I am Me – The New Moon at 10°57’ Leo

with Andrew Smith

See the light “What do you want to be when you are older?”


“That’s great, Little Spirit. But what do you want to become?”


“Yes, that is well and good. But what do you want to do? What do you want to aspire to?”

“I want to be me”

“I’m sorry but perhaps you do not understand my question. What job would you like to work at so that you can make a living when you are older.”

“Oh, but teacher, you didn’t ask me what will I do with my time. You asked me “what do you want to be when I am older” and I really would like to remain me. I like me and I believe that if I stay me, I’ll be an older, hopefully wiser and certainly more experienced me and I’d like that. My mum tells me that I am not what I do. What I do is just stuff. It is distractions from what is really important and she says to keep the infinite spark of my Light of Life burning, I just need to be myself. I need to follow my heart and I will remain happy. Just as I am now”

Mouth agape, silence followed as Teacher had no response.


Affirmation number one, there are no such words as me or mine.
Words of this nature were introduced into society as a control mechanism which systematically first divided the subjects individually and then as a collective.
Prince Roger Nelson

There is no one alive; there was no one in the past; there will be no one in the future; and there is no one in any parallel universe who contains the exact energetic make up or indeed possesses the same consciousness to you. You are unique, truly unique, even if you share characteristics common to our species. You feel, you think, you love, you move, you search, you question, you are free, you imagine, you grieve, you exist, as we all do. Yes you have patterns that maybe similar to your peers or to other people. Yes, you have been encouraged to be a battery hen, forced to produce, streamlined for your time and energy. Yes, you hurt, you despair, you are on a journey towards wholeness as you walk on this seemingly isolated and separate place. But you cannot be someone else and they cannot be you. You are you.

Yes, it can be hard to remain you when you are surrounded by smoke and mirrors from your birth. Our society has been built on illusion, created by us to keep us at bay. Devised by those hungry to feed off your unlimited creativity and passion, your consent keeps the lies and the enslavement going. You are told that you are not good enough; not clever enough; not worthy; that your only purpose is to chain yourself to someone else’s vision of what you do, as opposed to getting to know, embrace and discover who you are. You are expected to live up to someone else’s standards; to conform; not to think for yourself; to anaesthetise yourself with a cocktail of meaningless entertainment, substances, poor food and a constant barrage of fear and subterfuge. Moreover, when you do step out and step up, you are subject to disbelief and incredulity as those asleep are threatened to look at their lives and to start to believe that there may be another way; that what they have colluded to may not be real; that it may be possible to be happy; that they may have what it takes to risk being themselves. Come again? To RISK to be true to themselves? Wow. What a world we have created.

Periodically, throughout history, there have been times when consciousness has reached a point of realisation that the foundation in which it exists is not working smoothly and attempts are made to change the paradigm. During those times tolerance for the way it has always been drops and awareness increases. A space opens up to see through the fog and to sense the possibility of another way of being. It is during those times that those deeply embedded within and hungry to maintain the status quo fight back with draconian measures, with the underlying intent to harness your passion and your creativity for their own means. After all it is your energy and passion that gives the system energy as the illusion of dualism is further manipulated within a barrage of fear perpetuating the myth of us and them.

RumiIt is no secret that one of those times is now. We are living through the end of time before once again it all starts afresh. And who is creating that new paradigm? You.

So let’s be subversive. Why not be you?

Seriously, just for one day. Then another. And another!

What have you got to lose? After all you have already given your time, your heart, your energy, your creativity into doing and fitting someone else’s vision of you! And has that worked for you? Are you fulfilled? Are you at peace with yourself? Are you living in a constant state of inspiration? It is a sad fact of the way we have created our current reality that it is something that we have to be reminded to do and have to work ever so hard to bring into manifestation. Furthermore, you have not been encouraged to dive deeply into your own numinosity and bring forth your eternal flame. Consequently you would not be alone if you have lost touch with who you are and what truly inspires you. So let me ask you a simple question – who you are?

Who are you, beneath the protective layer of make-up, the photo enhanced images, your clothes, your stuff, your commitments to pay your rent or mortgage, away from your ambitions and that omnipresent longing to be free?

The simple response is that you are.

That’s it.

You do not have to learn to become you. You do not have to do something to be better. You are. You always have been and always will be, you. Once you attempt to be you, your egoic flame is fanned and on a tangent you start to walk. Encouraged by the way that it has always been – achieve, accomplish, impress, impose, success, reach the top, be a leader, be materially wealthy – it is so easy to spot the lower vibrational manifestations of the intentional projection of the inner flame onto the world, since our world is consumed by it – selfies, reality TV, entitlement, 15 minutes of fame, “Make it great again”, the list is endless.

Rum i lightThe simple act of being you is a challenge to our current way of being. Being you is given lip service until you truly express yourself beyond the boundaries of what is “acceptable”. For example, the schooling system in Ireland encourages the individual yet teaches a syllabus that does not encourage the student to think for themselves or practical skills necessary to function independently and bleeds a child of their inspiration, creativity and time through excessive amounts of homework, exhausting them to the point of becoming robotic.

Imagine what it would your life would be like if you not only expressed the full extent of your unique cosmic identity, you felt utterly comfortable within it? Imagine what it would be like if you honoured the inner flame of another without trying to control the way that it flames fits into your agenda? Would it really be chaos and anarchy? Or would it eventually create a sense of health and well-being and fulfilment? You may be aware that within certain Native Americans tribes, children were watched and observed to see what they defaulted around and then were encouraged to take what they loved up as a method of societal production. It worked until the pyramidal system of divide and conquer stepped in and stamped out this organic co-creative way of being.

This is not to glorify the past and pine for a return to that state. No. It is simply to make the point that honouring the love that burns strongly within an individual can work. When your inner flame is acknowledged and given a chance to burn freely, joy is created. When joy is shared, peace, fulfilment and contentedness are possible and you are given a chance to get on with your life, dealing with your intrinsic complexes, healing and reunifying as you prepare to re-connect with Source Consciousness, a theme that drives all humans, all creeds and all genders.

The development of inner confidence and belief, the ability to be simply you and the inner spark of divinity, unique to you and you alone is called Leo. Made combining two differing states – an inwardly directed energy and a state of passion (fixed fire) – every year, between the 22nd/ 23rd July and the 22nd/ 23rd August this theme is further accentuated in your life. Furthermore when the Light of our skies reunites during this month, an opportunity is offered to you to replenish and renew your relationship to this archetype.

In Leo, the spark of life becomes strong and enduring, having connected with people, exchanging both ideas and values and now time alone is needed to figure out which way your inner spark needs to be directed. Once ignited, this fire can not only give you a deeper sense of purpose, but it can sustain you through life’s vicissitudes as the subsequent vitality and sense of aliveness can dispel both anxiety and tension. Furthermore when you begin to accept yourself then you can begin to know what makes you tick and can help you develop self-respect. By connecting with what brings you passion; what makes you feel alive; by listening to, and trusting, your inner voice joy is ultimately created. From joy, inner strength and confidence arise and since confidence is synonymous with happiness, you will feel energetic, excited and reinvigorated.

If you have forgotten how to be you; how to reconnect to your inner flame; or what creates passion for you, this coming Leonine New Moon can serve to remind you. During this lunation I would recommend that you hold space in the days leading up to the actual New Moon on the 2nd August on those themes as well as reflecting on what inspires you; what forms of creativity you are passionate about, so that you can empower your sense of Self enabling you to move closer to a deeper sense of inner purposefulness which in turn will igniting your inner flame. Carefully listening to the comments made to you about who you are and your subsequent reactions; observing your inner dreams, longings and fantasies about what life you want to create, as opposed to the life you are living within; and also reflect on how aligned you have lived with the passion of your heart, it will give you a good enough gauge to feel how integrated this fixed fire pattern is in your life.

Rumi Confidence

Maybe you feel that because you were not born when the Sun was in Leo or have any other planetary archetype within this sign that the themes of Leo are relevant or that your journey is to empower your will by maintaining your integrity in the presence of other people. However, you do have access to this inner confidence and fire simply because Leo falls somewhere in your chart, as do all the other zodiacal signs. That arena, or house, describes the physical environment wherein issues of self-belief and self-confidence commonly arise. I have prepared a short document for you to locate where Leo falls in their charts to add to this narrative and preparation for the reignition of your inner flame. Click on the following link –

Locating the Leo Lunation

During this New Moon, you have the opportunity to plant a seed of fire for your creativity and vision, so hold a space, from the 22nd July (when the Sun ingresses into Leo), around what inspires you; what things give you purpose; or what forms of creativity you are passionate about, so that you can re-ignite your inner fire. Take the time to write a list containing all the things about life that you are passionate about – be they emotional, psychological or practical activities. Commit yourself to something that you love, regardless of how it may be perceived by those around you. Being you, not becoming you, is essential the message of Leo and you have the opportunity to reconnect with that essence during the Leonine lunation of 2016.


All rights reserved – www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and Andrew Smith. Written at 09:24 BST, 24st July 2016.