The Astrological History & Mystery of the Divine Feminine – Part 1 Mary Magdalene

Laura Boomer-Trent  – Agent Dakini #87

Burning Heart High Spirits ღ

Full Moon 22°24’ Aquarius 15th August 12:29 UT

By Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Heart Fire & the Spirit of LOVE

Full Moon 22°24’ Aquarius 15th August 12:29UT

Passion and playfulness easily reach fever pitch when planets traverse the zodiacal sign of the theatrical and artistic Lion – just as the personal planets are presently doing. With a hot and fiery Leo Sun, Venus, Mercury, influential asteroid Juno, AND Mars, now upping daily drama all-the-while exuding a fierce inspiration that can also inspire joyful action, a warm heart and affectionate relations; as Leo ignites the creative spark within to connect with one’s inner child (as well as with children) for fun-packed activities, so talents and gifts can be explored and expressed. Essentially, making light of life and being with loved ones and friends and gathering under decidedly quirky Aquarian Full Moon beams (and shooting stars if you’re lucky) could be an extremely satisfying and entertaining cosmic order.

Our dynamic, life-giving Sun rules the zodiac sign Leo. So that when the Sun is at home in the regal Lion, the Heart Spirit is strengthened with courage and a centring cosmic ‘Light of Intelligence’. Sol’s light radiates a magical power so powerful that it can boost confidence and fuel an awareness of one-self that is mindful of our individual consciousness and what makes us feel happy and alive.

We are all energised by the Sun. And as the Solar Leonine Spirit projects an intense spotlight upon personal affairs, especially those matters of the heart and self-expression; the Aquarian Full Moon illuminates the need for freedom in love and romance, as well as the freedom to be individual by having one’s own ideas and emotions, particularly within groups of people, yet always aware of the unique gifts we bring to the greater whole.

Self love is also important. But not in an ego-maniac kind of way. More like loving and taking care of yourself is necessary before loving and taking care of others. Yet this mega Leo influence can be overbearing for some , as the Lion’s majestic manner can work pomp and ceremony to the max and escalate pride – even when undeserved: Leo can bestow solid self-belief and self-confidence. In either innocence or ignorance Leo can also hog the limelight and thoughtlessly overshadow everyone with his or her own artistic license, which is usually perfomed with style and pizzazz.

☆ Bear in mind that quite apart from relationship planets circulating the sign of the solar system’s beating heart, as Leo accents how love makes the world go around, issues of loyalty and trust, freedom and fairness, humanity and humanitarian, could still also arise. One of the greatest challenges is to now embrace Leo’s ardent fieriness, at the same time keep an emotionally cool Aquarian view.

☆ Emotional detachment is preferable to see clearly who we love, who loves us, and which of our friends are part of the ‘go-to team’; as well as those out to rip, clip, and zip plans, people and ideas for their own advantage. Dynamic Mars leads the Leo planets with Regulus, the brilliant fixed star which indicates success is only guaranteed by keeping integrity intact. And in these highly competitive technologically interconnected days, we are witnessing quite a few whose scruples can be called into question.

While we may find a place in our heart that allows us to forgive those who transgress, to let go and move on, the Sun with Venus indicates how ethics and principles are far more valuable than showing off a latest conquest.

When the Sun is conjunct Venus (on a mighty powerful Venus star point!) matters of the heart can take on a positive spin, particularly over this Full Moon, as the spirit of love infiltrates the soul in a seemingly reckless and anarchic way.

“When the power of love overcomes love of power the world will know peace.” ~ Sri Chinmoy ~

Seriously. This is a wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee Full Moon and recognise how strong the power of love is when shared with humanity. This is also when love can be found in an instant – and when you least expect it. In a startling moment of looking into someone’s eyes, for instance, anyone’s eyes, friend or foe, lover or stranger, animal, insect or person, you could suddenly be jolted out of the permeable ego bubble to recognise the light of his or her consciousness, too. With such an encounter much can be revealed in the blink of the eye, showing especially what we truly value within, as well as what we think of others. These are the very moments the heartmind has a choice: to be generous and let the love-light of consciousness connect, or to close-down and turn away. Try and stay open to remain in your natural flow.

Either way, fear or greed can make living beings do crazy things. So be aware that while you may be busily spouting romantic poetry singing the praises of universal love, sweet love, there are others less so inclined, and are stuck thinking they need to prove themselves in any means necessary. Indeed, they may be bound by animal instinct.

Should you find yourself staring into the orbs of a (metaphoric) large Leo lion, however, who is charging towards you at forty miles an hour, it’s perfectly acceptable to not to feel the need for magical connections; and you would probably do well to hold your ground to pacify, whilst puffing-up to roar louder and look bigger than said threat. Even so, the love may still be there.

☆ With the all-controlling Saturn, South Node and Pluto in Capricorn still holding on to a retrograde course and backwards thinking, it may well be in the few days before the Full Moon, when the Moon occults the currently extremely charismatic Saturn and stubborn South Node for the sixth time in a series of nine, that we begin to realistically note the obvious mountain of obstacles facing us individually and collectively; and how solutions resolutions are being blocked by that or those which feel entitled to do so. But at least we are now halfway through this gruelling series which seems to wreak of deja-vu, so that many are understanding the difficulties that lie ahead in the coming years, all of which the futuristic and globally aware Aquarian Full Moon now reflects.

☆ Sensitive Luna also makes a fabulous Quintile (72°) to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius; this is a magical aspect suggesting a daring kind of edginess that requires ingenuity when working together, for many hands to make light work, and for the global family to connect heart-to-heart when firing up the crystalline ‘light-grid’ in unusual and magical ways. Aquarius in connection to Uranus is also the sign of the ‘outsider’, the one who seems strange but exudes genius and eccentricity: the inventor.

In Esoteric Astrology, Aquarius is the hierarchical ruler of the Moon, meaning we are all ‘one’ living under the rays of the life-affirming Sun. Our aim is to live with selfless Aquarian awareness and grow the love that we naturally feel – a love that brings senses alive to be free, generous and kind. Basically, life is not about constant competition, but about working together to better the lives of all.

☆ To help us do just that a Fire Trine that has been coming and going with various planets linking up to each throughout the run up this exciting and loving Full Moon. Also, The Sun at home in Leo, and three other planets currently ‘in domicile’, in signs in which they excel: Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, are both still retrograde, taking time to digest how to work with pollution and suffering, while optimistic Jupiter goes forward in Sagittarius just as the Full Moon beings her three day culumination 14th August (15th exact, 16th disseminating). Jupiter’s move suggests morality can now again be seen to play a greater part in the ways that we govern our lives and minds, to help us grow and expand into our naturally light and wise state. (FYI: Saturn goes forward just after the Full Pisces Moon 18th September).

☆ And while this Full Moon is what’s called a ‘see-saw’ chart, with two sides competing for dominance, it is the Sun and the personal planets which hold sway. As soon as lunar culminates she begins to wane towards the ‘Black New Virgo Moon’ (a Black Moon is the second New Moon of a calendar month) when ‘The Goddess of Perfection’ reveals ways towards some kind of stability within a solid Earth Trine.

Ultimately, this Full moon is one for tuning in and listening to the beating heart which keeps us on the move and in our flow, as plans change, people come and go, and hope for the future zaps in from leftfield and unexpected sources.

Remember to live for love and be the love wherever you can and enjoy the magic of sparkling Aquarian moonbeams.
Until next month, wishing you all happiness and BIG LOVE x

The Astrological History & Mystery of the Divine Feminine – Part 1 Mary Magdalene
Laura Boomer-Trent  – Agent Dakini #87

From Laura Boomer-Trent, aka Agent Dakini, who can also reveal astrological and spiritual archetypes in your birth chart, that often serve as confirmation of your purpose and soul contract. There is a universal awareness within astrology that can empower one to consciously co-create with the universe a future you would like to see manifest.

Laura can be contacted to read natal karma birth charts, as well as year-ahead horoscopes, relationship, synastry, family dynasty, astro-carto-graphy; adept in the healing arts: Western, Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan, Laura is an astrologer with over 30 years of experience, and a dedicated Buddhist scholar for 25. Consultations can be in person (in London, England), or via skype or phone. International clients welcomed. Spiritual astrology retreats are also offered Summer and Autumn, in Southern France, where students also explore astrologically inspired historic sites as well as the Black Madonna. 

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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