• Element: Air
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Modern and Traditional Ruler: Mercury
  • Anatomy & Illnesses: The arms, hands, fingers, nerves, lungs, bronchi, breathing.
    Body parts that relate to the immediate environment and atmosphere through what we breathe in and touch.


  • The Gemini glyph’s two identical sides or poles represent duality and polarity, as shown through the myth of The Twins, Castor and Pollux. Yet these poles are fused together, creating oneness.


  • Gemini is easily identifiable by its brightest star, Castor, and second brightest, Pollux. These stars form the heads of the twins and another two stars create the twins’ feet, making up the distinct lines that resemble the Gemini glyph. The constellation Gemini is close to the ecliptic, and in both the northern and southern hemispheres is best seen in the midheaven at midnight when the Sun is in Sagittarius in November and December.


  • Our ability to use language, ideas, concepts, thoughts, communicate,
  • Intellect, intelligence,
  • Our sense of reality our environment
  • Awareness and curiosity, learning
  • Archetype – Storyteller, actor, the Puer, the student, trickster
  • Gemini ruled by Mercury and is associated with the process of learning, communicating,
  • A dual sign – double bodied with Sagittarius and Pisces (wild signs)
    • What began in Aries and was stabilized in Taurus now becomes expressed and released through Gemini.
    • Gemini, the first air sign, uses the logical mind to seek explanation and meaning.
    • Gemini signifies ideas, information, curiosity and discovery, represented by a mind full of questions yet not enough answers.
    • Gemini shows how we understand ourselves through our surroundings, especially our immediate environment (family, siblings, relatives), neighbourhood and schooling.
    • Gemini indicates our flexibility; our ability to change and adapt.
    • The search for a ‘twin soul’ is represented through Gemini, symbolising the need to integrate our other half, or shadow side, in order to become whole.
    • Gemini represents equality, separateness, duality and polarity (eg. divinity/mortality, black/white, good/evil).
    • Gemini is rational, functional intelligence whereas Sagittarius, Gemini’s opposite sign, represents universal symbolic, philosophical intelligence.


  • Expressive, inventive, quick-witted, changeable, clever, theatrical, funny, curious, restless,
  • Inquisitive, versatile, moveable, willing, communicative, curious
  • Agile, adaptable, Coherent, inconsistent, changeable, curious, dextrous, social, conscious, intellectual,
  • Shadow  – Nervous and tense , scatterbrain, flighty, superficial and inconsistent  , Cunning and inquisitive, deceptive, tricky

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