Perfect Bliss ~ Full Moon 3°12’ Pisces @11:55 UT 
Sunday 26th August 2018

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Perfect Bliss ~ Full Moon 3°12’ Pisces @11:55UT
Sunday 26
th August 2018

Whenever the Sun is in Virgo there’s an inclination to strive for perfection. The perfect dream, partner, poem, job, school, or home, the Virgo Goddess (within) urges everyone to be the best they can by remaining informed, aware, and wholeheartedly practical. In a world of disarray, Virgo so often sets about helping and serving others to realise a healthy purity in mind, body and spirit: physically, through diet and regime; mentally, through intellectual inquiry and life-style; and, perhaps most importantly, maintaining a healthy spirit by fully engaging in the present, learning from the past, but not being bound by what’s been – or coming-up – just plain old in the ‘here and now’.

You’ve heard the maxim ‘Chop wood, carry water’ in reference to taking care of personal daily needs at the same time finding pleasure in daily life – even after realising ‘enlightenment’. Well, it is Virgo, as Sacred Goddess, that has the immediate ability to elevate everyday chores to make the divine ordinary and the ordinary blissfully divine: so the most mundane thoughts or tasks become a means to accomplishment. And as the Full Moon Virgo Sun radiates at the apex of rare astrological formations, best keep life hyper-real and surmount any inhibition that limits self-expression or the actualisation of potentialities – plural.

Living in multi-dimensional times, waves of potential ripple and ride through the deepest undercurrents of mass collective consciousness, brought to light now with an oceanic Moon in magical Pisces. Be aware that unless you have the ability to intuitively recognise fantasy from actual, the relative from the ultimate – easier said than done – one could waste many precious moments and be manipulated or swept along by the promise of glamour and glitz from a spellbinding snake-oil salesman, when the ‘real’ thing is actually much more enchanting.

Under such mesmerising circumstance, the practical Virgoan ‘power of now’ is paramount, in order to remain healthy and ‘grounded’, i.e. practical, stable, and reliable. Not grounded in the North American meaning that you can’t go out because you’ve been naughty in any way! But ‘grounded’ as in centred within one’s self, rooted in daily ritual, connected to Mother planet Earth. Nurtured by the bounty of the Virgo Earth  Goddess a distinctly feminine and spiritual perception of beauty and wisdom currently stimulates the imagination, accentuating the bliss discovered within music, dance, yoga, theatre, art, film, mantra, meditation, prayer; all of which can eliminate the toxic or negative: confusion, delusion, addiction.   

Back now to those rare aspects in the chart of this Virgo Sun, Full Moon in Pisces:

1) A Grand Earth Trine

A Grand Trine formation has three planets 120° apart that contains goodness and cooperation. Now accenting planets in the three Earth signs, this Grand Earth trine gives strength to Uranus in Taurus, the Sun in Virgo, accenting Spirit in service, and Saturn at home in Capricorn. Our environment also comes under astral focus – as does our work, well-being, and social standing. All these rather materialistic topics are impacted by personal input and actions. For instance, Uranus now in Taurus suggests leaps and bounds when dealing with alternatives within our individual and collective value system: i.e. how we care for our (techno) things, land, food and housing; Spirit Sun in the sign of the Virgin, at the apex of the stabilising Trine (AND the apex of the Finger of God – more on that in a moment!) advocates a certain devotion to all we are, and all we think and do – not with Leo razzmatazz (although some mercurial types won’t be able to resist the drama), but a down to earth expediency gets the job done; all the while Saturn in Capricorn indicates reliability, diligence and karmic rewards.

Keeping the faith and working thoughtfully and methodically now accomplishes much more than rushing at something with misguided hope (When planets turn direct quite a few ideas and plans spin into action.). But when three planets harmonise together in such a way as a Grand Earth Trine, the heavens suggests it is a lot easier now than it has been for quite a while, for taking individual responsibility for the kind of personal change and development that leaves behind some diehard old habits, even with a subtle change of routine

Though it has to be said that the Trine between Saturn & Uranus never actually perfects, as Time Lord Saturn has now picked-up speed, all-the-while Uranus goes retrograde ( heading back to revisit Aries from November to March (going forward January 6th 2019); now is the time to integrate the cutting edge into traditional scenarios.

The rejuvenating qualities of the feminine Grand Earth Trine Shakti power lasts almost a whole month; the Full Moon’s Grand Trine-Kite is the celestial icing on a fairy tale cake. It also comes with reminder how not to indulge too much, nor wear yourself out or take your eye off the ball, lest you miss a wonderful opportunity to put some sparkle into life. Take note how Grand Trines – and Kites, for that matter – carry fantastic positive potential, all of which can be frittered away in a moment’s distraction. So hone your insights skills now!

2)  Yin Kite – Earth-Water

A ‘Kite’ shape occurs when one planet in a triangle formation – the Virgo Sun in this case, which makes an opposition to another planet, i.e. the Full Pisces Moon, which then becomes the mid-point, i.e. 60° apart from the two other planets in the triangle (Saturn & Uranus); effectively creating a mini-triangle in addition to the larger Grand Trine, that flies the skies in a magical formation. Sun and Moon also form the axis with a ‘higher’ vibration, accenting a talent for the elevated but entertaining view. 

This ‘Kite’ again highlights sensitivity to the feminine, yin elements, Earth and Water, helping to develop empathy and compassion, as well as tap into lucid dreams to resolve unconscious behaviour and patterns.

3) A Finger of Fate, aka ‘the Finger of God’

More pointed than the Grand Trine is the Finger of God, aka the Finger of Fate: a ‘funnel’ aspect, in which energies are filtered into focus, via two quincunx aspects, 150° separated by a 60° sextile. Again, the Sun is at the sharp end, reiterating the Virgoan talent for detail and healing when perfecting skills, especially creative gifts which can be of service to others.  Sometimes the two planets which are at the end of the funnel can even receive qualities from the pointer (the Sun). When the retrograde Mars forms an agreeable sextile to Shamanic Chiron, both can push up through the Sun, to illuminate all that needs Virgo’s restoration in the professional arenas.

4) Mars goes direct the day after the Full Moon!!! So this is no ordinary Mars in the Full Moon chart: this is Mars stationed at his most powerful, at his degree of exaltation, 28 Capricorn. After months of retrograde motion, the Sun’s henchman Mars returned to this exalted position in Capricorn to prove how to uphold conservative authority with experienced majesty, before again putting boundless energy into the wild and new when the scarlet planet returns to Aquarius, September 11th.  Events around the Equinox, September 23rd, could also have a martial feel to them. 

While this may be a present moment when the proficient and practiced are honoured, it might be helpful in the future to recall a quote from Hunter S. Thompson who said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” 

5) Because there’s also the ongoing Fixed T-Square with Uranus in Taurus and the Moon’s nodes, which turns into a ‘Fixed Cross’ at the next New Moon, when the power to transform is heightened.   

6 & 7) Lastly, we’re also still in the last throws of the 3rd dreamy and expansive, Jupiter trine Neptune (which was exact August 19th, and 2026 is next similar aspect!).

At the time of the Full Moon, Mercury in Leo is in the same place it was July 10th, which was the same day Jupiter went forward after this year’s retrograde. To compound this Mercury Jupiter connection, the celestial courier makes a third tight, challenging square to Jupiter. That the heavenly messenger makes a last defiant hit to the Cosmic Teacher Jupiter within orb of the last Jupiter–Neptune Trine, could create a conflict in wanting to know everything, at the same time as being in awe of life’s mysteries. By accepting that we can’t know everything could even help to open the mind to understand the bigger celestial picture, that all is truth, consciousness and bliss*, which enchants most when the Full Moon is in magical and mystical Pisces.

Places highlighted over this Full Moon: West Africa (Benin, Mail, Niger, and Algeria), France, Guatemala, Mexico, and Central USA: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Dakotas; Saskatchewan Canada, Burma, Mongolia, and eastern Russia.

“Aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something.” Henry David Thoreau

*Otherwise known as ‘Sat, Chit, Ananda’ .

Happy Pisces Full Moon to everyone!

Before closing I wanted to let you know that I am excited and honoured to be invited to share ‘Celestial Secrets’ with C*I*A members and guests at the October C*I*A retreat, near Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. It will be wonderful to see you there!

With blessings of Love & Light, Laura aka Agent Dakini

Laura will be our Special guest at C*I*A’s Celestial Secrets- Retreat in UK, NSW- Australia, OCT 11-15th 2018/ C*I*A Members receive discounts to attend.

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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