Jupiter in Sagittarius: Truth in the Flame

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

art by Ralph Steadman (Jupiter in Sag)

Strike the match

watch the fire burn,

Lite the torch

and search until claimed,

Follow the phosphorescent fae

towards the break of day

In many lands, fire is seen as Truth.  With it, we stay alive.  Without, we die.  Yet, in between our hot entrance and our cold departure, it illuminates many things.  Aside from the obvious, there are more obscure utilities to fire.  It is said to be the dancing bridge between worlds-a way to connect with both gods and ancestors.  It is used to purify, scry, and even travel in time.  Seen through the Vedic eye, it is the egalitarian God, Agni who lives in the flame and brings the warmth of the hearth to everyone without discrimination, relating as well to telling the Truth!  It is this connection to Truth we should be most interested in.

It’s hard to know what to believe these days.  With fake news and algorithms working black magic on the backend of our browsers, it’s hard to know what is true.  We are going mad in echo chambers.  The Red King is breaking families apart.  The sirens and spotlights are in constant pursuit of our language and god is dead for many of us.  There may be something wrong here.  These ways cannot be true, for the simple fact, they cause immense suffering.  We don’t like being lied to. We don’t like being policed and persecuted for our opinions or ways of living.  We want to be free.  And once we find freedom, we are much closer to the Truth.  So remember: If Truth is Fire, then it must be warm and cozy in there…the type of place you may find a centaur drinking cheap wine by the hearth, reading Kerouac in between throwing darts at a map.

This is my long-winded way of saying Jupiter is about to move into Sagittarius.  At home here, he slides into his favorite boots and is off on an adventure.  You can find him by the campfire weaving stories like a mythic bard or on the road, whistling old Irish tunes. You may even see him in his feathery form, as Eagle dropping animal wisdom into your heart from ten thousand feet. Whatever form you catch him in, the feeling in you should be an inspiring one.

Every 12 years he makes it home to Sag. And he stays for a year.  Area code: 11111.  At the intersection of Wanderlust Fire Pkwy. and Mutable Blvd.  Last house on the left, where ambrosia is crafted like home-brew and is rumored to bring good luck. Last time Jupiter was here, it was late 2006 into 2007. Beyonce was on the radio singing”Irreplaceable,”  and I was certainly listening to Devendra Banhart on a train to San Francisco.  The time before that, it was 94/95.  Everyone was singing “Waterfalls” and I was probably listening to Radiohead’s “The Bends” at the local skatepark.  The point is, he’s back, and he brings the kind of fire that can feel like a passionate search party.  What is the party searching for? The Truth, of course!

.: Where are you going? :.

If he is traveling through your 1st House, you may find yourself obsessing on exotic exercises like underwater yoga or Taoist tree climbing. Be careful in pushing your body too much though. And be good to your liver.

…If you are expecting him to just place a million dollars in your 2nd House bank account, think again. You may need crypto assets for that.  Instead, find a fire and some friends and start sharing travel tales.  Contemplate the value of your adventures.  How is it different than money?

……..If he’s due to return to your 3rd House, you may find yourself feeling guilty for only knowing one language.  Perhaps you travel to a foreign country and take up the challenge of learning another one.  You will learn a new word for fire.  And for Truth as well. It will feel true on your tongue.

……………If Jupiter is headed for the 4th House, it is time to stretch out your imagination around your idea of home.  They say home is where the heart is, but it’s also where the hearth is.  Maybe you finally get a home with a fireplace.  Maybe you decide to live outside.  Maybe you just need to throw a dart at a map and see where he takes you?

…………………..If you find him in your 5th House, you may likely spot him shirtless, sweaty and spinning by the speakers.  An unlikely dance partner, but hey, when in Bali, you dance! Be careful though, the dance floor is not the same light as that given by the sunrise.

…………………………..If you are dreaming up a big change to your diet, you may have Jupiter influencing your 6th House.  Whatever regiment you end up following, don’t transfer it to your cat. #vegancat.  And for the love of god (this God), try not to be dogmatic about what you put into your mouth.

……………………………………….If Jupiter crossing into your sunset 7th House, consider yourself lucky.  You have just won a chance to finally be transparent in your relationships.  Like Agni, you can’t tell a lie. If you do, insta-karma.  So make it your practice to always tell the truth.  Each time you do, you will feel the fire grow inside of you and see them come closer. If you don’t, you will feel it going out, getting cold inside, and watching them walk away.

……………………………………If he’s gearing up for the 8th House, he may be holding a candelabra and a stick of palo santo.  You may not like what he finds in the shadows of your beliefs, but you will enjoy the result of actually looking and making the proper modifications.  Lots can be thrown into the fire here.

…………………………………If you find yourself in the passport office or online searching for flights, Jupiter might be headed home to the 9th House.  The reason travel relates to this space is because it is the great leveler.  No matter how smart you are, how old, or how well read, losing yourself in another culture is the best way of finding out who you are. Happy trails!

……………………………If Jupiter has climbed up to your 10th House, it is time to watch your business experience some new growth.  Be careful though, not all growth is healthy growth.  Take too much on, you become resentful.  Envision too big of a project, it will never get done.  Sustainable growth with constant pruning keeps the fire strong.

……………………….If he’s dressing up to go out for the first time in a long awhile, Jupiter may be in your 11th House.  Every connection we make, that we care about, needs to be tended too. Like a fire.  One of the best ways of doing this is by remembering a persons name.  Don’t be the one who says, “I’m sorry, I’m so bad with names, what is your name again?”

………………….If you are dreaming of cabins in the woods with great fireplaces and book collections, it is highly probable Jupiter has come home to his home away from home: the 12th House.  Allow yourself to drift.  From this inspiration to the next.  Allow your intuitive breeze to take you where you need to go.  It will keep the fire from going out. Truth is a firefly. Follow it!

I think we can anticipate this ingress as one to scare many of the demons away who have been close over the past month or so.  When a Planet like Jupiter returns to his own sign, he functions the way he’s supposed to.  This doesn’t mean it’s all good.  It all depends on who’s wielding the energy and the aspects being made to your own Chart.  Likely, politics will continue to be as insane as ever, with a shift in focus to more dogmatic and zealous themes, over sexual; Airplanes will be packed, making the lines intolerable; More vegan cats, more mala beads, more medicine circles, more soapbox preaching, more questionable Astrology, and hopefully, more and more interesting stories found around the fire as well.  It is there where the Truth can often be found.  No matter who you find yourself next too there, be open to listening to their story.  It will change you. That’s what stories do.  They carry the Truth in the most curious of ways.

And so it will go…oOo