Full Moon Virgo 22nd February 2016, UT 3°33’

by Agent Amor – Margaret Gray

The Full Moon at 3°33’ Virgo 33 on February 22nd 2016

6:18pm UT

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do ― C.G. Jung

The Core Theme for this Full Moon = Self Love versus Self Judgement

This is the 5th of 6 consecutive Full Moon at 3’. The first one was in October 2015 at 3° Taurus, followed by 3° Gemini in Nov, 3° Cancer in December, and 3° Leo in January 2016, with a final one which will be the Lunar Eclipse at 3° Libra in March – more on the Eclipse next month!

This is useful to know because:

    1. If you have any planets in your Birth Chart that are between 1’ and 5,’ in any of the Zodiac signs, (or in your Composite Relationship chart with your significant other), these energies have been awakened in an ongoing way since October by these 3’ Full Moons. As Full Moons signify a time of completion and endings in preparation for a new start, it is worthwhile noticing which themes have been reoccurring for you over the past 4 months. This will depend on the planets that have been aspected by the Full Moon, as well as the House the Full Moon landed in your Birth Chart. For example if you have Mars at 3’ Cancer, the Full Moons have all been awakening the Mars themes within you. These include your life force, desire nature, boundaries, will, drive…The question is – what aspects of these core Mars themes are you ready to let go of and change? For example: if your Mars in Cancer has been too considerate of others and not enough of your self, then the Full Moon energies are likely to invite you to focus more on your own needs and desires.
    1. The Full Moon energies are building up to important changes for you at the Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd – more on this next month!

The Full Moon in Virgo

Although Virgo is an Earth Sign, it is ruled by Mercury/Hermes who is the god of communication. Hence this Full Moon draws our attention to both mental analysis and practical action. Virgo’s main objective at all times is to be of efficient, effective and useful service. In order to do so, Virgo requires extensive analysis of the different options and possibilities that are available. Its strength is its ability to effectively dissect and synthesise large amounts of information. Its potential weakness is its perfectionism which can result in harsh self-criticism and the feeling that a task is never complete. Virgo’s ultimate goal is to be helpful and useful. With Mercury as its ruler and the strong connection to Chiron, Virgo acts as a bridge between our Mind and Body. Hence Virgo is often associated with complementary medicine.

Opposing the Sun in Pisces, this Full Moon brings our attention to areas of our life that we want and need to give some detailed attention to, including our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. With the Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune, we may feel more porous than usual on many levels. This includes the physical realm and it may be helpful to take additional care of our immune system right now as well as our nervous system (Mercury). With Uranus and Pluto still within a degree of the exact square to each other and with Mars still in Scorpio, this is an opportune time to release and clear old feelings, anxieties and lingering self-criticism that may be affecting our health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile Jupiter is still within a degree of the North Node in Virgo opposite Chiron and the South Node in Pisces. This configuration reinforces the Full Moon themes to do with being of service to ourselves and others. What we are invited to leave behind is the belief that self-sacrifice will release us from loneliness. Jupiter and the North Node remind us that being of service includes being grounded in an awareness of our individual differences which enable us to participate in a very helpful way towards the greater whole. Hence the ultimate integration of the Virgo/Pisces axis = consciousness through remembering our oneness, whilst retaining our individual human form via self-love versus self-judgment.

With Venus and Mercury still in Aquarius in a slightly out of orb quincunx to the Full Moon, we are reminded of the impact of our communication on everyone we relate to on a daily basis. This Full Moon invites us to stand back from our thoughts and words and assess whether they are of true service to ourselves and others.

FulMoon in Virgo

Some questions we might consider at this time:

    1. How self-critical are you of yourself on a daily basis on a scale from 1 – 10? What would it feel like to say the opposite to these thoughts/words to yourself for one week/one month/one year?
    1. Where does perfectionism abound in your life towards yourself and others? What would your life be like if you changed this?
    1. Where in your life do you need clearer boundaries as opposed to ‘armour,’ or the absence of any boundaries?
    1. Where in your life are you ‘sacrificing’ yourself and why? Do you equate ‘sacrifice’ with  ‘love’? What is this based on?
    1. How high is your anxiety daily anxiety level on a scale of 1 – 10? What practical and emotional steps can you take to lower your level?

Some Tools to work with during this Full Moon time and throughout the rest of the month:

    1. This is a good time to engage with anything that will help calm the Nervous System including: yoga, meditation, music, creativity, craniosacral therapy, massage etc.
    1. It’s an ideal time to take a relaxing Spa day to rest, relax and detox on all levels.
    1. Listening to a guided Visualisation can help you connect to your mind and body.
    1. Resolving and clearing out any disagreements with friends and family can release depth inner stress and anxieties from the body, mind and spirit.

On a Global Level:

On Feb 11th the scientific world announced that we now have proof that Gravitational Waves, (a key component of Albert Einstein’s theory of General Relativity) exist, as they found a way of detecting and hearing them. Without a doubt this is one of the most amazing scientific discoveries of our time and as Ian O’Neill writes “we now have a window into a “dark universe” where no electromagnetic radiation is required”. On the day of the announcement, the Sun was at 22 Aquarius, quincunx Jupiter/North Node in Virgo. No doubt we will find out more in the months and years to come how this discovery can be of practical use and service to the collective.

On Feb 12th many of the political powers in the world finally agreed to a ceasefire in conflict ridden Syria. Although not all nations are abiding by the ceasefire, the images of families starving to death in Syria together with increasing number of refugees drowning in attempted crossings to safety over rough winter seas, has somewhat shaken the powers that be towards the possibility of peace. This is helped by the trine from Saturn in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries, encouraging action based on new innovative beliefs. Jupiter and the North Node are squaring Saturn, reminding us once more that our goal is to be of service!

Meanwhile the Zita Virus, apparently caused by a mosquito bite, has reached ‘pandemic’ proportions according to the WHO. It has also been recently linked to both microcephaly in unborn babies and paralysis in adults. Although it has mainly affected individuals in Brazil and Columbia, there are now known cases throughout the world. With Jupiter/North Node in Virgo opposite Chiron/South Node in Pisces, the importance of the mind/body connection is highlighted, as well as the viability of finding healing solutions in natural resources. Unlike pharmaceuticals which treat us as ‘sick victims’, natural healing requires active empowered co-participation. Jupiter by nature creates sudden insights as well as expansion. Hence the current pandemic scale of the Zita virus as well as potential insights and meanings we will hopefully gain from this health crisis.

Who is most likely to resonate with these energies?
If your Sun, Moon and/or Angles in your chart are between 1’ and 5’ Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and/or Capricorn, you are likely to resonate more strongly with the themes of this Full Moon.

I’ll leave you with this lovely quote:  Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Wishing you all a wonderful month ahead. Many thanks for reading this Full Moon Blog – Margaret Gray February 2016

Bio – Margaret Gray/Agent Amor MSW D. Psych. Astrology

Margaret offers psychological astrology Birth Chart readings to individuals, couples and children internationally in person and on skype. Currently based in Dublin, Ireland with a foot in Hawaii, Margaret can be contacted via her email address [email protected]. Her website is Margaret also teaches Psychological Astrology online and in person. She is a member of the ISAR board of directors.

Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray Jan 2016. Feel free to share but to comply with copyright laws please ensure that the work is attributed to the author.

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