Jupiter in Libra: Mundane/Global Cycles

By Agent 22
Maggie Kerr


Jupiter in Libra Cycles

1909/10   1921/2   1933/4    1945/6   1957/8   1969/70   1980/81   1992/3   2004/5

1. International treaties & events  

 JupiterinLibra5        The history of Jupiter in Libra offers us some key moments in our current story with the formation of the EEC in 1957, which then morphed into the EU in 1993 with the Euro currency – (also first World Trade Centre bombing). Then 2004 saw the enlargement of NATO as the EU incorporated most of former Eastern Bloc. During the past 12 years we’ve had the first GFC in 2008, with subsequent controls from central banks who offered massive loans to lesser EU members with debt they could never repay.

Many members of the UE are very unhappy. By voting out of the European Union, Britain regained its sovereignty. Now eight more countries want to hold referendums to exit the EU. France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, and Slovakia could all leave, leading to major reformation in Europe while Jupiter is in Libra Sept 16 to Oct 17.

There is also high tension in the South China Sea as China ignores the ruling from UN arbitration tribunal saying China had violated the Philippines’ sovereign rights. The US says it does not take sides in territorial disputes, but has sent military ships and planes near disputed islands, calling them “freedom of navigation” operations to ensure access to key shipping and air routes. Both sides have accused each other of “militarising” the South China Sea. There are fears that the area is becoming a flashpoint, with potentially serious global consequences.


And let’s not forget the ongoing ‘cold war’ between USA & Russia currently in play via the war in Syria, with the resulting refugee crisis in Europe dividing nations and escalating fears of fundamentalist Islam. Oh wow it is all such an awful mess right now on our beautiful planet, so here’s to Jupiter in Libra bringing sensible diplomatic solutions to de-escalate the conflict & confusion!

There are currently a number of important Trade agreements pending including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive free trade agreement involving Australia, the US and ten other countries, which reduces our democratic rights while increasing the rights of global corporations. It was signed in late 2015 & is yet to be ratified, and if it goes ahead on this next Jupiter in Libra watch there are serious implications for us all from corporate controls into the future. Expect a whole new round of these “free trade” agreements to be negotiated over the next year, especially since the impact of Brexit on the EU. 

2. Political Movements 1909/10 gave us the Mexican Revolution, Union of South Africa created & Imperial Japan annexed Korea.  In 1921/2 Adolf Hitler became Führer of the Nazi Party, Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy, the Irish Civil War began, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the world’s first officially Communist state formed and the Chinese Communist Party was founded! Quite an impressive list! Then in 1933/4 Hitler became Chancellor of Germany & the rest as they say is history. 1945/6 saw the creation of the “Iron Curtain” USSR Eastern Bloc, as they were carving up Europe & the Middle East into the modern states we now know, and China’s civil war between the Communists & Republicans paved the way for Mao. In 1957 The Civil Rights Act was introduced in Eisenhower’s presidency kick-starting the political movement.

We continue to live in a world where the power of the few controls the good of the many. Call me an optimist but I’m creating a scenario where this Jupiter in Libra phase will bring us ‘enlightened’ growth of a whole new ‘civil rights movement’ to continue the ideals of the 1957 period, that includes people of every colour and political persuasion. The continuance of the ideals from 1921 & 1933 does not bear thinking about! The previous cycles of Jupiter in Libra hold the genesis of both communist systems plus our current western globalization system. So how all of these may morph into new revolutionary phases will be so very interesting to observe.

2. Business & Commerce The big one here involves the need for radical reform of the global financial banking Ponzi credit system. Since the 2008 GFC when ‘markets’ attempted to correct the damage created by credit excesses, things have now skyrocketed out of control as central banks print money (illegal for the rest of us!) feeding the system with false credit that bailed out banks, & lined the pockets of the 1% who created the game. It’s all too bizarre!*

The story escalated from the 1957 Treaty of Rome, in 1980-1 when Ronald Reagan became President of USA and joined Margaret Thatcher to create the ‘Globalization’ model, with next upscale kicking in in 1992-3 when Bill Clinton became President. In 1999 Clinton repealed the ‘Glass-Steagall Act’  created in 1933, to separate traditional retail and commercial banking from the higher risk investment and trading activities undertaken by investment banks. This paved the way for mega mergers in the industry creating financial behemoths that were ‘too big to fail’. It’s one of the key problems in the current-day financial industry. That is, bankers know they can take big risks and take all the spoils if things work out. But if it all goes pear shaped, they’ll get a taxpayer funded bailout, meaning their downside is protected.

Both Bernie Saunders & Donald Trump are proposing the re-instatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, one of the few sensible propositions from Trump thus far. It will be interesting to see if Hilary can overcome the rising sentiment in her party to fulfil this, as she is a Wall Street gal through and through. P.S. so is ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ Obama, hence the ongoing escalation of the fraudulent credit model since 2008. The bottom line is that pressure is mounting to call the old guard to account by millions of people globally.

Jupiter in Libra is beneficial to Trump more so than Clinton, as Trump has maverick Uranus on his Gemini Sun opposite Moon in Sagittarius. There’s an old saying that ‘Sag never lets the truth get in the way of a good story’ and Trump sure fulfils this one! The other mad idea here involves Trump praising his 4 bankruptcies as ‘good business sense’ so maybe he will just name the game and declare America bankrupt & start again…lol. I’m not calling the outcome of the US elections here, just shooting the breeze with some ideas that are very relevant right now. The Reasons Why the Globalists Are Destined To Lose

Look at dear little Iceland Failing banks, winning economy: the truth about Iceland’s recovery now experiencing a renaissance since declaring bankruptcy & prosecuting bankers in 2011. I see this as a microcosm for healthy global possibilities. The current central bank model punishes those who attempt to change or innovate the model, so here’s to further ‘awakening from the false dream’ by squillions more people to revolutionize the corrupt system, and get real about healthy products & services beyond credit fuelled materialism!

3. Justice & the law 1933 Hitler passed a law to purge Jews, Gays, & Gypsies as undesirable, thus creating the gradual process by which the Nazi leadership, with support or acquiescence from the majority of German people, including judges, moved the nation from a democracy to a dictatorship, with a series of legal steps that left millions vulnerable to the racist and anti-Semitic ideology of the Nazi state. In 1946 the post war Nuremberg trials attempted to bring individuals responsible for the Holocaust to account. The analogy for current times is obvious!! The rising wave of anti-Islamic rhetoric creates further divides in the old ‘good guys/bad guys we all need an enemy to blame’ scenario of the separative reality mindset, that feeds on fear to justify ever increasing laws to control the population. It does nothing to deal with the real issue, namely the iniquitous system that rewards the privileged and punishes the working class…globally!

4. Social networking The rise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al is the most major development on social influence in history, in the 12 short years since 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. On the upside we have real time exposure of global events that otherwise are concealed by authoritarian systems, and the remarkable gifts of instant access to people & information via the www. But the downsides include cyber bullying & the serious consequences of ‘privacy’, now a major concern on these platforms since being infiltrated by elite global surveillance systems & their target marketing algorithms.  There are now masses of alternatives coming on-line in response to this, so perhaps this next Jupiter in Libra year will bring a new phase of ‘secure’ options shared through a distributed, encrypted network of devices. Whichever way we look at it one thing is for sure as all forms of will take big strides forward under this influence over the next 12 years.

ArtDeco5. Style in fashion and design In 1922 Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tut launching a huge new wave of art deco style – 1933 Greta Garbo in the new “man’s” evening suit – 1957 Christian Dior ushered in the shift – 1969 gave us Woodstock & the term “unisex” was coined for fashion styles that both men and women could enjoy equally – 1981 began the big hair and shoulder pad rage – 1993 the World Wide Web was born at Cern, as Madonna gave us the pointy bra! – 2004 Paris & Nicole Hilton set the trend for mindless excess, plus weird & wonderful shapes in architectural design. Not enough room here for more examples but I’m sure you get the idea that we’re in for a whole new phase in fashion & design over the next 12 months.

6. Aerospace advances The 1957 launch of Sputnik 1 announced the beginning of the Space Age with Jupiter in Libra. I’ve included the chart at the end of article as it’s great to observe its activation every time Jupiter is in Libra! NASA was created 29th July 1958 also with Jupiter in Libra. The 1969 Moon landing has Jupiter exactly conjunct Uranus @ zero degrees of Libra.  1981 brought us the first orbital flight of the Space Shuttle. 1993 USA & Russia signed an agreement that would join the U.S. and Russian space station programs. The release of the Airbus 380 in 2004 brought us the biggest passenger airliner ever!

It is fascinating that the NASA Juno mission will be studying the origin & evolution of Jupiter during this next pass of Jupiter in Libra! Juno enters orbit around Jupiter

Here’s the horoscope for Jupiter in Libra telling the story for the next year between Sept 16 & Oct 17.

We see a creative sextile between Jupiter’s ruler Venus (also in Libra) from three planets (Saturn Moon Mars) in Sagittarius. These same 3 planets also form a challenging T-Square with the Sun & ruler Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune & Chiron in Pisces. This continues the theme of disillusionment & dissolving of the current international trade/banking systems that are bringing our planet to her knees, with an upside potential for creative diplomatic stimulus for the re-formatting of global systems. The Moon in a collective chart describes ‘the emotional mood of the people’, who in this case feel constrained (Saturn) and angry (Mars).

Jupiter ingress to Libra

Before we look at Jupiter transits it’s good to review the 4 signs that make up the ‘Cardinal Cross’, because the big news is that Jupiter in Libra will trigger this axis & these are the signs that ‘make things happen’ globally!

The Cardinal Signs March 21st is the beginning of the true natural year when the Sun is directly over the Equator @ 0 degrees Aries…known as the “Solstice” point & “World Degree”.

CardinalPointsAries and its opposite sign Libra… plus Cancer and its opposite sign Capricorn are known as “Cardinal Signs”, and as these signs create global activity in government & corporate developments. These four signs ‘make things happen’ and are the primary essence of the social order of our planet and in our personal lives. Aries initiates, motivates and opens new territory – Cancer nurtures and cultivates so firm foundations can be laid – Libra brings about the social interaction and relationships to further the process – and Capricorn is the result of the process plus the underpinning global systems.

So when a planet enters any of these four signs all features of the personal + society are triggered as the synthetic feedback system of…

                    • SELF – Aries  opposite RELATIONSHIPS – Libra 
                    • FOUNDATIONS – Cancer opposite  RESULTS – Capricorn

Jupiter in Libra transits to other planets between Sept 2016 & Oct 2017

There are three primary cycle points to note:

1. As Jupiter passes through Libra he triggers Uranus in Aries in hard aspect with Pluto in Capricorn three times. These guys have been responsible for the revolutionary impulse of the past 5 years and their challenging alignment is affectionately known as the Zap Zone!

                    • Jupiter will oppose Uranus in late Dec 16, early March & late September 17. Watch these dates for major changes (in some cases unexpected) to current global relationships and the rise of populist people’s ‘liberty movements’. Jupiter/Uranus combos bring us brave new explorer archetypes & large scale revolutionary activity, so these are great timings for expanding & initiating new territory in your world, or having a ‘freedom outbreak’!!  Innovation is the key.
                    • Jupiter will square Pluto in late Nov 16, late March & early August 17. Watch these dates for new power structures, deals and alliances. The first pass in November fits the bill for major shifts after the US election.  In previous elections with Jupiter in Libra in 1980 Ronald Regan defeated Jimmy Carter – 1992 Bill Clinton defeated George H. Bush – & in 2004 George W. Bush defeated John Kerry. However, in no previous recent elections have we had game changing Uranus in Aries & Pluto in Capricorn. The last time was in 1928 when Republican Herbert Hoover defeated Democrat Alfred E. Smith Personally this brings opportunities to unite with influential people to empower your goals.

2. Jupiter in Libra also forms a ‘creative sextile’ with Saturn in Sagittarius early Dec 16 through to late Jan 17 and late August/early Sept 17. This adds the international nature of contracts & deals with a more positive slant on the otherwise tense configurations. Personally great timings for careful expansion & promoting your business goals as you stay realistic & don’t overextend yourself.

3. The other very important ingredient in this story of global social shifting will be from Saturn in Sagittarius making a supportive trine with Uranus in Aries in late December, May & November 17. The last time this happened was in June 1927 when Uranus had just entered Aries on his last cycle! Events included celebrations in NY for Charles Lindbergh after his first Atlantic crossing – the formation of Pan American World Airways by Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney – The Indonesian National Party was founded by Sukarno – Aristide Briand from France presented his proposed treaty to outlaw war “The Kellogg–Briand Pact”, signed in 1928 by many of the world’s superpowers – Japan held the “Far Eastern Conference” in Tokyo to discuss long range strategy for the conquest of China, and possibly the world. Interesting historical precedents here with more to come very soon! Personally this offers constructive change as you transition from the past to the future in your life without chaos or the need to be too radical. These are times to implement progressive ideas & believe they will succeed!

After the Horoscopes section I’ve included the charts of:

                    • USA on Election day, and in the words of renowned Astrologer Ray Merriman “what will be very interesting is the choice of American voters on November 8. Will they choose a party whose candidates have their natal Sun making a grand trine to the nation’s Venus/Jupiter conjunction in early Cancer (Clinton and Kaine)? Or will they choose a party whose candidates have natal their Sun conjunct the USA Mars, square Neptune (Trump and Pence)?
                    • and European Union for those who may be interested. Jupiter in Libra connects with both Venus & Jupiter in the EU chart over the coming year AND Pluto joins the Neptune/Uranus conjunction @ 18 Capricorn. Big powerful changes on the way for the EU.

By Agent 22
Maggie Kerr

          • Maggie Kerr (AAT. APA. Dip. Couns.) is a leading Australian Astrologer who has offered her services as a Counsellor, Teacher, Author and Presenter for the past 30 years. Using a combination of many helpful tools and techniques Maggie shares complex ideas in a simple & refreshing way. She is well regarded for her lectures and workshops throughout Australia and Internationally, for her ability to entertain and inspire as she offers important ideas and information that make sense of our challenging times…and how to make the best of them. Maggie has trained in the fields of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Astrology, Humanism, Ancient Teachings, Psychology and Psychotherapy. Her unique blend of these subjects offers in-depth understanding of our life purpose and challenges to our empowerment. Maggie has been a pioneer in developing tools and techniques to identify and change limiting unconscious patterns so we may heal and connect with our Soul’s purpose and step  into our full creative power. In her ‘spare time’ she researches historical global and cosmic cycles to offer her insights as a social commentator in regular articles and blogs at www.universalastrology.com.au where you may also book personal sessions and sign up for her free newsletters. Maggie’s earlier career in Computing & Corporate Marketing, Advertising and Tourism brings her an understanding of business cultures and procedures, and has led to her interest in offering concepts and training toward a more ‘Conscious and Ethical Corporate World. Mail [email protected] or ring 61755 945959. Maggie lives on the Gold Coast in Australia

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