The glyph for Jupiter is made up of the crescent of receptivity reaching out from the left of thecross of matter. Together these symbolise the relationship of the soul to the material world, particularly the soul’s desire to free itself from the material realm, broaden life experience yet still sustain physical needs. The glyph represents the supports and safety that are needed before moving past boundaries safely and reaching maximum potential.

Jupiter, King of the Worlds, is easy to identify, being the largest planet and a massive gas giant. Jupiter has an incredibly deep atmosphere with a distinct banding of various colours when seen in a telescope. Also visible are its various storm systems, one of which, the Great Red Spot, has been in action for 400 years and is about four times the size of Earth. Jupiter’s rapid rotation drives these dynamic storm systems.

Diameter: 142,800 km
Mean distance from Sun: 778 million km
Rotation: 10 hours
Orbital period around sun: 11.62 years
Atmosphere: Hydrogen, helium


    • Jupiter’s energy fosters growth, expansion and improvement.
    • Jupiter is a Hot and Moist energy, outward moving and blending.
    • Jupiter is the eternal optimist, visionary, teacher, guide, and believer.
    • Known as the great benefic, Jupiter represents roles or experiences that embody the ‘the great benefactor’.
    • Jupiter is concerned with universal principles and represents the judge and the lawmaker.
    • Jupiter symbolises experiences that move and excite; that invigorate and constantly fill one with experience.
    • Jupiter is concerned with cultural depth and breadth, broader perspectives, widening horizons and long range ideas that educate and inspire.
    • Jupiter seeks honour and truth, and conquers through knowledge and travel.
    • Jupiter is able to remain emotionally unaffected by life’s peaks and troughs, and is therefore able to continually ride “the wheel of fortune”.

Astrological Cycle
Jupiter takes 12 years to move around an astrological chart, is retrograde for about 4 months every year and spends about 1 year in each zodiac sign. Jupiter, as a metaphor for life experience, is significant at the age of 12 when Jupiter returns to its place in the birth chart for the first time, and when we tend to shift from early schooling to high school. Other significant shifts that prompt new life experiences occur at ages 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 and so on. These Jupiter returns are times of important initiations that herald shifts in our belief systems.

Expansive, optimistic, moral, ambitious, lucky, philosophical, truthful, daring.
Shadow Excessive, extravagant, gullible, naive, overconfident, overindulgent, complacent.

Thursday, tin, judges, the law, philanthropic institutions, banking, the church, theology, religion.

In the body
The liver. Excesses in the body, including heat, dryness, coldness, dampness. Hypochondria. Blood circulation. Liver and fat metabolism. Cellular nutrition.

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    gunit says:

    in my exploration of astrology and in my comprehension ive come to discover jupiter found me ..while folding laundry none the less and together we discovered that love is as laundry and needs to be folded right

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    Michael G Lewis says:

    Now Jupiter has cloud forms that look like, among other things, Dolphins. Porpoises. Even NASA quietly acknowledged it, because it is an emergent form.
    Nobody knows, yet, what’s it portends, though it appears to be astonishingly close to the forms of a dolphin. A favorite, intelligent sea mammal.

    The form appears frequently in Jupiter’s immense weather. Intriguing; perhaps Jove’s Dolphins influenced patterns and currents in our oceans in prehistoric times. In that case the clouds may be inanimate yet emerging biological forms in Earth’s oceans found the forms constituted good design, efficient energy conservation and smooth action.

    After all, tiny rotifers spin, and whirlpools are extremely common in the seas so perhaps rotifers derived their forms from large and small vortexes. So there may well be no life as we know it on Jupiter – it does appear to be too hot for that. It will take a good deal of exploration to decide that question. One would say it is a good sign, either way.

    Who is like God


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