Jupiter in Virgo – August 11th 2015 – Sept 2016 Practice what you preach !

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

Jupiter planet of expansion, growth, truth and knowing enters the industrious, service oriented and highly mentally sensitive and aware sign of Virgo. Put them together and what do we get? A period ahead that indicates a great opening and focus on how to make things work best, most efficiently and effectively, as our minds are expanded to to pay attention to details, to cross our t’s and dot our i’s, a time in life to make the most of getting organised, sort information and do our research!. How boring that may sound for Jupiter, yet if you’ve been searching for answers, here you shall find. If you’ve been missing a piece of the puzzle, now you may complete the picture! If you’ve been working hard, now comes your reward, for it is harvest time!  Time to harvest all that has come before, but mostly  time to test your theories, time to prove to yourself  what you believe in as we get to look at life through a microscope or is that a telescope?

Actually it’s both- combine a telescope with a microscope and you get the idea. Being able to see the fine details in the big picture of your life. Not only that, but needing to pay attention to the details in you life and how they complete the whole big story you are creating, from believing in life and what in can bring you, believing in yourself and what greatness you are made of, however small, while at the same time acknowledging that a good life is made of exactly how you craft it and work to make it better! The healing too is in the know how!
After the pompousness of Leo,  having blown ourselves up with confidence and knowing  fully absorbed with the inner truth we now carry, Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will  help one to embed this knowing, this inner confidence into our daily grind, into our daily routine, into a way we can see it work and put it into practice. Virgo likes to find evidence, Virgo is practical, Virgo is prudent and doesn’t like to waste time on frivolities. Virgo cleans and fixes the mess left by Leo, Virgo tends  and mends to the bits that will keep things working well, for longer  and more efficiently. If we like what was created in Leo, we make sure it survives and thrives, we give it real life and staying  power. If not we may have to cut back, prune to perfect.

Jupiter is the judge, Jupiter is symbolic of our living truth. Jupiter now expands the Virgoan tasks and calls us back to the drawing board where need be. Jupiter in Virgo becomes like our own personal Judge Judy, calling us out where we might be slipping off the rails, helping us get  back on to the track we know we need to be on. A damn good sign for getting things done on the collective front even if it does sound like a pain personally.

It’s a bit like, after moving out of Cancer, home and security, we take the Leo journey to become that individual that we and others love,  away from family ties and strings. In Virgo in order to continue to be the person that we love to be, we need to continue to preserve ourselves, tend to the pruning and the care, the self preservation,  eat well and look after ourselves. We are our own responsibility, we mature with Virgo and leave that foolish young Leo behind, it’s best to find our true colours and then remain and be at our best.  Or else we come to Virgo , to scrutinise the hell out of ourselves , to get it right,  to fix it where we need to. Benevolent Jupiter’s gift is now to shine a light on the parts of life and ourselves that need a touch up, a bit of attention, some extra care and scrutiny. And as we know with Jupiter only the truth will hold, total honesty is key to reaping the benefits of this transit. Virgo does represent a harvest and if you do the work, put in the hours, pay attention to growing the best crop, the details, the harvest can be big and rewards come with genuine intentions set.

So put into practice what you preach, what you believe in and what you want to uphold, as Jupiter now accentuates all things Virgo~!

                    1. Virgo represents efficiency, order and cleanliness so that one maintains containment and focus.
                    1. Virgo symbolises perfection and doing things to the best of one’s abilities.
                    1. Virgo picks apart, analyses and critiques in order to comprehend how all parts are connected and to discern what is useful from what is not.
                    1. Virgo is concerned with the sacredness of time, daily routine, and taking regular care of fitness and diet for physical and mental wellbeing.
                    1. Virgo is the final sign within the personal sector of the zodiac and therefore prepares the personal, ‘virginal’ state of self for the experience of relationship.
                    1. Virgo aims to centre and ground the self so that one’s sense of self is not lost when relating beyond the self.
                    1. Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces, looks at the whole picture whereas Virgo looks at everything frame by frame.

Jupiter is big on lessons, promoting us to live out our truth and punishing us if we don’t keep our oath or live under any type of false pretences.  If you were to make an Oath to Jupiter for this transit through Virgo what would it be?? It doesn’t seem so strange to make an oath or a promise to Jupiter as the original father of the heavens, the one we believe in and the one which brings us hope. Hope and faith are a big part of life that so much quite unknowingly is built on, unlike Saturn who represents the necessary structures we build in our life, with Jupiter it’s about building on our beliefs, building on the faith and trust we have in the universe with our meaning of life, our living truth, without which there isn’t much else to hold us up. Doesn’t matter how hard we work or how much money we have, Jupiter and Saturn are both essential ingredients in how we hold ourselves up in this world. Interestingly we start the transit of Jupiter through Virgo with a square to Saturn which will continue to unfold into next year, what you believe in will be done with this transit, what you work on will manifest. Jupiter in earthy Virgo and Saturn in fiery Sagittarius(again 17th Sept 2015), tell of the need to build our world with the strong vision and faith that we carry. This is indeed our biggest test. Having faith and staying positive has never been so important.

Jupiter is physically the largest  planet in our solar system and is known as the cosmic saviour and protector of our planet. Because of it’s enormous gravitational field, Jupiter saves our Earth from potential collisions with asteroids and comets. Jupiter symbolically is also our own personal saviour too, for what we hold as truth, how we carry our beliefs are all part of how we too protect ourselves from the unknowingness of life and how we ride the Wheel of Fortune. Jupiter tells of our inner expansion and growth and how we take the outside world in, or at least make sense of it. It tells of our ability to make judgements, to live according to our own moral code, our sense of justice and what is right or wrong.

Now in Virgo the meaning of life is under the microscope. With Jupiter in Virgo, we will find we need to be a bit more discerning and judgmental in many areas of life, it’s about honing a focus and narrowing down Jupiter’s vast field of influence and vision, to something more practical and grounded and it’s perhaps not as simple as buying a Buddha statue for your backyard or sharing spiritual memes on Facebook. Yet something deeper, more authentic and purposeful is being called for. A purifying, an inner cleansing, a clean out of debris and waste  is called for, to help us live up  to standards we now want to reach. It can’t be done with the same 12 year old habits we still cling on to. To be picky and choosy in our endeavors is what this transit calls for and not to expect growth and flourishing in a toxic pond. Face the truth, face the reality!

As Mercury is exalted in Virgo, awareness reigns high during this transit, we’ll probably see and awaken to so many things we never noticed before. Mercury retrograde periods become more important as they trigger the goings on in the Virgo zone (and Gemini) and will be targeting the air and earth signs into 2016.  Jupiter rules Pisces(and Sagittarius) Virgo’s opposite sign, and total confusion could reign in these times if focus is not set to the right aperture. Jupiter is great with the big picture visions, but the important details may get lost and to your own detriment as the placement warns, yet a good sign to balance the two. It really is a bit of a levelling and an awakening to see if  our big ideas and ventures will pass the test!  A test of working in the real world! As almighty Jupiter now travels in a landscape most foreign to him, far from the free flowing waters of Pisces in the discerning and the more focused sign of Virgo, it is best to act as though there maybe a few things we need to relearn, re-skill at,  especially when Jupiter turns retrograde.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.17.48 am
 Hubble Ultra-Deep Field (HUDF) image (full range of ultraviolet to near-infrared light) includes some of the most distant galaxies to have been imaged by an optical telescope, existing shortly after the Big Bang (June 2014). (This photo has the same field of view as the 2012 XDF, but NASA reverted to the older moniker of HUDF with the photo’s release.) [1]… NASA, ESA, H. Teplitz and M. Rafelski (IPAC/Caltech), A. Koekemoer (STScI), R. Windhorst (Arizona State.
During 2016 we have had the the NASA space probe Juno, visit Jupiter for a closer look, a great image for getting a closer look at not only Jupiter, but the BIG issues in life and the world, those that need much more of our attention- the refugee crisis, the gap between rich and poor, dwindling resources, waste, pollution, overpopulation, global warming – the list goes on

For the individual the key is to find where Virgo is in your chart and look at the transits that happened there 12 years ago. It was between the years from Aug 28 2003 and 26 Sept 2004 that Jupiter was last in Virgo. On the global scale the Hubble Ultra Deep Field was launched  and we saw our universe like never before. By focusing on  a small area of space the Hubble was able to image in great detail the density of our universe, the diversity of galaxies, as the incredible image above shows. How much more detailed could we get? Saddam Hussein was captured in Sept 2003 and interestingly no “Weapons of Mass destruction” were ever found, yet the “Mr Fix Its” couldn’t help but get involved for the good of all, but I won’t get into that. On the 4th Feb 2004, Facebook was launched, the biggest internet thing since google and our social lives changed forever. Google was launched with Jupiter in Pisces and with Pluto in Sagittarius in September 1998, and now you can google anything, even yourself! When Facebook was launched a Sun /Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, Uranus and Venus in Pisces, Pluto  also in Sagittarius and Jupiter at 17° Virgo,  we get a huge success story with this social media sensation that really does access our private lives. I can’t help think of the etiquette, the likes, the dismay, the attention people make to posts and what is said,  as a status update will show us what people are eating, thinking and doing if we like it or not, our private lives are on show, our feeds have become part of the daily fix. Making mountains out of molehills comes to mind too. How things are received, accepted and consumed is another story on Facebook, a psychological one, as it may not be so healthy for some, arguments, competitiveness, things you don’t want to know, the good, the bad, the ugly all seem to come out to play. A news headline reads “Facebook ruined my marriage!” Perhaps a bit of a warning for this transit with Jupiter moving through Virgo, as the little things in life all of a sudden become big!

The main transits to look for over the next year include Jupiter joining the nodal axis and eclipses  as they start moving through Virgo and Pisces, as well as with Chiron and Neptune opposite and Pluto in Capricorn in trine. A total solar eclipse on March the 9th at 18° Pisces conjuncts the South Node and opposes Jupiter and the North Node. Definitely a huge highlight of this transit, something to work towards and look towards as a significant turning point, as a 6 planet stellium in Pisces overbalances the act come March 2016.

Mark these dates in your diary and utilise the benefits and effects of Jupiter’s movements in Virgo:

Aug 27th Jupiter is joined by Sun on  at 3° VIRGO
Sept 17th Jupiter opposes rx Neptune  at 7° Virgo /Pisces
Oct 12th Jupiter trine to Pluto at  12° Virgo/Capricorn
Oct 18th Jupiter conjunct Marx   at 14° Virgo
26th October Jupiter, Venus and Mars create a wonderful morning sky stellium around , worth getting up for
Early NovemberJupiter inconjunct Uranus opposite to Chiron  at 17° virgo
Jan 9th Jupiter stations retrograde  conjunct north node at 23° Virgo joined into Feb with Chiron on south node
Retrograde Jupiter retracing his aspects to the above planets
A six planet stellium in Pisces through March with Jupiter opposite,
at the same time a trine to Pluto at 17° Cap a few days later a square to Saturn
March 9th 2016: Total solar eclipse 18° Pisces – Jupiter opposite
May 8th Jupiter stations direct , not quite opposite Neptune at 11° Pisces, square to Saturn
June 17th Next meeting with north node trine Pluto on
Aug 16th, Jupiter inconjunct Uranus  24° Aries and opposite Chiron 24° pisces
Mercury stations rx in Virgo conjunct Jupiter at 29° Virgo on  31st August
10th Sept 2016 – Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra

Big times ahead ! Make sure to focus on the positives and working on getting things right. Get ready for what you may be exposed to, what little things become big and what big things seem all of a sudden insignificant. You’ll be quite surprised at what can be achieved and how paying attention to the small details can make a difference in your life right now.

As the workings of the whole begin to make a whole lot more sense, remember your role too in the reshaping of our world, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, as agents of change being of service to the greater good will not go unnoticed.

Stay Tuned for further Jupiter transit updates throughout the year, or make sure to follow our updates on Facebook!

May the good force be with you!