If you are interested in becoming a “numbered or named Agent” or a ‘Free Agent ” of the C*I*A
please read below and then contact  hq @ cosmicintelligenceagency.com

Numbered Agent requirements. For Current Agents and Numbers please go here

  • Agent initial Membership includes T-Shirt and Badge
    $ 100 including postage within Aus and NZ,
    $ 120 for Overseas postage(we are based in Australia) and use a registered post service
    Membership per year after that is $45 AUD
    please email Julija for sizes , numbers, names and mission proposals.  [email protected]
  • It has been decided by the active C*I*A committee in Melbourne to introduce a yearly Agent membership fee. This way we ensure that we can continue to run the website, publish your articles and keep the C*I*A going, whilst promoting Astrology far and wide. The yearly membership, shows you would like to continue to support and belong to the C*I*A for less than $1.00 a week.

  • From September Equinox 2013 , we will be introducing a yearly Agent Membership, (to be paid by the Capricorn Solstice). As the past has shown, Agents with numbers although required to participate with the C*I*A, promote or be involved somehow, have not completed their missions.
  • If you have joined the Agency in the last 12 months 2014( your membership won’t be due till December 2015)
  • If this arrangement no longer suits you we will be happy for you to continue as a “Free Agent” of the C*I*A where no commitments are required,  we will no longer host a listing of you on our Agent Profile page.  If we haven’t heard from you in over 2 years, you will be DEACTIVATED, and your number can go to someone else.
  • If you already have a T-Shirt, you will need to buy your badge and the yearly membership fee $70 includes postage of your badge and upload details, profile to our website.
  • If you have been a big contributor to the C*I*A we will wave your membership fee!
  • A few  jobs that we would like some of our Agents to  take on are:
    – A book reviewer and co-ordinator for our website!!
    – Also looking for Agents who could translate some of our main articles into other languages – Spanish, French, Italian, etc
    – More regular article writers – remember we have a wide circulation, and are planning an online magazine and your articles reach far and wide.
  • If you have other ideas or ways to be proactive, take part and spread the C*I*A word, please get in touch.
  • Reciprocal links and C*I*A banner on your blog or website are  appreciated as being a proud Agent of the C*I*A.
  • Paid up Agents,  have an Agent profile on our website (now very popular) as well as with any suitable articles you submit.(see article submission guidelines )
  • We like our Agents to link , share, circulate and contribute articles for our website. Please however contact us before sending through any articles.
  • Please go to Paypal button below to make your payment and contact Julija to discuss numbers, missions  and for all other questions and information

Agent benefits!

  • We now have a great Web presence and social media following with 800,000 fans and a 5,500 strong group. The C*I*A is doing a great job promoting Astrology.
  • Agent articles that are featured on our website and FB now have a wide circulation with a growing audience from 10K to 20K thousand  visits per day(depending on the Moon).  This can be used to greatly benefit what you do or want to promote as an Astrologer. Being involved with the C*I*A and writing articles is a great way to feature our Agents and what they do or write and get yourself out there to be noticed.
  • Paid up Agents receive an Agent Profile on our Agents Profile page,  This will be updated every year, with Photo and links to your website and contact details(to be finalised by Capricorn Solstice for all members who have paid up their membership fees) organizing this is also part of the reason for a yearly membership fee as it takes time. Considering that some Astrology websites charge for a Profile or listing on their site, anywhere from  $55 to $70 dollars per year, the C*I*A website is now much busier than any that promote that so far.
  • Agents receive 10% discount on all C*I*A events, workshops, seminars, Star Camps and are the first to be asked to facilitate, take part and lecture at events, workshops and webinars. And get paid!
  • Meeting other like minded Agents when traveling, online, having loads of fun, organizing missions etc
  • Agents are able to use the C*I*A name to organize events, workshops, gatherings in their area.  C*I*A logo can be used on pamphlets etc, (With Permission – please let us know what you are planning to do if our name or logo is to be used). Spread the Word and the Intelligence. Please note also Our logo is Trademarked.
  • Being part of the Coolest Intelligence Agency there is, with lots of future potential!
  • We welcome your ideas, input and creativity.
  • We are currently planning online webinars starting in 2015, you need to be a paid up Agent to be asked to participate.
  • Know that being part of the C*I*A is a great promotional tool for Astrology and Astrologers in general, together we can do much more than on our own.
  • Know that your part of the Cosmic Conspiracy to change the world and how it thinks and help get astrology recognized as a creative, wise and intelligent practice.
  • Be part of the conscious global evolution by cultivating an astrological meme.
  • Get yourself out there, join the C*I*A?


FREE AGENT of the C*I*A – supporter-friend-benefactor

If you don’t have time to be involved with the Agency, we fully understand and our yearly membership is designed to keep Agents interested active and supportive. Otherwise show your support once off and be a Free Agent of the C*I*A.

$60 – Pick one of our T-Shirts and know you are supporting the C*I*A, our website and the continuation of great articles. We don’t ask for subscriptions, but do appreciate your support! Includes postage of your T-Shirt(Please note postage can cost up to $20 to UK)

– We get many reports back from people that have purchased t-shirts that say when wearing them out and about, they quite often pick up some Astrology work from interested astrominded  folk – They work!

Anyone can be a Free Agent of the C*I*A  and help spread the Cosmic vibe and  astrology being open and proud of what we do. Please note to be a numbered or named Agent of the C*I*A we need you to be involved with the Agency directly, by writing articles, being involved in campaigns, promotion or events organization.

  • Free Agents have the advantage of being part of the Coolest Intelligence Agency,  and most progressive astrological Association, with lots of future potential, without having to report back to Headquarters and pay a yearly fee. 
  • Know that being part of the C*I*A is a great promotional tool for Astrology and Astrologers in general, together we can do much more than on our own.
  • Know that your part of the Cosmic Conspiracy to change the world and how it thinks and help get astrology recognized as a creative, wise and intelligent practice.
  • Be part of the conscious global evolution by cultivating an astrological meme.
  • Thank you!

contact – [email protected] cosmicintelligenceagency.com for more details!

Please use this Paypal button and  drop down menu for all Agent Options!

There are 4 Options:

A numbered Agent of the C*I*A for Overseas postage $120 include – T-Shirt and your Badge
A numbered Agent of the C*I*A for Australian  $100 – includes your T-Shirt and Badge
Free Agent of the C*I*A – $60 includes a T-Shirt, posted to you and no more commitments.
(Please note postage can cost up to $20 to the UK and we also use a registered post service, where goods have to be signed for )

Yearly Membership for all numbered Agents – due yearly by Capricorn Solstice December!

 Pick you T-Shirt style and size at our /shop- do not buy, but let us know what size, colour and style you would like sent to you/


Agents C*I*A

24 replies
  1. Avatar
    Sylvie says:

    Hi team.. My name is Sylvie, just a quick msg 2day,with a few q’s; and introduction; bascically ive been interested in astrology..started studying here in melbourne, australia in the early 90’s,I was just out off 4yrs at uni,brain drained,so deffered as I intended to return at a later date[hasn’t happened yet!] The chiron Centre where I attended,had changed format/closed as a school as the internet ect evolved. I didn’t leave without buying a few good books,and became a slow learning book student with ‘archtypes of the zodiac’ my favouite and became somewhat the forte. I am at present setting up a home [old school] artists studio{no web sites,as I am still a techno phillistine!] I would be very interested in reading your articles,and newsletters as such. My current creative drive will be starting some developmental paintings linking my collective sub mind in this age,[birth and the new age] as I had touched on the subject 20 od yrs ago in an exhibition. Your website blew me away.. when mercury is well on the way to direct, I can afford a small membership to start with..Is all this o.k? Also can I print/copy your posts?for astro artistic referncing ? Happy Grand Trine All, Cheers-S.

    • Avatar
      Agent12 Julija says:

      Hi Sylvie, that’s great we love that you love the site. Yes by all means continue to read article, We really appreciate you joining in with a the Agency when possible. When you say you want to copy post and picture, please send me an example first of what your idea is her for approval, of course all should be done with references back to us, here. OK good luck and get in touch,

      • Avatar
        sylvie says:

        Hi agent 12 Jilija,thank you for reply. Artistically some developemental works to commence have some symbloism revolving around the number three [3] Your article has shed some light on some personal answers which I have been waiting/{on and off} & looking/searching for. Artistically/visually it will be my works,I would like to investigate/reasearch/link a conctere understanding of the “historical references “of the ‘three’ {3} number, mentioned in the article, per say; as a personal experience,back in 1997 will be the format for the painting, I already have the visual; I just could never work out the totallity of the link in this personal experience ,& of the altuistic connections to the number ‘three” [3] ! It is a personal experience I am connecting to thru the painting[three experiences] this all occured on one day,which changed my life,hence the timing of deciding this is the time to put it on canvas,some answers I have concluded myself,since 1997,and universally,wow..this Grand Trine and you have ‘put the icing on the cake!’ I would like to ‘cross reference through research’ adding to my personal visual conclusion of this experience in the painting via the article on number three. Can I print it off to take into studio,is all I need at moment? as i don’t carry a lap top/ i pad or such around. Also any other book references/authors/astro historical would be g8t to read in the near future. No g8t hurry,as I’m still setting up studio..its been in my head since 1997,its time now..soon! Cheers Sylvie. ps G8t you live in Melbourne, will talk more soon.

        • Avatar
          Agent12 Julija says:

          Sure Sylvie,that’s fine – The article you mention is by Andrew Smith, not me. Your welcome to read and reference, just acknowledge where necessary. Glad the article helped with your art,good luck and send us a photo when you are done. Good luck Julija

  2. Avatar
    La Voie Lactee says:

    Bonjour Agent12 Julija

    I am interested to join as a Free Agent of the C*I*A
    However, I am interested active and supportive to help spread the word of using Astrology in the real world.
    Indeed, I would be happy to be involved with the Agency directly, by writing articles, being involved in campaigns, promotion as well as being involved in events.

    Please advise accordingly.

    La Voie Lactee

  3. Avatar
    Irina Lapshina says:

    Dear friends,
    If you are in need of quality translations from English onto Russian and vice versa, I would be happy to provide you with my modestly priced services.
    Thank you for your analytics of the celestial events , I do enjoy reading it on a daily basis. Good luck !
    Irina Lapshina.MS.

  4. Avatar
    royalmedtour.com/ says:

    Simply wish to say your article is as astounding.
    The clarity to your publish is simply great and that i can
    assume you’re a professional in this subject.
    Fine with your permission let me to snatch your
    RSS feed to stay updated with drawing close post. Thanks one million and please
    keep up the gratifying work.

  5. Avatar
    Nova says:

    Hi Julia
    I don’t have a website as yet been far too busy working and will not have the time just yet to become a numbered agent although that is my goal , I would love to pay the $70 cost for a TShirt and when my work load is a little slower I will be able to join the ranks and be ever so proud
    Thank you for a wonderful organisation and for the chance to become a part of this
    Nova levshin

  6. Avatar
    Lala Gasanova says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for such an amazing website full of information, supporting spiritual community.
    I myself write articles on my personal spiritual journey to the light as I personally experienced a strong transformation during my travels around Asia and India, meeting teachers and mentors; learning amazing techniques.

    I am interested in joining the C*I*A to help it blossom and help with anything I can.
    I also know Russian language fluently and believe I could help with translation as I know Russia is awakening big time right now.
    I could also help in reviewing books and website co-ordination.

    let me know how I can be of service to support the community.

    Love and light,

    • Avatar
      Agent12 Julija says:

      Thanks Lala, We dont have an agent in Russia yet. we like our Agents to come up with a plan of what they can do, do you have a website? Translating to Russian could be good! If you don’t want the commitment, a Free Agent is possible, please read above and let us know , Thanks Julija Agent 12

  7. Avatar
    Jared Collins says:

    I want to be a free agent. I have no money to be a real agent but i have knowledge i would like to share. This is something i would very much like to be a part of. I hope i could make friends on here so i could put my theory’s to the test. Im obsessed by quantum physics. I don’t know much but i like to listen and discus when the topic is something i know

    • Avatar
      Agent12 Julija says:

      Free Agents are welcome to join in whatever capacity they wish, numbered Agents, help with work and and articles on our website , events etc and get a profile on our pages.Free agents, we like them to support by purchasing a Tshirt when possible.

  8. Avatar
    Cedric Charleston says:

    I will proudly wear your shirt when I get it and support you all 100%. Space and time , where did humans come from, what makes up special. What mistrys to uncover , so very exciting.

  9. Avatar
    Soph Piccoli says:

    why am i blocked on ur facebook page??
    no one has told me that ive said anything offensive and i am confused as to why i would be 🙁

  10. Avatar
    La Vegaz Christian says:

    Greetings I am 23 year old sun in Capricorn, moon in Capricorn who has traveled the world, had the wettest dreams of love since my calling was heard. I believe astrology is a key ingredient my master works and true purpose in the wold, for the world of beautiful people. What sort of numbers can I look forward to here in Canada within the CIA members and mussiobs . I ask because I intend on making my self a serious driving force of success and attention. As a full member I would love to know if there are Canadians or even local members in my city??? Finally with pride I ask are there any outspoken satanic memberrs or a place in the CIA for satanists and witches. I would love to help create such avenues of social preference

  11. Avatar
    Annette Guida says:

    Dear Julija,
    I’ve been following many agents , albeit, using a hacked device. I had to change my outlook account, and it is now [email protected]. I was premature in doing this, being that the 9 is ending.(another story)
    I would like to contribute for all the valuable information I received through the 2014 period to current. and I am using a PC now. I still have problems and don’t use bank cards, because they have been hacked and charges are rampant. I can’t use Paypal, as I TRIED to relate to Ang Stoic about one year ago. I want to make a donation, and what ever I can do has got to be through MO or a card that will be compromised, anyway. What do you suggest?
    This article by Armand Diaz and so many others, have hit me hard. I am developing a new sense of perception.
    I have been into this venue of astrology since 2002, and know so many of your mutual friends. but I’m up against a bad situation, and I will try to figure it out, but I wantt to give you people something. Are you skypable?

    • Avatar
      Agent12 says:

      Hi Annette, sorry to hear you have so many issues with Banks etc, but understandable. As i understand you cannot donate as you do not have paypal or credit cards, is that correct?


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