Full Honey – Astrology of Capricorn Moon – June 28th 2018

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

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Full Honey - Astrology of Capricorn Full Moon - June 28th 2018

Full Honey – Astrology of Capricorn Full Moon – June 28th 2018

Cosmic Consolidation
Full Honey Moon 6°54’ Capricorn 28
th June 2018 @4:53UT

As the season turns with this Solstice Honey Moon, cast your mind back to those NY resolutions you made to yourself? With the six-month marker you thought you would use to measure to see how you were doing? Well. Here we are. And reassessing the important things in life is most timely, if not a necessity.

Be it home, career, or the relationship and respect we have for (our own personal, family) authority, this Full June Moon will highlight both, the material and spiritual work, ahead and already done – with a welcome pause now, to rest in the present, Solstice-influenced Full Capricorn Moon and just ‘be’.

…Though the astrological aspects are diverse in this Full Moon chart, with a dominating ‘Grand Water Trine’, a ‘Cardinal ‘T’-Square’, and the beginnings of the rest of the years’ ‘Fixed Cross’; there are several key celestial points to which one can co-create with universe and apply to whatever is going on now, as well as aforementioned resolutions and long-term plans that will get a reboot. This is due to the lingering nature of the planets currently in retrograde: martial Mars, authoritative Saturn and powerhouse Pluto will be going backwards throughout the north’s summer/south’s winter, forcing one to reconsider a certain course of action that regenerate and renew; all the while expansive Jupiter creates optimism with forward motion till July 10th; and Mercury goes retro just before July’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, to zap up the drama! But first let’s look at the Luminaries (Sun & Moon) during the Year of the Earth Dog’s ‘Honey Moon’

1)  The horoscope of this Full Capricorn Moon opposite Spirit Sun, radiating in the super-sensitive sign Cancer (the Moon’s ruler) initially appears subdued. It shows a detrimental Luna in the ambitious sign of the Sea Goat (not her favourite position by any means), conjunct Time Lord Saturn, planet of accomplishment and long-established business and empires only compounds the seriousness surrounding this Full Moon. Saturn is now retrograde in home sign Capricorn, and by September it will have retreated all the way back to revisit the same place it was at the beginning of 2018. Potentially, this means another three months of seriously motivated work, forming and reforming, working and reworking whatever we consider important in the greater scheme to give certain ideas, relationships and projects, a real and solid base. Backwards and slow moving, although Saturn is glowing golden in the midnight sky, the current position suggests revising and amending particular issues that initially arose at the beginning the year. Where these early degrees of Capricorn (4-8°) lie in your own horoscope will give you a reality check on the astral rework currently in effect. Capricorn’s practical and empirical influence is durable and strong, if somewhat heavy and humourless. Together, however, and despite an irony bypass, a Full Capricorn Moon and Saturn can actually indicate a powerful emotional development.

When the Sun spotlights karmic Saturn and the sensitive Moon, it normally indicates the need to overcome daunt and dread; and all kinds of doubts, fears and obstacles can come to light. As tough as this may seem, it’s good to acknowledge any limitations and emotional blocks we have to face for personal evolution (time, money, support, talent and luck, are all areas which could need to be considered). Still, this is not the time to shirk personal responsibility, shrink into the shadows, or succumb to battle fatigue. On the contrary, it’s time to provide solid foundations, and show how we care about those with whom we live and work, those whom we share our most challenging karmic path: our families, colleagues and cohorts.

While you might feel a little like Bambi going head-to-head with Godzilla*, this Full Moon conjunct Saturn encourages practical solutions to successful personal accomplishment – all of which takes time, planning, patience, and a lot of hands-on hard work, from which there is no escape.

This is a combination that also symbolises heavy weather, as traditional Saturn concentrates the receptive sympathy of the Moon. Where we are may seem dull or depressing, or even oppressive to some. If so, take time out for a breather, as this is a planetary pattern that indicates climbing the metaphoric mountains and we have now reached a threshold, a pass which needs to be crossed carefully, and with reason. 

In mundane astrology, which is the astrological study of the geo-socio-political, the family-orientated Moon represents ‘The People’, whilst taskmaster Saturn is the commanding voice of authority. Interestingly, career advice or family guidance could come from a place with even greater superiority, as the Sun is with fixed star ‘Mirzam’ at the Full Moon. Speaking out to proclaim an extremely important message is the astrological signature of Mirzam, one of the stars of Canis Major: the heaven’s large and barking dog. Who knows what we will hear, or from where, but keep your ears open: ‘an announcement’ with impact is due.

Getting one’s needs met on a basic and practical level is mega important when the Moon is with down-to-earth Saturn. With a multiple of tricky aspects to negotiate, make an effort to keep things simple to stay on centre and in your flow (I know: easier said than done in this world full of distraction.). Complications could suddenly arise with the feeling that one is missing out, or lacking support from those who have the means to provide patronage. Be aware the real you is loving, clear and kind, not the nagging critic.

Okay, a rut may be before you. And you may have already measured the state of the mud therein. But in the perceived fear of losing security, ask yourself if you really need to be stuck and hemmed-in from all sides’ It may be helpful to know that in the run-up and during the Full Moon, both Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon/Saturn make easy and harmonious links to unconventional Uranus in stabilising Taurus, presenting accessible alternatives to the way we live, eat and work, which can liberate and free up the mind – as well as the wallet. By accepting personal responsibility and acting for the greater good in any current circumstance we can also gain a sense of freedom and the potential for personal creativity comes to the fore.

Astrological aspects that take place immediately preceding culmination are actually the most potent: so get to know taskmaster Saturn’s rules well, in order to break them more easily. Being told one must take personal responsibility for difficult situations (in which you are blameless) can sometimes seem like one is yet again faced with another obstacle. But karma works in mysterious ways, and it pays to be kind and compassionate.

Indeed, old alliances are breaking-up and, in the name of consolidation, those who dictate authority (and who can therefore make a difference) could even abnegate upon a whim any previous obligation to protect and preserve. As this year progresses new social systems will become ever more apparent. Whether these are any better than what we have now remains to be seen. Looking ahead to the long-term, by the end of 2020 we may need to call in professionals to bring about a more helpful change.

2) Right now, however, Sol creates the axis opposite the Moon and Saturn to also form a ‘Cardinal T-Square’ with Shamanic Chiron and healing asteroid Hygea, united at the 90° right angle in Aries. This is an active and dynamic T-Square, accenting the wisdom of looking after our health, and to discover how happiness comes from within, especially during times of powerful healing.

3) The major celestial maker for this Full Moon is, however, a deeply sensitive ‘Grand Water Trine’. This triangle with three points 120° apart includes the Cancer Sun, in the same sign as the heavenly courier, Mercury, and Pallas Athena, warrior Goddess – a union to nurture and cleanse, and one with plans to sustain the psychic powers of Jupiter in Scorpio, plus the visionary blessing and initiation into the Divine which comes about with Neptune in Pisces.

The ‘Grand Water Trine’ can easily influence great swathes of people, often through deception and seemingly psychic forces. But with the Moon conjunct Saturn, one should learn to erect invisible protection.

From the spiritual point of view, the Water Trine can also activate the seventh ray, the crown chakra associated with the awakened state of awareness: i.e. enlightenment. Through the purifying power of water, the physical body can awaken the compassion and kindness of a heart and mind aligned with the ‘higher self’.  This ‘Water Trine’ will vary in intensity for the next month to avail us with life’s mysteries.

4)  Immediately following the moment of a Full Moon, Luna begins to wane. During the wind-down of this lunation we begin to enter into ‘Eclipse Season’ with a new Cancer ruled New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th July. Eclipses bring about geophysical shifts, as well as the more personal emotional turning points. These changes can take place a week or so before the eclipse, so be aware that all kinds of energies can filter through an eclipse portal.

5) Which brings me to the last point of astral note, and yet another indication how this Full Moon has associations with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in January, as the now retrograde Aquarian Mars conjuncts the South Node with orb of the eclipse degrees, i.e. incoming cosmic influences are forceful in the message of renewal. Mars only goes retrograde every 2-and-abit years; Mars retro in Aquarius is even rarer. The last time heroic Mars went retrograde in Aquarius was July 1971, the next is well into the 22nd century. So this is a rare moment when the brave Mars retrogrades to tap into eclipse season; dealing with past karma will need to be tempered with an altruism that looks after all beings, from people to dolphins to ants to apes. Heaven knows, we all could all now do with revising how we all come together as a unit, to show our collective humanity and healing.

“The true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.”HH 14th DL

Wishing all a wonderful Honey Moon!
With love from ‘Agent Dakini’ – aka Laura Boomer-Trent ©
* Thanks to Swami Chetananda for perfect metaphor _(*)_

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Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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    Julia says:

    These days are so wonderful! I looked forward to it since weeks. I have so much energy for a renewal and want to begin with new projects. My horoscope on astrosofa.com/2018 also told me, that it is a good time to begin with new projects, so I am looking forward to the next days. 🙂



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