerant beliefs, wise, inclusive, adventurous, fun, love life, have faith & trust, inner grace, ethical, free spirit, sees ‘big picture’, love foreign cultures  & languages, sporty & athletic, generous, natural teacher, philosophical, philanthropic

DOWNSIDE     restless, reckless, judgmental, brash, excessive dogmatic, hypocritical,  intolerant, extreme views, naïve, big mouth, over the top, preaching & forcing ideas, moral superiority,  ‘above the law’, ‘promise more than can deliver’, ‘all or nothing’, happy to cheat & lie, spendthrift

Esoteric ruler-ship Earth as he is the Lord of the 2nd Ray of Love Wisdom.

Archetypes The Hero     The Judge The Hierophant       The Guru The Missionary The Professor     The Zealot The Adventurer   The Wanderer The Athlete

Permission “My life has purpose & meaning – I am tolerant & wise”

His 12-year cycle means his previous visits were 2007 – 1995 – 1983 – 1971 – 1959 etc

General Overview

I am keen to talk up the very positive ingredients on the way as we all need a much needed dose of ‘faith in the future’ after this chaotic 2018 year has left many wondering what the hell is going on in our world. It is SO important to remember we are in the midst of a revolution between the past and the future and there are masses of excellent people and groups working hard to re-invent our world into a positive compassionate ‘unified field’. We simply don’t hear much about this in our mainstream media!

So heads up people it is up to each of us not to buy into the fear and uncertainty of these pivotal years and keep believing that ‘light will prevail’ and overcome the darkness! Haha my Saggie Moon is on her pulpit doing her evangelical thing, and as the whole theme of 2019 involves beliefs and purpose and meaning and how we share ours, this must be the message we speak and 

act over the next 12 months!

One of the coolest features of our spiritual evolutionary process is when we achieve OBJECTIVITY as we WITNESS events swirling and choose how to respond to them.   So yes to taking action for positive constructive change for things you believe are important, but no to knee jerk extreme reactions to anything or anyone!

My sense of our Jupiter in Sag year ahead is of many different areas ‘coming to a head’ as he does his ‘extremist’ thing hence my call for objectivity.

As Jupiter & Sagittarius rule international affairs & trade, we can expect fresh trading alliances plus a heightening of the tariff & trade & currency ‘wars’ with far reaching outcomes. Since his previous visit back in 2007 brought us the beginning of the GFC as banks & mortgage companies began to default we must consider these echoes as very pertinent!  And let’s not forget the dot-com bubble in 1995 – 12 years before!

Stock markets have been riding high based on the reality of unsustainable debt & despite previous unlearnt lessons from 2008. Some financial analysts are already calling ‘the top of the market’ is eminent and warning of a ‘retracement’ into 2019 and certainly by 2020. Just yesterday on Oct 24th we saw a major selloff on global stock markets with this NY Times article stating “political discord has jumped heading into mid-term elections plus the discovery of explosive packages sent to prominent Democrats”. Things are getting crazier & crazier!   

As Jupiter rules gambling & speculation I’m wondering if the extreme theme on the way may play out as huge up & down swings in the stock market into 2019. The obvious advice here is to pay down debt & buy some gold!

The very nature of democracy is in crisis globally as millions are disenchanted with mainstream party politics as they experience their voices not being heard or represented. So here’s to Jupiter in Sag opening the space for people to be heard, as they demand responsible policies reflecting ‘the will of the people’ NOT big business profits!

Then we have the religious implications of Sagittarius and the word extreme springs to mind yet again.  Once again, the right wing agenda is driving an ever-greater wedge of division in our multi-racial societies, so it is up to each of us to practice TOLERANCE in the face of ‘extremism’, and seek co-operative solutions at a bi-partisan level. It was the Republican Bush Govt who started the ‘war on terror’ & the Iraq invasion, and we have been living with the on-going disaster ever since. Our power brokers…both left & right wing…love war as they make lots of money!

The power of the Media & Social Media will also be front and centre for discussion as the symbiosis of the relationship with big business control of independent media becomes ever more unsavoury. We can also anticipate a new wave of alternative media sources attracting people from all walks-of-life who seek freedom from surveillance, censorship of free speech & hostility!  Here’s a link to an article re new social media platforms


In the midst of all the turmoil 2019 can be a VERY FORTUNATE year!!!!  As Jupiter is ‘The King of The Gods’ he has the power to bestow great bounty if we adhere to the moral codes that underpin ‘right 

human relations’ and use his urge for positive growth with wisdom and good sense.

We all need a sense of meaning and purpose to guide our goals and actions as this also attracts positive fortune by magnetizing conscious people to support our growth.  Just please be aware that Jupiter can also be a wrathful God who sends thunderbolts to punish those who practice selfish greed and aggrandisement on their way to success.  I wonder whom he may have in his sights lol?

“I am ready for prosperity on every level – financially – psychically – and in all my relationships!

All forms of higher education, writing, teaching & publishing are highlighted under Jupiter’s rays so perhaps you are ready to up-skill to inspire your fresh purpose, or maybe it’s time to share your knowledge to uplift others…and yourself along the way? On that note, I am totally excited to be releasing my Universal Astrology E-learning Course on January 4th…the sum total of my 30+ years of knowledge incorporating Astrology & Soul Centred Emotional Healing Models…with webinars & lots of recordings. Let me know if you’d like to come & play with me!!

The quest for TRUTH versus LIES & FREE SPEECH will be the BIG topic from 8th November until 2nd December 2019. This will be even further highlighted when he forms challenging connection with Neptune in Pisces for the first time in mid-January – then again in mid-June – and finally in late September 2019. It is up to us to follow our own truth whatever the spin doctors have in store and use this to motivate and inspire our prosperous growth!

Here’s a little exercise for you to do on Nov 8th or whenever you read this to empower your life for positive fresh excitement and expansion for the year ahead. Close your eyes and imagine yourself resting comfortably in your Jupiter in Scorpio Cocoon…nice and safe in the darkness as you complete your transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. When you are ready allow the cocoon to begin to split open and see the light outside in a beautiful welcoming world full of fresh possibilities. Now gently stretch each butterfly wing until you can see what colour you are & marvel at your beauty as part of nature & say “I am ready to fly high and bright into my exciting future”.

Jupiter in Sagittarius awakens the wonderful principle of the ‘Heroic Quest’! This mythic theme encompasses the reality that we all pass through a cyclic process in our journey through life & teaches that we never stop becoming more of who we are i.e. conscious…until we die!

The journey requires we leave the safety of our current situation and dare to strike out into new territory. So we need to be brave! As heroes we are inspired by a purpose greater than our own selfish interests & along the way there will be magical helpers who arrive in many forms! Think Jason & The 

rgonauts and the Medieval Knights quest for the Holy Grail.

Along the way we must confront challenges (dragons) and stay true to the ‘quest’ as we pass through the ‘death/rebirth’ stage freshly empowered for our next NEW phase. This is where we have been while Jupiter has been in Scorpio during 2018.

The quest is circular as once we achieve the next level of growth of our creative self-expression we get to come ‘home’ and rest a while before the next call to adventure…in 2019!

Jupiter in Sagittarius also involves our ‘story’ or script that has been running our lives unconsciously up until now. So it’s really important to take a minute to review your ‘script’ & check to see if you’re happy with what your life has been offering you over the past 12 years since 2007! If not then it’s obvious you need a new script…& even if you are then it’s still time to write your next chapter with all the ingredients and outcomes your heart desires.

Buy a yummy new journal or create a storyboard & have some fun cutting our pictures from magazines or drawing images over coming weeks! Then use your magnetic white magic powers to visualize yourself creating your new movie so you can attract & magnetize the serendipity and magic and people to make your dreams come true!

The Media & Social Media – & the Relationship to Corptocracy

One of the most important features of Jupiter & Sagittarius is the release of information into the collective. In just over a hundred years we have seen the evolution from telegraph, radio, television and e-waves to the point where never has there been so much information at our disposal and so little wisdom or certainty of truth.

The average western person is literally swamped with information at such an alarming rate that many simply just tune out. Millions sit in front of their television watching ‘the news’ without ever questioning what they are being ‘fed’, and/or escape from the fear and confusion by watching reality TV   Internat. Fed of Library Assoc.     shows with no substance at all.

Investigative journalism is all but a thing of the past as the media industry is increasingly controlled by commercial business interests. Fear and bad news sells better than ever to a public hungry for terror 

and sensationalism. It is imperative that people already in this field with the ‘new consciousness’, be joined by us all to give voice to the positive ideals and ideologies of these shifting times. In little over a decade the size of the ‘self-help’ and expanding consciousness publications in bookshops has grown from a small shelf to a whole section, which is great news.

As we head into 2019 our new meme “Fake News” has become ‘normalized’ as the battle being waged between established media outlets and alternate media sources. What and who do we believe anymore is the question, as the TRUTH V LIES scenario demands that we seek our own TRUTH and moral compass to guide us in these revolutionary times, as the old world order is breaking down. Yes my friends it IS breaking down despite the push from conservative right wing government/corporate/media during 2018/19/20.

I need to note that during 2018 we’ve had a major new feature arrive via a rare connection between Uranus in Taurus (for the first time since 1934) & Mars in Aquarius, who haven’t formed this connection since 1939…the year the extreme right wing dictators in Europe brought us WWII. This combo, in concerto with both Saturn and Pluto now in Capricorn, have amped up our current ‘swing to the right’ with the resurgence of ‘white supremacy’ ideologies and nationalistic movements globally. One of the tools of the 1939 period was the clever use of propaganda, or the use of repeating simple messages that morph into an accepted narrative underpinning political agendas. So we can expect Jupiter to open a whole new over the top level of propaganda over the coming year with messages flying through both mainstream & alternate & social media networks.

The trouble is during the WWII years the USA & Allies were the ‘good guys’ and the Fascist mob were the ‘bad guys’ whereas currently the USA & Allies seem to have swung far right at a time when we need to heal our divided world with a moderate & compassionate conscious worldview.

So here’s to the power of inspirational positive messages & wide spread ‘dissemination’ demanding our nations unite beyond 2 party politics, to move quickly from the old world view based on advertising & media promoting greed & consumption & fossil fuel & wars & arms manufacture as normal business practice! It is a sick system and it has to change!

I have been writing for decades about our Millennium evolutionary process demanding an essential global ‘shift’ from this old paradigm to a globally inclusive system, and we really are at the 2 minutes to midnight point! As the weather patterns & seismic activity have become ever more extreme over the past few years we can’t ignore the reality that we must collectively take drastic action now! Sorry I am on a little rave here but the point I’m making is that this coming Jupiter in Sag 2019 period is the year to get the message out there.

OK a quick mention of the enormous power of social media and the huge next phase of this phenomena that has become such a massive feature of the social fabric on the way in 2019.  Two Jupiter cycles ago back in 1995 Microsoft released the Windows system, and in 2007 the last time Jupiter was in Sag the I-phone was released.  Hard to believe it was only 12 years ago isn’t it, as we now take ‘smart technology’ for granted. As technology has done a quantum acceleration since 2011 I’m thinking that 2019 will bring in a massive new phase integrating I-things & apps into daily life…for better or worse depending on your point of view!

We’ve also seen the upsurge of the use of ‘smart’ systems for surveillance & data gathering for political and marketing power while Jupiter has been in Scorpio this year, with Mark Zuckerberg called to account for the breach in Facebook privacy, and decisions to take down sites considered to be ‘subversive’…like health & alternative news sites!  This is just the tip of the very large privacy iceberg we can expect to see exposed in 2019.

I have been fascinated over recent years how easily the general public has just accepted the loss of their privacy as we head deeper into this Orwellian Age.  This is even more alarming when we consider the use of Artificial Intelligence computer systems infiltrating & gathering data. When are people going to wake up and say NO we will not allow this!?

Global Trade & Finances – International Relations

Between the Brexit mess in UK & Europe, and the Trump tariff war with China and just about every country, international relations are super stressed as we head into this Jupiter in Sag period.  As I’m completing this report in late October there’s some major fissures opening between the USA & Saudi Arabia due to the mysterious disappearance & murder of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi from the Saudi Embassy in Turkey on October 2 who is a journalist for the Washington Post critical of the Saudi regime.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman…or MBS as he is known is declaring he has no involvement in the matter despite growing evidence to the contrary. So far Germany has suspended arms contracts to Saudi as the US government and American defence industry are scrambling to save the few actual deals in a much-touted $110bn weapons deal for Saudi Arabia as concerns rise about the role of the kingdom’s leadership in the murder. To say nothing of their ongoing bombing of Yemeni children and locking up people protesting human rights. Once again how ‘sick’ it is that $110billion$ arms deals…that we never normally hear about…are now under threat.

Washington’s response to this situation may prove pivotal to possible reprisals from Saudi in the form of oil price hikes or embargoes that could drive the price of oil higher – not good news for the economy. Just saying! 

The long relationship between the US & Saudi Arabia goes back to the formation of the Petro Dollar System in 1973 that gave rise to their primary source of global financial power ever since!

The petro$ system has been under threat in recent years as China & Russia have begun to trade in their own currencies circumventing this system that allows the USA to control the trade currency between nations. So there is much at stake during 2019 as the USA China trade war continues and the nature of the 35-year symbiotic partnership between USA & Saudi Arabia is currently very shaky.

After all, the US didn’t invade Saudi Arabia after 911 did they, even though most of the Jihadists were Saudi & backed by Saudi money. No they used it as the perfect opportunity to get rid of Saddam in Iraq & take back the oil revenue as he had begun to trade in Euro. BTW same story in Libya with Gaddafi. So is this current scenario BIG enough to cause a rift? We shall see.

Yikes what a mess it all is and so very complicated! Meanwhile the amazing growth of China over the past 30 years bringing hundreds of millions out of poverty & into useful employment has come at a cost as their economy is hugely in debt (lots of corruption!) ‘The greater threat to financial markets will come in my opinion, from the slowing of global growth, at least partially due to the current state of international trade.

This thought process is lent some credence by last night’s rather disastrous across-the-board macroeconomic numbers released by China’s National Bureau of Statistics… For the Month of July in China – Fixed Asset Investment. Growth slowed to the slowest pace since this data was first recorded back in 1992, printing in decline for a fifth consecutive month.” October 25th – Director of Floor Operations NY Stock Exchange, Steven Guilfoyle:

“As we head ever closer to the 37 year Saturn/Pluto cycle of January 12, 2020 it is already starting to make its presence felt. In terms of the economy, this is a time, give or take 18 months, when budget deficits increase, along with debt and credit downgrades. That’s one of the key themes of Pluto, especially with Saturn. Another frequent theme under hard aspects from these two powerhouses is political assassinations, another grim story that attracted much attention last week. That was another reason for the cause of last week’s stock market decline after Tuesday’s strong rally. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin cancelled his trip to a highly publicized Saudi Investment Conference then. On that announcement, the DJIA plunged over 400 points from its high of the week on Tuesday.” Oct 24th Ray Merriman www.mmacycles.com

By the way it’s very easy to spend lots of money when Jupiter heads into the sign of gambling and speculation as he loves to have a punt and feels very generous to all and sundry. So put your credit cards safely away for the next 12 months ok? On the other hand this is an excellent cycle for unleashing your philanthropic spirit with gifts to worthy causes.

I recently had a very bright idea! How about we turf out the whole mob from our current governments & start again. My call is we put out to tender the ‘portfolios’ and invite the best and brightest in the relevant fields…without political affiliation and hire them! Of course we will also ban lobbyists working on behalf of vested business interests.  So we need the Dept of Peace & Dept of Environment & Dept of Future Planning & Dept of Free Speech & Human Relations to get the ball rolling! What do you think?

Religion & Beliefs – Teachers & Teachings

2019 will bring the demand for fresh conversations as our society is evolving re women’s rights for birth control & abortion and gay & transgender acceptance throws organized religions into a whole new phase. On the one hand we have the simple need for freedom and tolerance of all religious beliefs, and also a fresh accountability by Catholic and Muslim systems for their part in being part of the problem as they practice archaic rigid traditions and complete disregard for the moral codes they purport to preach. 

The decades since the 60’s ‘New Age Movement’ has brought forth a huge range of ideas and tools for personal spiritual and worldly growth, and a host of teachers to offer them. Between eastern and western gurus our ‘personal discipleship’ is loaded with the tests of spiritual ego and co-dependent outcomes, where folks lose their power to either the teacher or the teachings.

And the thing I have learnt is that there is no ultimate teacher or truth.  The greatest gift any teacher can give us is to know our own mind and not be influenced by other people’s knowledge or ideas at the expense of our own true nature. When sitting ‘at the feet’ of any presenter of knowledge we are best served by questioning the information and feeding it back through our own intuitive truth barometers. 

The other feature of this process is when we believe that we have found ‘the truth’, or latest addition to our kit box of knowledge and absolutely have to tell anyone who will listen.  Apart from boring our friends, family and colleagues we also display our own need for validation of our truth.  Many a friendly dinner party has ended in anger and recrimination when the subject moves to God or politics. Which is not to say that we should not share our ideas with others, but rather be mindful of quite when and how this is appropriate and without having to ‘be right’, which of course means someone else has to be wrong! A significant point of our evolution is when we give up ‘right and wrong’.

Jupiter in Sag will heighten the religious zeal and activate the ‘missionary’ or ‘zealot’ Archetype as people believe they must spread the “word of God”.  We are already feeling his downside presence of this zeal as a gunman assassinating 11 members of a Synagogue in Philadelphia yesterday. It is not hard to imagine there will be many more religious based terror events over the next 12 months, as this theme is compounded by the right wing agenda causing so much disharmony and separation in these times.

On a lighter note, watch out there may be an awful lot of messiahs around over the next year, so yet another reminder to be vigilant as we enter this period of ‘smoke and mirrors’.

The issue of ‘faith’ is central to Jupiter’s role in our life, and faith can be a double-edged sword.  Faith does not necessarily ensure truth…and here are the two sides of the coin for Jupiter, and in his naiveté he can often confuse one for the other, and innocently accept something ‘written in the book’ without truly questioning it.  Jupiter is also a tricky God, wrapping himself in many guises to confound our path.  He is rarely deliberately malicious (like his counterpart Saturn can be), but truly believes he is doing the right thing because of his beliefs! 

At best he is a wise counsel, abides by Gods’ laws, and bestows wisdom and knowledge to those who come to seek it…he is the teacher after all, both academically as the “professor”, and religiously as the “priest” or “minister”.  So faith in the “Guru within” is the true quest for us in these times. This is an excellent period to explore many different systems of belief and sit with many teachers in the pursuit of this quest, knowing that the outer search is actually to find the keys for developing an inner experience! So here is to Jupiter in Sag awakening the connection with Spirit that brings inner grace and trust that we are part of a process seeking  unity consciousness beyond the conflict of these times. 

What we need to see is a display of moral intelligence from our political & religious leaders!

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Say hello to our new Goddess “Sagittaria” who lights up new pathways in our lives.

She has been birthed by Sue Marr, one of my wonderful students (and C*I*A member)and a gifted watercolour artist!

As Jupiter & Sagittarius are traditionally masculine Gods, we decided it is time for a feminine version!

Isn’t she splendid firing off her fiery arrow up to the heavens?

Agent 22 Maggie Kerr

Agent 22 Maggie Kerr

    • Maggie Kerr (AAT. APA. Dip. Couns.) is a leading Australian Astrologer who has offered her services as a Counsellor, Teacher, Author and Presenter for the past 30 years. Using a combination of many helpful tools and techniques Maggie shares complex ideas in a simple & refreshing way. She is well regarded for her lectures and workshops throughout Australia and Internationally, for her ability to entertain and inspire as she offers important ideas and information that make sense of our challenging times…and how to make the best of them. Maggie has trained in the fields of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Astrology, Humanism, Ancient Teachings, Psychology and Psychotherapy. Her unique blend of these subjects offers in-depth understanding of our life purpose and challenges to our empowerment. Maggie has been a pioneer in developing tools and techniques to identify and change limiting unconscious patterns so we may heal and connect with our Soul’s purpose and step  into our full creative power. In her ‘spare time’ she researches historical global and cosmic cycles to offer her insights as a social commentator in regular articles and blogs at www.universalastrology.com.au where you may also book personal sessions and sign up for her free newsletters. Mail [email protected] or ring 61755 945959. Maggie lives on the Gold Coast in Australia

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