Awakening the Spiritual Warrior – 
Equinox Full SuperMoon 0° 09’Libra @1:43am GMT

By Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Awakening the Spiritual Warrior
Equinox Full SuperMoon 0° 09’Libra @1:43am GMT

“Nothing glows brighter than the heart awakened to the light of love that lives within it.” —Guy Finley

The air positively crackles with the buzz of activity, all-the-while streaming elemental winds zap up to speed as the centre of our solar system, the Sun, reaches its’ all-important turning point, 0° Aries. At the same time, the ‘Full Awakening SuperMoon’ creates a powerful interaction between Sun, Moon and Earth, opening the way for the ‘Light of Life’ itself to energise our heart-mind and body, and quickly fire-up our own stamina and strength, too.

The sign of the highly-charged Ram is the first sign of the zodiac, kick starting the Astrological year at Vernal Equinox, equal-day and equal-night, as the Sun enters Aries.  On Wednesday 20th March, at 21:58gmt, this Aries Equinox is also extra deLIGHTful, primarily because it takes place just a few hours before the hyperactive ‘Awakening Full Moon’ – making this a doubly illuminating and (spiritually) rousing Full Libra Moon, Thursday 21st March @1:43am. At just 0°degress and 9 seconds, ‘The Lights’ align perfectly along the ‘world point’ axis of equinoctial balance of light, meaning everyone senses the need for harmony, peace and love, as well as personal healing space. 

Taking care of oneself is mega pertinent now, as it is the first time an exalted Aries Sun has shone consciousness raising rays upon Shamanic Chiron for over fifty years. At 1° Aries, Chiron’s conjunction with Spirit Sun is tight. It has, in fact, been since May ‘68 that a glorious Spiritual Warrior shared the celestial spotlight with the Wounded Healer, Chiron. This astral alchemist also accents how we are prepared to do our best in whatever circumstance, and is now prepared to soldier forward and carry on regardless of any suffering. This is the Awakening Moon, after all. For some it might be a slow awakening, as Chiron is in Aries for the next seven years. It isn’t easy coming to terms with some wounds, courage to stay on track and know that there is a way to come out of painful periods in our lives and loves. Some may see how fault lines in relationship or cracks in personality are, in actual fact, where the light gets in – and some wounds are positively character forming, as they give a person a chance to develop personal insight and humility, as well as empathy and compassion for others. 

An awakened Libra Supermoon reminds us loving kindness (to self and others) coupled with gentle but sustained enthusiasm is a key to personal growth and success. Because everywhere we go, this modern world still wants a piece of who we are, and any stroll into the realms of illusion and chaos can be both physically and mentally exhausting and exasperating; not to mention confusing – as indicated by the long (and sleepy) sojourn of the Mercury Retrograde conjunction between the planet of communication and Neptune in Pisces, planet of dreams and illusion, forgiveness and faith (see last months’ Full Miracle Moon astro report for more detail).

Suffice to say that while Sun and Chiron are movement orientated and all about staying alive, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces are meditative by nature. Diving deep into the heartmind to recognise the sacredness of reality and the nature of impermanence; aware and mindful of how each moment is full of wonder to be cherished, one can let go of past hurt, or expectations that keep us clinging to an untenable future. This lingering conjunction of Mercury with Neptune suggests such realisation is not an overnight revelation. Nonetheless, Mercury will be conjunct Neptune for another few weeks to have many a mindful and ‘awakened’ perceptiveness; or just continue having the wool pulled over one’s eyes. 


Interestingly before the moon culminates in Libra, Luna is Queen of the Heavens in Virgo, the larger than life sign of the Sacred Goddess. It is at this point the Moon is also perigee syzygy, and so we have the last Full SuperMoon of the year*. Remember how the Moon always works in threes. Just as we have January, February and March as SuperMoons, and February’s Moon was closest, this moon is still larger than normal! Also thrice bound we have the three night influence, starting before the Full Moon which often ‘feels’ the strongest. On the night of actual culmination there can be a result, realisation or release: and with the Libra Moon a chance to be calm and show fairness and goodwill. The third night is followed by the dissemination of light, and a few days when tidal flows are also higher than usual.

Before we dive headlong into all the planetary aspects constellating at this time, it is also good to know how this is actually the first of two Full Moon in Libra. The second Full Moon April 19th, when Sun and Moon will be at 29 ° Aries and Libra respectively, the divine ‘Light of Life’ again stimulates the Sacred Warrior to balance head AND heart with certain familiarisation and mirror-like wisdom. A second Full Moon in a zodiacal sign is called a Zodiacal Blue Moon – a ‘Krishna Moon’ or ‘Christ Moon’, radiating consciousness and love for all, including self (Indeed, this may well be the origination of the ‘Blue Moon’ concept, due to Vedic Krishna’s royal colour.).

At this first Full Libra SuperMoon, however, it has to be noted how there are many exciting astrological aspects within this Awakened Moon horoscope, with Luna featuring in a myriad of different celestial signatures that can make our emotional world a place of sanctuary and beauty.

Reflecting the light of the Equinox Sun, Luna is so dominant it features in every major aspect within this Full Libra SuperMoon horoscope. The last of five moons at 0°; but the 4th of 5 moons as ‘Singleton’, this time the initiating and solitary Libra Moon is also the driver of a locomotive shaped, meaning the feminine world of love and beauty, style, poise and class is keeping everything together, which is quite a feat these days and something to behold.

Also at this Equinox Full Moon, the Libra Moon, as a glamourous mother swings the handle of a cosmic cradle that heads a stabilising ‘Grand Trine’; two fantastic ‘Kite formations’ that indicate high-flying ambitions; a ‘Mystic Rectangle’ to enhance practical magic in the areas of justice, peace and love; Luna is also challenged by the out-of-sign T-Square with Sun, Moon and Jupiter: time now to have faith, and go beyond ordinary confines when aiming for major reconciliation and restoration. Being urged to think big is not only because Jupiter is in the T-Square, but Zeus is also coming up to the Galactic Centre, demanding we stay on course and air high; as well as Jupiter is also currently conjunct ‘Fixed Star’ Ras Alhague, the star which only compounds the desire to successfully heal wounds.

Basically, the influence of the cool and poised Libra Moon is everywhere, promoting just law, creative (healing) art, and harmonious relationships.

Opposite the Moon is the Equinox Sun, exalted in Aries. And as Spirit Sun gains in strength and brilliance so does ‘the physical self’.  This is a heartfelt Full Moon that facilitates cures and concern, and long thoughtful moments which enable one to confront any fears, working patiently and with care within a seemingly dark but collective psyche by transforming its karmic inheritance. Be aware how there is a particularly powerful mass soul consciousness currently stabilising and transmuting a heavy legacy left by pollutocrats. By 2020 it may be even more obvious how the collective tide is turning away from obsolete consumerism to a more sustainable lifestyle.   

Lastly, this Full Libra Moon also marks the ‘International day of Happiness’ AND ‘Holi’, the Hindu ‘Festival of Colour’, plus No Roz, the ancient Persian New Year, and the start of the Tibetan Kalachakra Time Wheel. Wowee: that’s spinning a smiley, bright and mindful, new-start astro circle. For reference points in time, we had a similar Equinox Full Moon combination, i.e. a collective ‘Happiness Colour Awakening’ back at the turn of the century, 2000, before that 1981, and the next is 2038.  Those who think orange, green, pink or blue is the new black could well be riding the rainbow this Full Moon: it has that shiny, happy, people kind of feel. Yes, it really is that promising. For others, however, black will always be the new black.

Have a great Lunar awakening y’all!

“Awakening is dynamic,
Constantly evolving in accordance with life’s realities ~
Unfolding from ego-self to compassionate self,

From enclosed self to open self, 

From foolish self to enlightened self.”

~ Taitetsu Unno

* The next set of three perigee moons will be New Moons; thus New SuperMoons July, August, Sept, peaking August with gravitational tides, geomagnetic storms, solar activity, etc.

From Laura Boomer-Trent, aka Agent Dakini, who can also reveal astrological and spiritual archetypes in your birth chart, that often serve as confirmation of your purpose and soul contract. There is a universal awareness within astrology that can empower one to consciously co-create with the universe a future you would like to see manifest.

Laura can be contacted to read natal karma birth charts, as well as year-ahead horoscopes, relationship, synastry, family dynasty, astro-carto-graphy; adept in the healing arts: Western, Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan, Laura is an astrologer with over 30 years of experience, and a dedicated Buddhist scholar for 25. Consultations can be in person (in London, England), or via skype or phone. International clients welcomed. Spiritual astrology retreats are also offered Summer and Autumn, in Southern France, where students also explore astrologically inspired historic sites as well as the Black Madonna. 

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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