The Coronavirus is changing the way we live with each other and our earthly environment from now on! As astrologers, we look forward to sharing our unique perspective on these changes by offering an amazing, week-long, online summit. Astrology Rising 2020 will bring you some of today’s top astrologers to share the wisdom of the stars to assist in this birthing of a New Paradigm. Our intention is to cultivate a deeper understanding of the forces at play, astrologically, spiritually, environmentally, socially, politically, financially, and personally, as we pass together through this tremendous portal into a new world. This is the “Changing of the Ages” we have all been expecting, and NOW is the time to come together and envision the new future we wish to create out of the chaos and dissolution of the past. These ancient and modern teachings can help us to understand both the timing and purpose of these changes, how we can best re-shape this reality, and our individual soul purpose within the greater scheme of life at this time, and the times that lie ahead.

Please take a moment to review the vast array of topics that we will address, and get ready for a fantastic week of astrology! We’ll be sharing everything from the Astrology of COVID-19, to Chiron in Aries, the upcoming Venus and Mars retrogrades, Pluto square Eris, the Moon’s nodes, Planetary Prayer, the list goes on and on (see more HERE)! Together, our nine astrologers will be delivering 34 talks, six yoga and morning movement sessions, a closing panel, an online question and answer forum, and a private FB group page where we can all get to know each other!

Get the most out of your personal time now. Take advantage of this week long summit to gain the most profound insights into what’s really going on and what to do about it. The summit will begin with movement at 6:30 am extend through to 9:00 pm and even include virtual dinner parties! You can treat the week as a personal retreat and shut off the outside world, or you can listen in whenever you want and return to the recordings anytime in the future. This is an unbelievable event you will learn and grow from for years to come. Grab your ticket and join us today! 

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