Equinox and Solstice – Intention Activation


Aries Ingress : Equinox :
March 20th – 4:30am    UT

It is our plan at the C*I*A to get as many people involved as possible in a simple ceremony to celebrate the  each Solstice and Equinox . By understanding the energies present in the Ingress  astrology Charts, we ask you to gather 2, 10 or more people or even just yourself and family and follow the simple guide below. The idea is to send a wave of positive intention around the globe at these important turning points of the year. Plan your ceremony to happen sometime after the Sun ingressses into the cardinal sign of the season and within the next 24 hours after that.

The Sun moves into Aries, Cancer/Libra or Capricorn at the same moment in time globally, but because of world time zones it happens at different times of the day or night depending where you are, ranging from: Make sure to check your time zone for exact date and time in your area.

Visit www.timeanddate.com to find the time the ingres happens in your area.


If you prefer a short and uncomplicated mission – Light a candle and sit facing north comfortably and focus your intention on The Intention Summary

Otherwise follow the directions below.

Align your space with east, west, north and south.
You can be outside, inside, on the beach or on a boat: it doesn’t matter.

Decide on time and place. Gather your group. Define a circle by sprinkling salt, sand or earth around the area you will be hosting your ritual/intention. It is best to spend some time settling yourself and the group down, by getting  comfortable, closing eyes and taking at least 12 deep and full breaths, quietening and calming your minds and bodies.

Place some incense in the East, the element Air representing our thoughts, the universal mind and how we all communicate.

Light the incense. Inhale as the incense enters your atmosphere .

Place a cup full of water in the West, the element of Water representing universal love and compassion. (Select the most beautiful cup you have).

Pass the Cup around the group so that everyone can then have a drink from this cup.

Place flowers, rocks, crystals or salt, in the south in southern hemisphere  and in the north in northern hemisphere,  the element of Earth representing Gaia and the wonderful way she supports us  with her most exquisite earthly gifts.

Pass around what you have selected so that everyone can touch, smell, feel the earthly gifts .

Place a candle or make a small fire if outside,  in the north if in the southern hemisphere  and in the south if in northern hemisphere, the element of Fire aligned towards the centre of our globe. The Fire representing the eternal flame our aspirations and inspirations for this world.

Light the candle or fire with everyone focusing on the flame.

After doing the above, sit comfortably on the floor conscious of the four directions, but also conscious of Up and Down, “as above, so below” you are at the centre, with all six points radiating out from within your centre. Take 12 or more deep breaths until you feel yourself aligned with the space you have created and your mind is clear..

At this point someone from the group can read aloud about the Anima Mundi for this Solstice for all to absorb the meaning and symbolism found in the text. For intention purposes it is more effective to concentrate on simplified and direct thoughts. The idea of intention is to focus on those things you’d like to see in this world not the things we don’t want.

You may wish to add more of your ideas or thoughts if you like, have a discussion, everyone say something, sing, or chant, play a song or music or whatever else your culture or group would prefer.
There are no strict rules. It is important that we get as many of us as possible together to do this. It is important to spend at least 20 minutes in quiet focused intention. Focus on the summary of the Solstice energies below.

xThanks for joining us and please pass this Mission onto as many people you think may be interested.

Tips on sending Intention

Start by getting yourself in a good frame of mind – go for a brisk walk, do some yoga, deep breathing exercises or meditation

Turn off computer, lights, sounds, music  – ( pretend it’s  earthhour )

Create a space – comfortable, quiet and soothing

Sit comfortably – either in yoga lotus position or a dining chair with a straight back with your hands comfortably on your knees

Be mindful of the present

State your intention

Have clear picture of your desired outcome
eg – if you wish to change jobs and find a new more satisfying one – have a clear picture in your head of the job you desire, the more detail the better
Or if you wish to send healing intentions say to a friend fighting Cancer – imagine the cancerous cells in their body to be healthy and non-cancerous
If your intention is for rain – imagine being soaked, wet and feeling the rain on you, seeing it wetting your property and landscape , or making sound on your rooftop
If your intention is for clear night skies-visualize a perfect star filled night

Believe that your intention will work

Your sense of “ I “ needs to be removed .  A universal oneness is the feeling that one needs to aim at experiencing –  this permeates universal forces that then begin to work and listen to you and your intentions

Practice makes perfect – start with a few simple intention exercises

Visualize clear skies for a night time event coming up

Visualize  the kids working quietly at their homework

Send an intention for friend to call you – someone not so likely to give you a call

The water experiment – formulated by Dr Masuru Emoto – fill two glasses of water  and write “love” on one and “hate” on the other leave them in a place you will pass often during the day – as you pass them – send love to the glass with “Love” written on it and send “hate’ to the other – notice the difference, something like playing Mozart or ACDC to plants.

experiment with your own ideas

Start an intention group

To help heal sick friends

To join the C*I*A  Anima Mundi Intention – missions