Heart Love – The New Moon at 2° Cancer – 24th June 2017

by Andrew Smith

Heart Love

The New Moon in Cardinal Water octile Fixed Earth Venus

24th June 2017 at 4:30am UT

NARRATION (click on link)

And there she stands, a lone figure amidst a swirling tide of raw emotions, her hair swept back and to one side permitting anyone who stares to see the full unhindered expression on her face. Her smile speaks of profound inner peace; the relaxation of her gait does not suggest that she is ready to flee a world burning with anger and discontent at the injustice, wanton greed and lies.

A bastion of light from which the Sun has not dropped away, several willowy souls who lethargically languish beneath darkened clouds orbit Little Spirit. Faces blanched, eyes weary, slowly drowning in their own mire, one of those Grey Soul’s eye’s Little Spirit suspiciously. The jOy in her eyes and the tenderness of her voice nakedly betrays a soul filled with lOve and happiness, even though waves of darkness attempt to wash her world black.

“Why so happy?” Grey soul hisses, as his chafed hands writhe within the chord that tightly binds him, his eyes firmly ensconced on the ground.

Little Spirit looks up and silently smiles, her eyes radiantly beaming a majestic spark of light, eagerly attempting to catch his eyes.

Fleeting he looks up and immediately back down, as his eyes are met with jOy. “What are you smiling at?” Grey Soul rasps

Little Spirit continues to smile, but this time she reaches out her hands towards his, eyes unwaveringly but gently seeking to connect with his.

“Have you nothing to say?” Grey soul sarcastically retorts.

Quietly, Little Spirit opens her arms wide and says calmly “I would like to give you a hug”

“Come again? Why would you do that?”

“Because everyone needs to feel lOved and everyone lOves a hug!”

Repealed by the thought of being touched by a stranger, Grey Spirit recoils. From safe ground, he steals a glance. Those eyes… a beacon of hope, beckoning him to climb down, to relax and to come … home…

“Will you permit me to give you a hug?” Little Spirit persists.

Once again glancing up, there is something innocent in her eyes that compels him, reminding him of a safe place where he once resided, a place inside where lOve is the colour imparted; a garden where the grass is lush and green, enticing you to lie down and stair up and out at the ever morphing ivory clouds; an island cocooned from the harshness of a world that has forgotten; a home that reminds him of laughter and peace. Quickly he dismisses that memory, and again recoils into himself.

Noticing that change of mood, Little Spirit moves closer this time saying “I need a hug. Can you share one with me?”

An ancient memory stirs within him, a feeling of connection, a feeling of protection, a feeling of safety, a feeling of home… looking up for a third time, Grey Soul’s eyes meet Little Spirits. Wavering, the ice melts, tears stream. Moving closer again, Little Spirit reaches out and places her hands around his shoulders and pulls him close. Resolve broken, heart heaving, a sob escapes, as he feels lOved by a stranger. There he stands, grey fades to white, light shining, clouds lifting, hands released, heart unburdened, the world feels different, as anger dissolves and lOve remains.

“That place in your heart can never die. It may be forgotten. But it is there. Just say you believe and it will come. It always does. Just reach out with your heart and you will be surprised just what you can create and what magic can happen.”


“Any true spiritual path will nurture the capacity to love. Life without an open, loving heart is destitute. A true path is that which allows us to experience Love in its most expanded and pure form” Sandra Barnard

A hug is a positive exchange of emotional energy between two (or more) people. In a world lost within a fevered frenzy of unkindness, anger, frustration and exhaustion, something as simple as an outward, active expression of genuinely heartfelt emotion, can have a profound healing impact in ways that you cannot imagine. There are many lonely, abandoned and bereft of support and feeling unlOved; there are many broken without the hope of care and consideration; there are many longing for the simple acknowledgement of their existence and there are many isolated within a society hell bent on draining them of every ounce of life. All they need is to feel connected; to feel held; to feel supported; to feel that they exist. All they need is a hug…

There is immense healing within a hug – a hug given without expectation of return; a hug given from heart to heart; a hug given in compassion and unconditionally. Healing is sometimes about simply having someone hold you in their arms and feeling their love, caring and compassion. A hug is a non-verbal acknowledgement of another’s life. It can be given to share the pain of grief, frustration and anxiety, as much as given to share in joy and revelation. It creates connection that cannot be expressed in words; it envelopes you within a cocoon of safety and security, lifting your spirit and etching a smile into even the hardest of visages.

And a hug sounds an awful lot like a theme from the world of Cardinal Water!

Made up of four basic life giving states (called the elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water), your consciousness is also expressed in one of three ways – outwardly, inwardly and changeably, also known as the Modes. The combination of this primal three by four expression yields the twelve fold state of consciousness, known as the signs of the zodiac. Cardinal Water, is also known, as Cancer, and is the state of consciousness that is lit up by the Sun’s apparent movement through this sign each and every June Solstice to mid-July.  As the Sun is joined by the Moon on the 24th June in 2017, the proactive and outward expression of feeling and emotion is given a greater awareness in your life, as you are offered an opportunity to feel how emotionally open and confidently expressive you are of your heart-centred consciousness.

Remember that the element of water is your life giver. You simply cannot survive without her! Her fixity shaped and sculpted the earth during the Ice Age; her mutability pours her life giving elixir on you in the form of rain clouds and her Cardinality continues to shape the land and give you energy in the form of waves. Cities have been built on the landscape she has shaped – riverbeds, alluvial planes, coastlines. She can extinguish even the hottest known fire, lava; flood or fertilise our earth; and cool our air. She nourishes and activates life.

In terms of consciousness, water is simply energy in motion (e-motion). Emotions are electro-magnetic charges that move rapidly through fluids across the membrane of the cell walls. Emotional energy works at a faster speed than the speed of thought. This is because the feeling world operates at a higher speed than the mind. Scientists have repeatedly confirmed that our emotional reactions show up in brain activity before we even have time to think[i]. We evaluate everything emotionally as we perceive it. We think about it afterward. Therefore, your emotions are your inner guidance system. They fuel you as they drive many of your decisions and actions, for better or for worse. They add to the quality of your life, and can rob you of vitality. Your emotions reveal what you truly love and value. They nourish your creative, artistic and intuitive abilities. In fact, having all the wealth in the world does not matter if you do not feel good.

And feeling good is something that we can all do with, as we live within a constant torrent of manipulated information, disseminated to keep alive fearful emotions. The world is under siege as the dark that exists within each and everyone fights for its life, amidst a rising tide of consciousness awareness, healing and lOve. Threatened, it is fighting for its survival using the only weapon it knows that will work – fear. The more fear you feel, the more separate you become, as your heart withdraw, your eyes harden and your soul diminishes.

What can defeat fear?


And boy is it hard to do, when pain shoots from every corner of the world; when injustice is flagrantly flaunted in your face; and lying is no longer done covertly. Yet, there exists a place in your soul where lOve is the colour that only exists. Little Spirit comes from that place and that place exists within you. It is a place that is hard to forget amidst the grey and cold of a world tattooed black. But it is a place that you renewed on the 26th March when your heart consciousness was reborn; when you made a commitment to only serve from your heart and to believe in your ability to lOve when all around you has washed its hands of it. As Venus has risen high above the Sun in the early morning skies over the past month, your heart has been continually tested in terms of what you love, what you value, how you earn, how you relate, what you enjoy, how you take the time to engage in activities that you love and how to breathe into your relationships a new form of being – a form that is both innocent and wise; honest yet gentle; compassionate yet firm; accepting yet boundaried; free yet committed. Moreover the way that information is being leaked into the public domain, your heart has been affronted with images of division, fear and unkindness and that has also been an affront to your commitment to this new Heart Path.

So what can you do?

Offer a hug.

It’s that simple.

A hug is both an open and direct form of connecting with others, difficult to enact, especially with those you do not know very well, but necessary if you believe in lOve.

It is well known that babies will not thrive without physical holding and affection, yet our western societal values de-emphasise physical nourishment as we age. I suppose the confusion of sexuality and intimacy can be blamed as we reach puberty. But why should hugging an adult be such a modern day taboo? An earnest and sincere hug warms the soul. Moreover family therapist Virgina Satir determined that everyone needs four hugs a day to survive; eight hugs a day just tick over; and twelve hugs a day to grow! Her research confirms that our emotional wellbeing is deeply impacted by the physical love we experience and that touch and hugging are primary channels in our development of basic positive emotions. From a consciousness perspective, touch is life affirming and when something is emotionally learned, it is not forgotten easily and therefore forms a primary basis of how we integrate the knowledge we are bombarded with from birth.

And smile!

Another direct way of connecting with people, a genuine, heart-felt smile not only break down barriers, it opens people to you thus enabling you to really connect or bond with someone, which is at the heart of what an open and direct way of expressing feeling is all about.

And in astrology, this is called Cancer…So my prayer for you is to accept this charge and find someone who needs a hug and spread your lOve, even if you are frightened of their reaction or have issues concerning trust, intimacy or touch yourself. Try it. The results will amaze you.

Thank you for reading and my heartfelt thanks to those who regularly comment on my near daily social media offerings.  Till the Roaring Leonine Lunation in July I bid you well!

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All rights reserved – www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com and Andrew Smith. Written at 14:13 BST, 20th June 2017.

  1. The Power of Emotion by the Institute of HeartMath, p6[i]

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