Ingress Charts and AstroCartoGraphy 2021

with CIA Agents

A look at the Ingress Charts and AstroCartoGraphy 2021  featured at C*I*A’s Brave New World Symposium Nov 2020 wit h Andrew Smith and Julija Simas

As the Aries Ingress – the Astrological start of the year gets closer we have uploaded a session, recorded as the 1st Session of C*I*A’s Nov 2020’s Brave New World Symposium.

Julija Simas and Andrew Smith look at the Ingress charts and related Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps for the New Era, the 20 year Jupiter Saturn conjunction, Saturn and Uranus squares as well as the most significant Ingresses’s of 2021.

What do they show us and how do Ingress Charts and Maps help inform us about the year and times ahead? Andrew and Julija discuss and point out the key features of the year ahead as every key ingress focuses a potent planetary moment and holds the potential of what will unfold!

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