Setting the Scene into the 2020’s

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

Most certainly we are on the brink, the edge, a burning off of the past, a shift not only into a new decade, but also into a new mindset and an overhauled system to follow. How quickly this will occur is hard to tell. Demanding signals have been sent to us over the course of 2019, with the building Capricorn markers, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node. We step into 2020 with a grand stellium forming, with Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, Sun and Mercury all in a hard square aspect to the Goddess of Discord and Chaos, new dwarf planet Eris. This is all happening during an eclipse season on the Capricorn and Cancer polarity, representative of our global safety and security.

This first exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction joined at this time by the Sun, Mercury and Ceres all show the potent seeding taking place, as an end, and a release of some destructive old habits blend and recompose with some bold new moves. The survival of the planet, the human family and our future is our current preoccupation.

We may remember the coming of the year 2000, when we had Y2K on our minds as a new millennium was about to start? Or when the AIDS pandemic threatened our survival and sexuality back when Pluto and Saturn last met in Libra? It’s not surprising that we feel a threat now, given the incompetence of those who run our world and economic systems, the vast imbalances of the distribution of wealth and resources and the state of an industrially revolted planet and consequent and disastrous climate change  events that threaten our safety and our backyards.

The Seeding:

With all decades beginning with a zero year, it’s as if they give us the chance for a reset. This time as the stellium lines up, we have a greater opportunity to seed powerful new directions for our planet. As Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and with Pluto joining him in his own sign, the shifts and changes come through with a particularly dynamic restructure and rebuilding, not immediately, but they set up new and unprecedented goals and directions; some from pure necessity, others from societal demands. New cycles begin with a conjunction between two planets. When more than two planets come together as a stellium many things are being seeded at once. 

So the conditions are set for the great reboot and reorganisation of the ‘system’. With Dwarf planet Ceres also getting herself right in there into this stellium and directly involved with the heavies, a certain kind of balancing is suggested. She is working toward a much needed redistribution of wealth, resources, and shaking up the power plays of control by the patriarchy, contributing a much needed feminine touch and understanding at this time. Ceres’ presence here shows us her skills at negotiation and bargaining and most of all reminds us not to give in, or give up on the cause. Influential seeds are being planted, whilst others dry up or decay and disappear forever.

I have always found the ancient myth and meaning of the sign of Capricorn most inspiring, and it is important to be reminded of it at this time. Originally depicted as a Goat Fish, or Sea Goat, Capricorn’s glyph represents this Sea Goat, visually a V-shape symbolising its horns and the S-shape its fish tail, dipping into the primordial ocean. The myth and archetype arises from the ancient Babylonian God Ea, depicted as a man cloaked with the skin of a fish, who ruled the vital powers of the water underneath the Earth. The Sea Goat illustrates human cultural achievements arising from the depths of the cosmic ocean. The nurturing and nourishing side of Capricorn may have been lost to us over the years with the influence and power of the patriarchy and its control, yet it is important to be reminded of this now, and that Capricorn and Cancer are both feminine signs.

Just before the great stellium becomes exact and at the first exact conjunction of Pluto-Saturn, Eris, our frustrated warrior goddess and Uranus, the revolutionary, also make their presence felt. Eris and Uranus both station direct after their long retrogrades of 2019, within just 30 minutes of each other, during this time. Uranus in Taurus highlighting with his station,  the dire need to change our global attitudes to the management of resources, the blending of the natural environment and technology, and the uncontrollable and crazy rapidly shifting climate. Eris’ station highlights her position in square to this stellium, raising our voices and actions of discontent as we move forward, building on the movements and progress already made toward equality, in race, creed, gender and sexuality and women’s rights.

Yet it all feels quiet positive with Jupiter at the capricious South Node at this great seeding, giving us a need to keep our chins up, embrace the past and what was, take on the wisdom and the new found truth and guide ourselves forward with a great reverence to that which supports us the most, the planet earth and atmosphere that surrounds us. Jupiter here asks us the believe in the future and the endless turning of the wheel.

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