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If you are interested in becoming a numbered or named Agent of the C*I*A,

C*I*A Members, join to absorb the teachings and
writings and other offerings created by our Agents.

Please read our Agent requirements below

THE C*I*A is not your usual Astrology Organization. Please note our goal and purpose is to promote astrology by reaching out far and wide beyond the scope of astrological organisations and into society and culture as a whole. Our efforts so far have attracted 1,400,000 million people on  Facebook and rising by over 1,000 each day.
We need writers, promoters and other devoted agents to help us with our ongoing task!

The C*I*A Collective Membership button.

C*I*A Members, join to absorb the teachings and
writings and other offerings created by our Agents.
(this is not the same as being a C*I*A Agent)
A C*I*A Agent takes part in writing, distributing,
facilitating, organising and working for the C*I*A.

Numbered Agent requirements.

        • You must have a good and acceptable mission!
      • Agents are required to acquire a T-Shirt and Badge.
        (the wearing of our T-Shirts is a great way to promote the Agency and yourself as an Astrologer and our collective vision)
      • Agent initial Membership includes T-Shirt and Badge, Membership costs are $ 120 USD including postage.
      • Agent Membership is $45 USD per year after that, due at the end if each year. This way you keep your profile on our pages, keep your number, and continue to be involved. Agents that do more than required, eg as an organiser, as a regular writer are waived this fee.
      • We ask for at least 2 contributions per year and one for specifically for our membership, which we need to see grow, in order to keep the C*I*A active and funded.
      • Reciprocal links and C*I*A banner need to be placed on your blog or website.In return you get to have your Agent profile and links on the Agent Profile page and with any suitable articles you submit.
        We like our Agents to Link and share  C*I*A material as much as possible.
        • Please email Julija for sizes, numbers, names and mission proposals.

Agent benefits!

We now have a great Web presence and social media following. The C*I*A is doing a great job promoting Astrology.

      • Agent articles that are featured on our website and FB now have a wide circulation with a growing audience with 5000 to 12,000 visits per day.
        This can be used to greatly benefit what you do or want to promote as an Astrologer. Being involved with the C*I*A and writing articles is  a great way to feature our Agents and what they do, or write and get yourself out there to be noticed.
      • Agents receive 10% discount on all C*I*A events, workshops, seminars, Star Camps and are the first to be asked to facilitate, take part and lecture at events and workshops. And get paid!
      • Meeting other like minded Agents when traveling, online, having loads of fun, organizing missions etc
      • Agents are able to use the C*I*A name to organize events, workshops, gatherings in their area.  C*I*A logo can be used on pamphlets etc, but please let us know what you are planning to do if our name or logo is to be used. Our logo is Trademarked.
      • Being part of the Coolest Intelligence Agency there is, with lots of future potential!
      • We welcome your ideas, input and creativity.
      • Know that being part of the C*I*A is a great promotional tool for Astrology and Astrologers in general, together we can do much more than on our own. Becoming an Agent helps us all work together and keep the website  and pages operating.
      • Know that your part of the Cosmic Conspiracy to change the world and how it thinks and help get astrology recognized as a creative, wise and intelligent practice.
      • Be part of the conscious global evolution by cultivating an astrological meme.

Thank you

C*I*A Pendant

If you are Interested in becoming an Agent of the  C*I*A, please contact Julija, with your proposal and a short bio about yourself , what you do and how you could be of benefit to join the Agents of this C*I*A.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

PLEASE EMAIL : Julija – Agent 12