SOULSTICE – Full Moon Cancer – 00° 49’

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

•*¨*•.¸¸☼ Solstice Full Moon 0°49’ Cancer ☼¸¸.•*¨*•
The interplay of Wisdom & Compassion

Rarely do our closest celestial ‘Lights’, the Sun and Moon, partner-up at such a climactic point of the year, the December Full Moon Solstice. As such, this Full Cancer Moon truly marks a yuletide to shine and sparkle. Taking selfies with twinkling fairy lights meant to illuminate the Xmas tree may be fun, but to let the world know how bright you really are, be brave: let your inner-light glow naturally.

The Solstice Full Moon in Cancer tenders family gatherings in a cosy Christmas hideaway, somewhere with people you feel relaxed and safe enough to drop your guard to scintillate and shine. As the Full Moon rises, the season’s also change into winter in the north, summer in the south. And the Solstice Sun now comes to a wondrous ‘stand still’ for three days rising and setting in the same place before again shifting emphasis of light, for nights to become shorter in the north, longer in the south. So we, too, tend to wind down for a few days to catch up with thoughts and loved ones, before light returns (in the north) Dec 24th-25th.

Sol’s celestial revolution marks Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Changing season Friday 21st December, @22:23 (GMT) (already Saturn’s day in Asia and Aus), Spirit Sun moves sign. By leaving optimistic Jupiter and communicative Mercury in charge of the Archer and forward-thinking ideals, at this Full Moon Cardinal Earth Solar Fire Festival, Sun makes a grand entrance into the business-like sphere of the ambitious Capricorn Sea-Goat, sign of concretisation and control.

Within eighteen hours of such Solstice fanfare, @17:48 UT, on Saturday the 22nd December (Sunday in Asia & Aus), the Moon actually culminates to Full. The fruits of whatever was set into intention December 7th may be visible. If not, don’t worry; the ripples of good intention are still out there in the noosphere. And settle comfortably with the Moon at home in Cancer: content and radiant in the reflection of the cosmic ‘Light of Intelligence’, our Sun. This is a mega-astrological wheel-turning moment, a bit like Sun and Moon partying like its 1999, which is exactly when we last bathed under similar Solstice Full Moonbeams. But without millennial madness! Whoo-hoo! Happy Solstice Full Moon!

Be aware that as Sun and Full Moon radiate along the cardinal axis of 0 degrees Cancer and Capricorn, a mighty powerful initiation also takes place within the individual heart-mind. Through this inner-planetary dance, Sun and Moon encourage compassion and wisdom to weave in and around the shamanic spiritual warrior’s soul and psyche. 

With an emotionally triple-charged Cancer Moon aligning to a crystallising Capricorn Sun, which is conjunct Time Lord Saturn, the celestial spotlight fixes upon the karmic connections we have and share with our soul family. All beings may be One under a Solstice Sun, enjoying love light and heat; but at this very special Full Moon during Sol’s standstill, it is quality time with families, friends, and the connections we care to nourish with our commitment, that also give added strength and cheer to a new Solar year and the birth of Sun’s ‘New Light King’.

Other heavenly influences directly associated with this stunning Solstice Full Moon include a major challenge coming from a stellium in the late degrees of Pisces: with Hygeia, Chiron and Mars, squaring-up to Sun and Moon. These three are the shamanic healing warriors, ever at the ready and banded together now to be quickly able to apply the spiritual and psychological (even physical (if called for)) band-aid, as together Chiron, Mars and Hygeia can cut to the quick and generate the love-wisdom that heals (collective) wounded emotions. So you see, it’s not just because it Christmas that forgiveness and compassion can emanate strongly now, but healing personal emotions or family feelings is well-starred.

Remaining (fairly) responsible over this Full Moon (while Luna is opposite Saturn, which is in a wide conjunct with Pluto) – just when everyone else just wants to let their hair down and forget all worries and woes, it could be one of those bizarre times when being disciplined is deeply satisfying and restorative.

While Sun and Moon connect to sobering Saturn, they are, in actual fact, in tighter (and more helpful) aspects to the wacky wild-card wizard, Uranus, planetary awakener and astral overseer: with a Trine and Sextile to Sun and Moon respectively. Sun is trine Uranus Rx in Aries, and now slowing to go forward 7th January (just a day after the Solar Eclipse!).

This kind of connection between Uranus and Sun and Moon can activate the third eye. It can also make us more aware and sensitive to the current collective chaos. Most recently, Uranus has been at ‘the bends’, and in hard square to the North and South Nodes, Rahu and Ketu, Dragons’ Head, Dragon’s Tail. The unpredictable Uranian revolutionary team spirit exploded into action all over the place! But with the change now of nodal axis, from Leo – Aquarius into Cancer-Capricorn, the influence of the nodal contacts widens: i.e. Solstice points, Cancer – Capricorn, are often defining moments for many, both personally and professionally.

Currently, the North Node, Dragon’s head, Rahu is conjunct ‘First Magnitude’ ‘Fixed Star’, Procyon in Ursa Minor; this is an indication of rapid success with short-lived opportunities, a couple of weeks or three – so maybe good to make the most of whatever comes your way – quickly – no dilly dally for soul family healing.

On the upside, Jupiter remains at home in Sagittarius for the next year; and is currently with communicative, but detriment Mercury, also questing and quizzing in Sagittarius. But Jupiter has all the luck, charm and blarney of the Irish, which is especially advantageous. Both Jupiter and Mercury are now conjunct a Fixed Red Star, Antares, suggesting success comes by being totally on point, however – plus a knack for good timing.

Alson in the Full Cancer Moon horoscope there are also no less than four planets in rulership, including Luna herself, along with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. All planets are in the astrological domains that amplify their better qualities. The Moon in Cancer, for instance, makes us more caring; a Sagittarian Jupiter opens the mind for exploration, understanding the bigger picture, to see how lucky we are; Saturn in Capricorn recognizes our discipline and accomplishment; and Neptune still in Pisces (until 2026) accenting our connection to the oceans and our emotions.  

And Love Goddess Venus in Scorpio is now free from her retrograde shadow, and ascends the heavens as the leading planet in the ‘Locomotive’ pattern of planets. With her intense kind of love, the Scorpio Venus leads stars signs, Scorpio, Sag, Capricorn, with Vesta in Aquarius, and the Shamanic Spiritual Warriors in Pisces pulling up the rear in both the Solstice and Full Moon charts. It’s like having someone who transformed their own demons steering planets through a time tunnel towards eclipse season, and a New Capricorn Moon Solar Eclipse, January 6th.  There will 6 celestial significators in Earthy Capricorn.  It could be a geophysical shaky start to 2019. The following Full 0* Moon on the 21st is also a Super Moon**, with high (emotional) tides. Beware mood swings and weather!

There’s no denying it, for a supposedly stabilising Earth Dog year, with its Mars and Venus retrogrades, 2018 has had its share of rattles and rolls. Events and situations around the world, and in our personal lives as well, have witnessed shocking and profound loses; be it people, species, rights, privacy, job or financial status, certain things, some of which were long fought for, and we thought would always be around are slipping away.

Collective feelings are currently so strong they plunge deeply to merge with an oceanic ‘Soul Family’. Within this soul group ripples an innate mystical undercurrent of understanding, tolerance and kindness, which flow in and out of all our stories. Maybe we will all tap into some of that innate goodness in 2019, which will come into focus with the year of the Earth Boar (starting Feb 4th), that generally proposes a tranquil home and inner-life, while we each work diligently towards achievable personal goals.

With that I wish you all a very happy Solstice Full Moon and Happy Holidays! Until next year and the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 21st January, Happy New Year too!
Sending LOVE-Light on the Full Moon beams!
From Agent Dakini aka Laura Boomer-Trent

*Five Full Moons in a row are at 0 degrees of the sign: this Cancer Moon is the second in the series. 

**Term coined by Richard Nolle in the 70’s for the Moon at Perigee Syzygy, i.e. the Full Moon is closest to Earth.   

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Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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    Gina says:

    Thanks for the explantion! We had such a lovely christmas! The whole family was together and no one argued. I had my first perfect christmas and was so lucky. Now I know why. I really have to watch the stars more often. 🙂 Well, I checked my horoscope on when I read your text and now feeling really confident about the coming year. Thank you for so much positive input here! 🙂



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