Jupiter in Pisces – 2021 -2022

by Cassandra Butler Agent 56

Jupiter in Pisces – May 13th – July 28th 2021, Dec 29th 2021 – April 10 2022, Oct 28th – Dec 20th – 2022

The Jupiter ingress into Pisces happens once every twelve years and lasts for approximately a year. This transit of Jupiter in Pisces isn’t a direct route. During the next eighteen months the Jupiter transit zigzags into Pisces, back to Aquarius, to Pisces into Aries, and back into Pisces

Important dates include:

  1. May 13, 2021: Jupiter ingress into Pisces
  2. July 28, 2021: Jupiter retrogrades back to Aquarius
  3. December 29, 2021: Jupiter back to Pisces
  4. May 10, 2022: Jupiter ingress into Aries
  5. October 28, 2022: Jupiter back to Pisces
  6. December 20, 2022: Jupiter enters Aries

Let us reflect on what Jupiter in Pisces means for you and the world.

Like a cosmic Santa Claus, Jupiter has girth and represents qualities of gregarious generosity. No other archetypal figure is known for its laugh, like Santa Claus, and his gifts – The archetype for Jupiter is `Zeus’; the king of the gods, larger than life, the ruler of the universe. Jupiter gifts us with the humor, positivity, and optimism where it transits. Jupiter’s meaning is built on the foundation of beliefs, philosophy, and benevolence. Critical to Jupiter’s character is truth, and like a good king, sovereignty. Where you find your natal Jupiter, for example, is where you pursue you find freedom by expressing the truth of `you.’

Jupiter astronomically is by far the biggest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is so large that over thirteen hundred earths could fit into the gas giant. Take an astrological cue from Jupiter’s size; where it transits it expands.

Of course, in practical applications big is not always better. Many a Jupiter transit has correlated with simply `expansion’; expansion of one’s waistline, expansion of one’s individual freedoms post-divorce, or the ultimate expansion of the soul which occurs at death. The point is a Jupiter transit does lend itself to largeness—which is not always initially welcomed but ultimately for `the best.’ Since Jupiter is known as the great `benefic’ a Jupiter transit generally corresponds with a positive and uplifting result eventually.

Jupiter expresses its benevolence swimmingly well as it transits Pisces. As one of the co-rulers of the sign of the Fish, Jupiter resonates with the Pisces traits of understanding through compassion, artistry through imagination, and transcendence through altered states of consciousness. Pisces rules all things `beyond reality’; psychism, the psyche, retreats, reflections, spirituality, the numinous, symbolism, dreams, divinity, idealism, imagination, illusion.

Even though ethereal Pisces represents beyond reality, ironically, it also embodies the `all of life’. Pisces is the quintessential water sign, necessary for all life. The planetary ruler of Pisces is king of the seas, Neptune. Water is the great dissolver, the primordial mover of matter, and the common substance that connects us all. In this way, Pisces simultaneously embraces the `all’ and the ‘above it all’, soul, spirit, transcendence.

Jupiter’s transit through Pisces promises to magnify and enlarge the essence of the watery and mutable energy. Any shifts will only be hinted upon in 2021. That is because the ingress of Jupiter starting on May 13th will scarcely cover the first two degrees of Pisces before Jupiter shifts back into Aquarius on July 28th. Jupiter won’t pick up speed until 2022 and, like a wave, crests with its expansive gifts on April 12th, 2022 when it conjoins with Neptune. That is when we collectively experience the blending of the two rulers of Pisces, in its home sign.

Any Jupiter Neptune conjunction is a big deal; it is a cycle that unfolds over a thirteen-year period, coloring a certain spiritual ethos because of the dual rulership in Pisces. We are currently living through the waning phase of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction of 2009 which occurred in Aquarius. A Jupiter Neptune Cycle in Pisces is even more momentous because of its rarity, and because of its double emphasis on all things Pisces. The last time we collectively experienced a Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces was in 1856. The late nineteenth century exploded with spiritual questing; the transcendental movement, the beginnings of hypnosis, psychotherapy, Theosophy, the religion of Spiritualism, as well as the American Civil War predicated on human freedoms.

We might expect a similar explosion in spiritual yearning over the next twelve months. What might we expect as Jupiter emphasizes the Piscean qualities? Looking backwards to anticipate the future illuminates.

The last year Jupiter transited in Pisces was in 2010 which was the year when two news stories dominated: the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and the Wiki document dump by Julian Assange. The world’s heart strings responded to the Haitian citizens with unprecedented compassion, a true Pisces trait. Jupiter’s questing for truth correlates with that of the largest release of military documents ever—over 400 – by independent journalist Assange.  Interestingly, Julian Assange is now in the news on the eve of this next Jupiter in Pisces ingress, as there are increasing demands for his release. ( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9458509/Julian-Assange-supporters-demanding-release-hold-vigils-London-today.html)

Top movies in 2010 reflect the dominate Jupiter in Pisces themes, death, water, dreams and hypnosis. The plot of the `Hereafter’ involves a psychic who provides solace to people by communicating with their dead loved ones. A character in the movie believes she had a near death experience while being trapped in a tsunami. The `Illusionist’ is a movie about the very Pisces themed hypnotherapist, and the `Inception’ features a plot involving dream technology to thwart a government conspiracy.

Recall the 1998 Oscars, when Jupiter was again in Pisces? History was made when the film the ‘Titanic’ gathered the most awards of any film —ever. (tied with Ben Hur) Obviously, the word, titanic, means Jupiterian ‘big’, as the movie depicted the sorrowful Pisces themes of loss and death plus the fantasy of forever romance set upon the watery abyss of Neptune’s sea.

Moving forward in 2021 to 2022, possible expectations include;

  1. Evidence of greater spiritual questing through a greater participation in spiritual practices including psychic and mediumistic development circles, meditation, and prayer.
  2. A collective need to connect with others through active compassionate giving and support.
  3. A demand for transparency from governments, especially involving the Neptunian/Piscean theme of viruses and vaccinations.
  4. A greater awareness about the health and safety of the world’s waterways, including technologies to positively impact potable water, and protect the world’s oceans.
  1. Emphasis on collective compassion, soul work, universal healing and the integration of dream analysis and symbolism.

Jupiter’s Transit Through Pisces main aspects will be:

A square to the Nodal axis in Dec 2021 /Jan 2022 – zero Mutables
Sextile Uranus in Taurus –  Feb 2022 – 11°  Pisces/Taurus
Conjunct Neptune – April 2022 at 24° Pisces
Trine/sextile the Nodal Axis – April 2022  24° Pisces/Scorpio/Taurus
Sextile Pluto –  28° Pisces/Cap May 2022

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