Full Super Moon ~ 19°37’ Virgo @ 17:48 UT March 9th 2020

by Agent 87 Laura Boomer-Trent


Full Super Moon ~> 19°37’ Virgo @ 17:48 UT March 9th 2020
Virgo-Pisces Love-Wisdom Full Super Moon

Compassion! Compassion! Compassion!

“Let us get loose with compassion. Let us drown in the delicious ambience of love.” ~ Hafiz

This Full Virgo Super Moon horoscope exhibits a high changeability factor due to ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, both being in ‘mutable signs’. Accenting an emotional need to move on from being stuck in our mind – or heart – and to be in our flow when a Full Virgo Moon reflects the light of a glowing Sun as it courses through watery Pisces, sign of forgiveness and compassion and imaginative dreams that coalesce humanity’s divine unity (within), enabling us to more easily tune into our innate human ‘love-wisdom’.

And while situations surrounding the dutiful and health-conscious Virgo Super Moonbeams can nourish the heartmind with wise helpful advice and method and tools to help in difficult circumstance, the emphasis over this Full Moon is upon the singularly practical: to be of useful service – especially in a crisis. Pisces, however, is a spiritually serving, world-orientated sign of the hidden subtle vibration. Events that take place during the time of the Sun’s passage through the Two Fish are profoundly symbolic of the psycho-spiritual health of the collective unconscious, buoyed only by unconditional love. 

Interestingly, from the cosmic perspective, because of the Piscean collective influence it also means everyone – without exception – now has a magnificent opportunity to develop working skills at the same time delve into the unknown as a portal to experience unreserved healing love and be at one with the Oneness. Because, even if deluged by the current viral activity around the planet, or densely obscured by personal guilt or resentment, fear or distress, somewhere in each heart there is a bright and shining place called ‘love’ that can be open to bliss and hear Virgo’s supportive words ‘do not despair’, to keep hope alive and the connection to spirit radiant.

While it continues to be a challenging time for the mercurial and inter-connected to keep abreast of the media and information, a Virgo Supermoon takes care of details by getting up-close and personal (okay, don Pluto’s mask if necessary), purifying and accenting the healing power of nature, purely by resting in the present moment to listen to your heart-speak, which is where truth is found.

Through the mirror of Spirit’s shadow, an Earthy Virgo Moon illuminating Mother Earth shows how she holds a sacred love-wisdom; and by allowing oneself to appreciate the beauty of nature just as it is, without trying to control any element bar what is best for others; and by connecting with others and the environment in a meaningful, contented manner, a reassuring love naturally grows.

Just as love becomes more apparent, we naturally foster devotional compassion. This is important right now as Spirit Sun conjoins magical Neptune, which is at home in sensitive Pisces, for compassion to become the superpower for this supermoon. This is mainly because the potent once-a-year combination of heart central Sun is now uniting with oceanic Neptune highlights to magnify the hypnotic mystery and sheer illusory nature of reality, as well as the way thoughts and ideas can easily sway to deceive or even be deluded by ourselves and/or others, so that confusion and suffering can abound – an even greater hazard while Mercury retrograde in Pisces scrambled to cover-up mistakes (more on healing trickster brother in a moment). Because the influence of Pisces wends around us in often hidden and enigmatic ways, sometimes the watery waves (of emotion) are so deeply concealed, only when pressure is strong, as with a supermoon, they can suddenly rise from the deep to peak and flood, regardless of boundaries.

And this is where compassion again comes in: many people think compassion means pity for those less fortunate and confuse it with empathy, i.e. understanding the feeling of what someone is going through by imagining how they would feel if experiencing a similar situation. While it’s good to recognise how someone or something else is feeling, especially if it is pain, that is only a part of how the great kindness works; but it’s often here where we get stuck. Going beyond the feeling of empathy, compassion is the development of an altruistic love that encourages wise action, a wise love-based action, so that whatever you do is for the benefit of all beings. Know that without compassion, suffering and delusion will continue to gain ground.

Among the easiest ways to generate and release the all-consuming but highly practical Virgo-Pisces Love-Wisdom full power on the Super Moon, and understand compassion within your own world, is to practice acts of kindness for others, as well as for yourself. For others, no matter how small the kindness, it can make a world of difference to those needing a boost, be it moral or actual help.

But to be compassionate towards yourself is where the real magic is found. So always start with yourself first. And we can do that in various ways: Pisces is also the sign of isolation, invoking blessings in silent solitude by communing with the Divine, while Virgo concentrates on physical wellbeing: by going on retreat and looking after yourself and recharging batteries (and immune system) is all nicely starred right now. So is meditation, yoga, tai-chi, mantra, music, dance, poetry, art, swimming (even) and all activities that align higher chakras to the heart-mind can release the divine nectar of creative luminescence transporting one into the intuitive world of the Divine. Hopefully, you can see how this works: by developing a philanthropic understanding of humanity, we grow the heart of a saint and live a happier, healthier, fulfilling life – not to mention groovy dance moves and answers to prayers.

Going into Full Virgo SuperMoon detail: this Full Moon is the first in a series of three Super Moons (with April’s ‘Wesak SuperMoon’ the largest), when actual tides are higher; it is also the second Full Moon in a series of four that once again sees the Moon as a singleton, a handle upon which the rest of the horoscope swings, adding a great deal of responsibility to the individual for collective situations; synchronically challenging the Virgo Moon to concentrate upon organisation and health, one’s own as well as that of others.

All-the-while Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury is currently at station while Luna culminates. Poised and ready to go into forward motion at 28°Aquarius at 3:39am 10th March, Mercury in the sign of Water Bearer heralds an awakening to bring clarity, awareness and (emotional) containment, which is helpful in times of a fast-moving pandemic, when the stress and tension from fear and worry can weaken just as much as any virus. Do your best to stay strong within.

It may be helpful to look back at the beginning of February and see what can be learned from these five weeks. Healing trickster brother Mercury comes out of the shadow period March 30th; take care though: it will still be easy to lose oneself, as Mercury is not out of slippery Pisces until Easter, April 11th/12th, which is the ultimate Pisces/Aries festival, when the Sacred Goddess discovers how previously hidden (divinity) has risen.  Grappling with karma, cover-up’s and ‘unseen’ influences (e.g. CoV-19) will last until then, when a new approach may well be implemented. The impulse to keep on the physical move could also be slowed-up until then, at least. After which, the new and novel take over Mercury’s thoughts and ideas.

Other influences of note over this Full Moon as the Sun is conjunct Neptune include 2020’s expansive Jupiter conjunct controlling Pluto, in sextile nebulous Neptune. The scale of Neptunian pollution and dependency upon wide-reaching Jupiter may not be known until early October, when Jupiter/Pluto and Neptune again accent the same degree where we are now: in seriously unchartered territory in so many ways, from climate crisis to a mass distortion of the electro-magnetic and viral mutation, all will eventually pass; and while it does it will also encourage us to be nicer people, and develop kindness and compassion towards all beings – including anything furry or with fins or wings.

And as Mars, scarlet planet of action and attack is currently exalted in Capricorn, and in planning mode with asteroid Pallas Athena, both Pallas and Mars are now aligned to a fabulous Fixed Star, Vega: the charismatic with strong business strategy could now have a feminine touch. And when the waning Moon also joins this mega-powerful Capricorn line-up (South Node, Pallas Athena, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Pluto) on the 18th March, concentrating upon the ‘real’ and worldly will produce a certain kind of accomplishment.   

Another planetary combination worthy of mention over this Full Supermoon is how loving Venus is at now home in earthy Taurus, accenting the need for stability and security; but conjunct radical Uranus, also in Taurus, steadiness cannot be easily predicted, as with Uranus, the only constant is change. Because these two create the infamous ‘freedom-closeness’ dilemma, in as much that it brings out the weird and wonderful to tantalise with technology, long-distant love, financial changes, and new looks that have a futuristic feel. Maybe we could all do with such a breath of fresh air?

Last word about this Full SuperMoon is that it is also ‘Holi’ the Indian Spring ‘Festival of Colour ‘. As well as the Himalayan ‘Festival of Light’ and ‘Day of Miracles’, a celebration of the Buddha accumulation of prayers and magical miraculous display.

With which I wish you all a very blessed and colourful Virgo SuperMoon, and may the miracle be that we all experience the cosmic kind of love and are healthy and happy, free from any suffering.


Be well dear C*I*A readers…
Until the Wesak Full SuperMoon,
from Agent Dakini #87

Aka Laura Boomer-Trent ©

Laura will be presenting ONLINE at the next C*I*A Symposium for the Equinox March 21st/22nd

LAURA BOOMER-TRENT  – Spirit in the Sky – Check Schedule and details HERE
As Sol enters a new 11-year Solar cycle, cycle 25, what could we learn from the Sun about life on Earth? Many new and exciting revelations about the heart star of the system we depend upon for life, warmth and light are now ‘enlightening’ us about the nature of reality in form, formlessness and truth. Studies show Solar activity, such as highly charged solar winds piercing through Earth’s magnetosphere, is a major influence upon the collective, as in the weather; and X-flares (with charts!) can knock out global communication – as well as zap the spiritually sensitive. Yet when empowered by the Sun (in the horoscope), aware of polarity, direction and radiance to align with a cosmic consciousness, we can also discover peak personal performance, purpose and presence.

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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