Cancer Solstice – Deep down from the Hearth – June 21st UT 2017

by Agent 12 Julija Simas

Cancer Ingress 2017

June 21st UT, 4.24 am
Summer/Winter Solstice

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There is much more in the world that unifies us than separates us, as the ripples of uncertainty radiate across the globe, yet at certain times of the year we can look to our universal light, the Sun for clarity, guidance and meaning. The Sun God in ancient Greek times, Apollo, was a God of prophecy and healing, an oracle and as the son of Zeus, truth. In astrology the light of the Sun is the most significant symbol of any astrological chart, it is the centre and the core of all astrological readings. So as the Sun appears to reach its furthest stretch into the northern hemisphere (remember “appears to”, as our Earth is the one that is turning and tilting on its axis) we have one of the major turning points(tilting extremes) of the year, the June Solstice. It is the earth’s inclination toward the Sun at 23.5 degrees that creates these extremes, as defined by the Tropic of Capricorn, when at extreme south, and the Tropic of Cancer when extreme North.

As astrologers we call it the Cancer Ingress, as our tropical astrological wheel is defined by these cardinal points, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, one of the four cardinal points and major turning points in our astrological wheel.The equinoxes occur when the Sun crosses the equator, for Aries when moving North, for Libra when moving South and the Solstice points are the cardinal extremes that denote the Sun’s journey North and South in declination. Here the Sun standstills for 3 days (solstice meaning standstill) as it then appears to turn around to move back toward the south.


As tropical astrologers we know the significance of these cardinal points in our astrology wheel, a reflection of the way our earth turns and tilts in the cosmos. Although it is summer in the north and winter in the south, as with all astrological symbolism, it remains universal for any place on earth as the Sun will enter Cancer. In an astrology chart on what we call a natural wheel, Cancer sits at the bottom (in archetypal astrology, connecting to the meaning of the 4th house). From this perspective,  this part of the chart represents the place of our roots, our tribe, family and traditions that we uphold (or not) above(the 10th House- Capricorn). The horizontal, Horizon line is the Ascendant and the Descendant, East and West, these are the natural places for Aries and Libra, representing our outlook, our perspective and how we interact with others. It becomes the core of understanding houses in an astrology wheel, with a cross of matter, grounding us into this life,  representing our incarnation on this planet. It is our Tree of Life and living. Astrology charts have these strong foundations, yet as we know, astrology charts all have different signs, rising and culminating, making our charts unique, yet the symbolism remains strong with these principles in each.

At these Solstice turning points we look at this symbolism collectively, and as with Cancer we focus on our universal home, family, its condition, health and happiness. Is everybody happy and healthy? What can we do to makes this a happier  healthier home, planet. It is from this stability and need to live by what is right or wrong in our traditions and homes that is upheld in our world – Capricorn. Yet how different that is for us all. The crisis of all times, is that not everyone believes in the same thing, they fight for themselves,  to protect their families, to gain control, land and power, retain borders, their rights, their traditions, rights to be  and own. Where is the LOVE ? There is surely enough for everybody. It really is hard to understand that love for fellow man, compassion and care although all around us, cannot be found in the higher echelons and those in control and in our governments. Whilst some of us move toward more universal concepts of life on the planet and recognise that we are all in this together, that our environment, atmosphere and oceans do not have borders,  others move to ever more so patriotic extremes.

At these potent times of the year it is important for us to take time out collectively  to focus on where we are heading! It is customary  to look at the event chart for this Ingress, to use the Sun and position of the planets as the prophecy of what lies ahead. I am not one to predict, yet that happens without knowing , as it is the unique nature of astrology. Recently I was part of an international panel , discussing Astrology in the world today for a South American Group CINASTRO, and UK astrologer Nick Campion was one of the panelists, who reminded us during the session that, “as soon as we predict something, we are creating the future!” A very important point for those of us who look to astrology for answers and guidance, the self fulfilling prophecy concept is one not to heed lightly.  Keep that in mind as you work with your own chart looking at the next few months and collectively about what we project out about the world and our personal and collective future!

Looking at the chart for the season ahead, till the Equinox, a few things stand out:

The SUN of course is the centre and focus of this time and is conjunct a fast moving Mercury, both opposite Saturn. Some would say the combust nature of Mercury in the Sun’s beams to be debilitating, so to is Mars here in this condition. Near the Sun and not retrograde mars and Mercury are both fast moving. Mercury is sharp, focused and on the ball, about to overtake the Sun and become the evening star Mercury in this transition is bridging the past with the future, moving on quickly to what comes next. In the beams of the Sun he is more able to be the trickster he is known to be, working away at something without being seen or noticed perhaps. With the Sun and Mercury opposite Saturn, there is a sense of determinism at this time, to get on with this next phase, no mucking around, or putting up with what isn’t quite right! It is in fact a breaking point time, a time to claim who is in charge in whatever situations you find yourself in. With Saturn, it all depends on who is in charge and who is in authority. We will see the clamps come down on some the chaos around us, unruly presidents and the like. From a personal standpoint and collective one, it is important for us to be so aware and make a stand against the things we are automatically led into,  the consensus ways of how we just do things automatically as it’s always been done. We don’t question it, mostly we don’t even notice, or we comply without even knowing.

The Sun squares Chiron in Pisces, Neptune has just turned retrograde, again we look at how hard it is to really remain autonomous in this world,  yet how many of us are being constantly drawn to live more authentic lives, to be more aware of this and try not be swept up in the rat race and the system we no longer like very much. Alternative is the word, alternatives are what we must strive for, even if it hurts!  It is so evident now, as the systems in place continue to crack and crumble and show what they are really built of. Mars squares Jupiter as well, igniting a fight and a push toward the truth is in this world? Mars is emotionally triggered in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra is the loudspeaker of what is voiced. Feelings rise and will be hard to contain as Jupiter is forced to speak the truth.

The closest aspect in this solstice chart is the Moon to Pluto, it has been said/sung/shown that “people have the power!”.  The Moon is the ruler of the Solstice Sun. Corruption, abuse, deception, lies lie around every corner. I am constantly amazed in my line of work, how many people I come across that live a story of having been abused somehow in their lives, and more importantly how many victims remain that have never had the opportunity to express or be acknowledged by their loved ones of their abuse. The statistics of domestic violence against women are astounding in Australia. The abuse travels down the families and children grow up not knowing better, haunted and disturbed for the rest of their lives, because the taboo, the abuse has never been acknowledged,  the perpetrators are never outed. The let’s pretend it never happened attitude is still all around, the sweeping under the carpet that it doesn’t happen is something I’ve seen over and over again, always encouraging women, mother’s to bring the darkness to light, to stop the lineage of abuse in their families to themselves and their children. This is the not the norm,  yet I’m still so alarmed that these attitudes exist and that throughout various cultures this is still seen as OK , that this is the norm.

Hearth, home, dark, light, this is where we first learn right and wrong, the love in a family, being loved, not abused! The healing on the planet, begins in the home and the attitudes absorbed here. The more of us that work in the healing realm, the better, spread the light and love and healing it is needed everywhere.  I’ve always thought, that there is much more good that we can do in plain sight so to speak, quietly. Just get on with it and do it!  Build our own teams, networks, services, light workers beaming healing light around the planet. Recently at the Astrology Rising Retreat in Costa Rica, a gathering of so many wonderful people from around the planet that all felt incredibly healed by being around each other, the sense of love and community was something truly special. It was very clear that more of this needs to happen around the planet. Many of us could sense and see the blue light of healing energy moving around the planet and ourselves as a much needed part of spreading this light.

The Moon aligns with Venus in a semi square aspect to the Sun. The Moon and Venus, the Moon exalted and Venus in rulership strengthen their connection in stubborn Taurus. It is Venus at also at her most extreme, yet most stable position. The morning star, alerts us to the mission ahead, the desire and passion we have inside, to beautify our world with love, and blue light(and pink) to uphold what we value most in this world. As Venus moves to her next major Star Point next January, she is moving to make a very strong point as she will conjunct Pluto! This is highly significant as a time to move together as a collective and uphold our values HIGH, a collective manifesto shall be written in the skies. The Moon wanes in the last quarter, focused on the next cycle, letting go of what has been, and what was.

That Black Moon Lilith, never misses a beat as we know, and is in cahoots with Neptune by square recently stationed.  I know I’m a Pisces, but undercover work and secret or quiet operations, don’t have to be bad or sinister, again let’s just get on with it, let’s conspire to do good in the world, move past red tape and bureaucracy it will only hold us. Many work or give of themselves only toward recognition or moving up the ranks, but really is that what life is all about, to gain notoriety and fame, is this the only  key to making it in our world? As i’ve written before, the new heroes are the ones of service to the planet, as Regulus royal star is now in tropical Virgo. I know we all need to find our place and make money to survive in this world, but I really do believe the way to change the world is by connecting the grass roots as they say, we are in Cancer time and we can do so much in the background, behind the scenes as carers and guardians of a planet and peoples we care about. We can all be of service for the good of the people and the planet somehow. Think in terms of mycelium grows and connects and communicates or trees support each other sharing nutrients.  We all come from the same place, and are connected more than we believe. The uprising has begun, and we still have a much work to d, Agents!

Pallas, Goddess of strategy and useful gifts joins Uranus. What be your radical useful gift? We are all called to have something special to give, the Nodes are in Leo/Aquarius. For some of us this maybe already clear and we are indeed doing it, for others the revelations will come in good time, yet what is important to know is that you do have a special contribute to add to elevate humanity. As we work to turn the world, ever so slowly around, each one of us contributing somehow, is all it takes.

As with all intentions and celebrations, the flame of fire is the best symbol to unite our thoughts, our hearts and minds. The goddess of the hearth Vesta at this Cancer Ingress is at 18° Leo is joined to the North Node, in a quincunx to Pluto and square to the Moon and Venus. To keep our flame alight and hearts on fire in a collective sense may not be so easy in these next few months, but keep it alight we must. Our mission, keeping the flame alive, no matter what, is to recognise and fuel the good in the world, focus on the light.

At this solstice light a flame for yourself, for your partner, for your family, for your friends, your community and for humanity. Create a sacred place in your home, if you do not have one, and use this place to light a flame in times of doubt, confusion of fear. Know you are not alone, know there is love and support in this world.

As you breathe in loving intentions at this sacred Solstice time, feel the calm, feel the warmth, as you breathe out make sure to breathe out blue light. A blue soft light that spreads first from your heart and hearth to encompass your aura, then your home, then your street, your neighbourhood, your town, your city, your country and your planet.

Hold space for as long as you can,  for the cleansing and healing blue light to envelope us all, for our healing light to overlap and ripple across the globe. As we warm up our hearths at the grass roots level from our hearts and homes, lets us then move this light to ignite our AstroSphere, the work of astrology as a beacon of light for healing and global consciousness of where we have been and where we are going, There is nothing like astrology to connect us to the past, present and future.

Set your intention to occur at anytime in the 24 hours around the Solstice.

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A happy, warm and healing Solstice to you all!

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