✰ Empower the Soul✰ Full Scorpio Moon @ 11:45UT 7th May 2020

by Agent 87 Laura Boomer-Trent

Full Scorpio Moon @ 11:45UT 7th May 2020
 Empower the Soul 

Scorpio proverb ~> ‘That which doesn’t do you in, makes you stronger.’

Or, as they say in Zen speak: ‘No Mud, No Lotus’.

As you can tell from the above sayings, Scorpio (and its planetary ruler Pluto) tends to emphasise situations that are not always easy, but often extremely transformative. So when the emotional Moon is full in deep and powerful Scorpio we can also experience profound feelings that test in critical and crucial ways. And while we might not always like how we feel about certain situations or what we see (even within ourselves) over this Full Moon, Scorpio’s influence encourages us to use our present circumstance as a means of transformation, to transmute anything we consider a shadow upon our natural clarity, with precision and care.

  Because this Full Moon sees the ‘Lights’, the earthy Taurus Sun align with a penetrating Scorpio Moon, into a slowly tightening ‘T’ square with a fixed yet active Mars in Aquarius, concentration and focus is called for, especially in the humanitarian arena. Make no mistake however personal transformation is now possible when working in either isolation or groups, even if it seems like a BIG ASK. Because the practical Taurean Sun is now with Mercury, quick-thinking planet of the mind, the celestial emphasis is to illuminate and stabilise chaotic thoughts – all-the-while a buzzy Mars in techno-beeping Aquarius could overstimulate the senses and lead to over-analysing anything and everything. And that could drive us all to distraction! What the heavens suggest we really need is a combination of both, time to analyse AND space and time to just rest in the restorative power of ‘now’, to see and savour the value in this present moment, just as the contented Bull rests in the meadow, we also benefit from our connection to nature and her healing power to sooth and uplift.

  Granted, this is a particularly traumatic time for humans on Planet Earth, as symbolised by the now infamous hard-hitting Triple Conjunction (Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto) and we could now do with much healing and soothing of furrowed brows and stressed out systems. As social beings it’s only natural to want to reach out to those we love to try and make sense of a pandemic which affects everyone. In the midst of any (cyber or otherwise) connection, try to stay on track and not let anyone deter you from living your higher purpose to be kind and compassionate. Note that friendliness can embrace physical distancing for a while, and regulations could ease as Saturn begins to retrograde May 11th and goes back into earthy Capricorn from July until November. But here again, I would advise us to try not to get hopes up too high about life going back to the way to was before. How we proceed is important for our own health and safety. ‘Big Data’ in the form of Jupiter conjunct Pluto only just started crunching algorithms to digitally grow control over the last Full Moon in April; suggesting we are about to experience life digitised to an unprecedented technical and electrical level. This is why it is more important than ever to nurture and renew our soul in nature as often as possible, in order to stay ‘earthed’, deeply connected to our essential human nature. 

  Be warned: this is just the beginning of the hard-90° angle T-Square between the Sun and his warrior, Mars. This slow forming ‘T- Square’ actually perfects June 6th, and eases out by the Solstice. So we now have six more weeks of a tough square creating a hard angle by which people could easily feel aggressed, perhaps by unnecessary monitoring from regulations provoked by a bold and hardened authority. In actuality, it is we, ourselves, who need to police our own mind – and that takes awareness of self in relation to others.

By way of sensing and getting an idea of what the next season (summer or winter) might bring, note any tensions being played out approximately 12-16 hours after the exactness of the Full Moon, as this is when the Moon makes a direct challenge to Mars; then witness the beginning of a month long build-up to the exact same T-Square between the Sun and a currently electrifying heroic Mars in innovative Aquarius. In a month’s time the energy will have again shifted; so note that when Sol and the scarlet Mars do square-up 6th June, they do so in adjacent signs, when Sun will be in Gemini and Mars in Pisces, and when there will more information about combatting the unseen, as well as the opportunity to develop spiritual skills that help one to see through the veils of illusion. 

Anger, jealousy or unbridled passion can also arise quickly around the culmination or just after the Full Moon. Know that to get everyone’s needs met patience is called for in all spheres of communication and interconnection. There could be promises of liberation, full engagement, as well as a futuristic sense of what may come in the following years. Yet we may also end up seeing the need for forgiveness over the June Moon as well, when this Sun-Mars T-square finally perfects.

 Back to now, though, and the brilliant Taurus Sun, solid and secure with quick-thinking Mercury implies a strong stance and bright mind; in a wide conjunction to wild-card Uranus, experimental planet of liberation, this again denotes looking towards stability with liberation, which, in itself, is an ambitious combination. Certainty is a rare commodity in this modern world. Everything and everyone change all the time. Yet humans thrive on having some kind of healthy routine – stable diet, enough sleep – and money – as well as loving relationships – all infused with a little excitement here and there. Too much Taurean good-life surety leads to dull vacuous boredom and a lack of empathy towards others; whereas too much Aquarian-Uranian stimulation can fray relations and frazzle nerves. Again, this Fixed ‘T-Square’, plus the Sun’s conjunction to Uranus, suggests breakthroughs can occur, offering new answers with practical yet innovative solutions in these highly unusual times.

For many people still on lockdown, the time is also ripe for self-evaluation and self-improvement to find new ways of healing (the trauma of having life ripped out from underneath one); and to live healthily in community. Stronger and stable situations means all those thoughts wheeling about in the windmills of mind can slow down and allow one take stock. Many could also realise how they need to hold trust close to heart and maintain nerves of steel. Even if it’s only thoughts and ideas about the future that are developing to be on the move, coming out through the metaphoric chaos, and to rise like the light-seeking lotus, easing through the mud into the open takes faith and awareness.   

There is no doubt these have been most difficult months for the worlds’ human inhabitants. Though fish, other mammals, animals and cetaceans have been having a ball; so we have all now experienced a time when humanity lives in harmony with the Earth. And how wonderful is that? Very, I hear you say! It’s certainly an eye opener, noting how the air is cleaner, lighter, and even sweeter to breathe; and the birds, animals and fish much more relaxed.

Coming from our usually degenerate time, this lockdown has shown our exemplary human sense of ‘care’ and ‘togetherness’ are strong and reliable: and these are much-needed qualities for the beginning of the Age of Aquarius where equality and humanitarian ideals are upheld. So we also know now that when it comes to even bigger issues, such as environmental crisis, from which these pandemics arise (when we are out of alignment with the natural elements), that we can (and do) pull together and do what is best for everyone. Incredibly, and most hearteningly, Mother Earth quickly responds.

 Under the astral auspices of the ongoing ‘Triple Conjunction’ (until early next year, 2021), we also need to look at the bigger picture and revise the ways we utilise Earth’s natural resources, to develop renewable energy and sustain homes and industry, without harming the planet or its inhabitants, should be our goal.  But with this Full Moon highlighting the powerful Fixed Cross Quarter mid-way marker festival between Equinox and Solstice, it is also the perfect moment to acknowledge our own personal transformations taking place too, particularly those heavy-duty emotional adjustments that come within the auspices of ‘Triple Conjunction’ and welcome the light as if emerging from a well-spun cocoon. So get ready to spread wings and fly, even if it’s only a liberating experience from within your mind’s ‘third-eye’.

  Murky hidden agendas notwithstanding, the drama and crisis of the intensity that everyone has been under are thankfully rare and difficult to naturally maintain; ordinarily both heart-mind and body tend to seek healthy resolution. And because these past months have been hard for everyone in one way or another, it’s at times like this that we are forced to step-up and maintain some level of control without chaos. It’s also at times like this when our true nature is often revealed.

As such, events surrounding this Scorpio Moon could also lead to powerful insights that offer hope in such bizarre times. Both passionate and intense, when the sensitive Moon is in Scorpio we often experience a laser-like perception that helps us pinpoint which/how/why/what/who we would now like to invest in, or renew, i.e. what parts of our self, our world and our relationships need to be transformed.  Be aware certain relationships are cosmically destined to reappear throughout May, June and July. (More on VENUS RETROGRADE in a moment.)

Because Scorpionic exactness features heavily in psychological scrutiny: to rid oneself now of paranoia, slothful habits, and unrealistic longing makes it easier to embrace truth, trust and courage – all of which is needed in abundance throughout this year. And to release the outworn and obsolete also means relinquishing unreasonable desire. No matter how many shades of grey may permeate and nuance our ordinary world, Scorpio Moon situations tend to either black or white, which can actually be helpful during moments of transformation, when extreme times call for extreme measures. By this I mean there’s now very little chance of going back unaffected into the life we had before this cruel pandemic rampaged across the world at lightning speed, highlighting the way we collectively abuse and exhaust nature and her creatures, as human playthings. Attitudes and situations are bound to change.

Still, there will always be those willing to be enslaved to the same-old, same-ole, and get back on the treadmill to sell their soul to the industrial pollution machine because they don’t know any other way; and for the easily swayed into the machination of desire and aversion we raise compassion and wish all beings be blessed with ‘right livelihood’. Those struggling, financially, emotionally or otherwise can already sense a need to dramatically change in order to survive in the New World. Yet what this has taught is how much that can be done together, in community, and with peer groups that support fellow kindred spirits during times of transition. A Scorpio Moon also denotes the importance of emotional armour and strength to face changes up-front and bravely, no matter how difficult or challenges those changes maybe. After all, psychic Scorpio is the sign of life, death and rebirth. And it matters not if the challenge is good or bad: it’s still a challenge – while Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is now retrograde until October 4th, the measure of our collective karma will be weighed throughout this year, until November 12th, when the Sun is in Scorpio, and the third hit of Pluto and Jupiter takes place empowering Pluto’s controlling influence (read the last part of last months’ Full Moon report for more on this Jupiter-Pluto). Be aware also how the December Solstice 2020 marks the 240-year Great TransMutation, and the start of a more humanitarian world begins to unfold.

 According to the heavens, we really are on the edge of something fabulously exciting and new and now getting an inkling of how we are now taking small steps towards the entrance into the New Age of Aquarius, when humanitarian ideals are implemented and altruism is the guiding light for an impeccable human spirit.

 We still have time to create such equality. But before we leave this Full Scorpio there are two other astral points to mention: Firstly is that the Full Scorpio Moon trines Neptune in Pisces; at the same time the Sun makes a sextile to Neptune. This is an easy aspect, easily overlooked in the goodness it imparts, stoking the collective dream to reveal buried treasure (spoiler alert: it is our emotional inner-strength). 

And secondly, in the days following the Full Moon, three planets go Retrograde: Saturn, Venus and Jupiter, in that order.

1) Taskmaster Saturn, currently distancing socially in Aquarius at Rx has already been mentioned, going retrograde May 11th until September 29th.

2) Venus goes Rx May 13th for 40 days and 40 nights in Gemini, when old connections resurface after 8 years.  Planet Venus, Goddess of love, currently has many tales to tell, as she is passing through Gemini, the sign of facts and information, as well as hearsay. This is the perfect time to train your mind and love who and what you are, warts and all.

3) Next Jupiter goes retrograde, May 15th, for four months until September 13th, when it is the first to pull away from the massive six-planet retrograde. Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn indicates areas marked for growth need to be reworked and reorganised, with less expectation and more cancellations.

It’s the retrograde formation towards the end of August/beginning of September which makes this astrologer cautious about saying the virus will be cleared, because retrogrades are times when we revisit situations, people and events. That said, I sense that in the form we are currently experiencing that covid-19 is coming to an end, or sorts. Maybe it will mutate as other virus have in the past. But hopefully not. Hopefully, the September mass of retrogrades means we have learned our lessons and are busy implementing our wisdom accordingly.

And Last but by no means least, this Full Moon in Scorpio is also widely recognised and celebrated as the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and paranirvana, known all over Asia as either ‘Wesak’ or ‘Buddha Purnima’. And I tend to see this as the transformation we can all make, from darkness into light, from pain to joy, from ignorance to mindful compassion.

Himalayan Buddhists celebrate the same thrice-blessed Buddha moon known as ‘SakaDawa’ June 6th, which is also a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, followed by an annular Solar Eclipse at Solstice. Powerful turning points ahead!

Until then, take good care, stay safe and be well,

With love & light from #AstroDakini Agent #87
aka Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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