Agent 279 – Jennifer Matthews

Jennifer began a journey into the study of Astrology in 1996, after her very first Astrology reading at the age of 33.
The reading opened her mind to a world of esoteric arts including numerology, tarot and healing that expanded her life and pushed her potential beyond the horizon of limitation.

During this time, Jennifer was drawn to study massage therapy and somehow unlocked a sensitivity to heal through connecting to the subtle energies of the body, & also the ability to access client’s past lives, which she says is like a residue in the aura.
In 2013, Jennifer became a qualified naturopathic herbalist and has a clinic at West High St, Coffs Harbour. Combining all of her skills and abilities to heal, Jennifer also holds Astrology & Tarot workshops and retreats in the local area, while using Astrology as a tool to identify medical conditions and remedies.

Agent number 279 was chosen due to Jennifer’s Life Path Numerology of 27/9.
Jennifer is an Aries Sun, 8/ 9th house cusp with the Sabien Symbol Sabian Symbol: A serpent coiling near a man and a woman., which she believes is the kundalini energy she discovered available to her when practicing the healing art.

LOCATION: Coffs Harbour – NSW

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