Making Miracles – Full Moon in Virgo 22° 13’ March 12th UT

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Sun in Pisces    ♓☍♍ – Full Moon in Virgo

Sunday March 12th @14:53 GMT

Be realistic. Plan for a miracle!  ~ Osho ~

Walking on water, witnessing past lives, or zapping into a conversation over a crowded room, because of an extraordinarily heightened sense of hearing, are all what we would call ‘miracles’.  Such pure-hearted miracles abound when our magnificent Sun shines in magical Pisces, Sol’s present transit.

Going beyond the norm, purely for the benefit of others is the making of a miracle – and exactly what we should prepare for this Full Moon weekend; which, incidentally, is the Full Moon closest to the Vernal Spring Equinox, March 20th. A Full Virgo Moon sees the Female Fire Bird ignite her inner fire, ready to spread her wings and fly 20017’s dramatic ‘Grand Fire Trine’, with a certain amount of Virginal decorum at first, it has to be said, being International Women’s Day Full Moon and all 😉 

☼ The chart of the Full Moon shows oceanic Neptune sailing in a wide conjunction to a watery Pisces Sun, representing hidden spiritual strength, collective undercurrents, and the karmic imprints of an entire soul group. Next to the Sun are asteroids Pallas Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, strategy and war, with Chiron, the solar systems’ psychic kundalini Shaman. Close by is Mercury in psychedelic Pisces: poetic, romantically fuelled by songs of the Siren, crooning for spiritual oneness and a longing for desert island holiday; though actually best suited to the meditation cushion for tuning into the cosmic message, rather than relying on GPS or dashing off a tweet, to find that our true inner nature is a radiant bright and powerful Love. It’s especially worth noting where communicative Mercury is right now on several counts:

1) Mercury is The Virgin’s ruling planet, accenting a superior feminine acumen: intellect + reason + intuition = reinforced now in association with super-intelligent advisor to the stars, Pallas Athena.

2) But Mercury is in fall in Pisces, and opposite the sign it rules, where the sensitive Moon now shines. Major issues surrounding endocrine hormones, addiction, trauma, institutional abuse and sanity, need extra-special care. Art therapy highly recommended. 

3) At 27° Pisces, the Mercurial planet of information is at the very degree to which Venus is retrograding back to, and will reach early April – to encourage us all to embrace the Venusian exaltation of unconditional cosmic love, before the promise of the new comes in with Spring Equinox. 

4) The Celestial Courier is always a key player whenever there are ‘Mutable’ astral challenges, as in a Full Moon ‘T’ square formed between the Sun/Mercury/Neptune in Mutable Water, Pisces; opposite Mutable Earth, Virgo Moon; thus forming a tense and tricky square to Saturn, with the Time Lord now in truth-seeking Mutable Fire, Sagittarius.

☼ Saturn is currently pointing directly towards the centre of the Galaxy throughout 2017, holding harmoniously a soon-to-be same element ‘Grand Fire Trine’ with Uranus in Aries (tapping into the last vestiges of the electro-psycho Uranus Pluto square), and the (just out of sign) Virgo North Node, also accenting the need focus upon the light, especially when faced with personal or collective difficult karma. Be aware with what you fill your heartmind with these days, lest be deluded or duped. If ever there was a time to test for truths, this is the year: 2017. At least Saturn in Sagittarius registers the importance of having the freedom for people to think for themselves.

☼ Because (the usually) level-headed Full Virgo Moon reflects the light of the two cosmic fish, joined by a magical golden thread connecting heaven to earth, we could discover the extraordinary within the ordinary this weekend. Emotionally led events can create a perfect Virgo reality. For the flawlessly accomplished feminine (within everyone, even guys have a feminine, yin side) not owned by anyone, the Virgin Goddess offers as a duty a practical compassion, which lifts the normal and everyday into the realms of sublime and supernatural.

So when the light of the benevolent and forgiving Pisces Sun is reflected by a beautifully receptive full Virgo Moon, wholesome and honourable in this sensible and solid, feminine Earth sign, there’s always the potential to maintain intellectual integrity through helpful service. Virgo underpins the solar-lunar gravitational influence for a visionary altruistic intention to blend with rational words and deeds; consequently we needn’t feel afraid or confused by falling for nebulous fairy tales of longing, loss and distraction, nor flounder in a Piscean sea of confused disbelief when the marvellous and mystical happens.

Strange as it may seem, it is Virgo’s innate quest for purity and perfection which essentially enables out-of-this-world miracles to take place. Uncontaminated thoughts create virtuous manifestation. True, it all sounds saintly; and Buddha, Christ and Mohamed all seemingly possessed superhuman powers. But there are also thousands of stories of ordinary beings achieving the supernormal, rife in all our different cultures. Prayer, for example, is universally known to zip through the space to help speed up healing and restore health more quickly, so it seems a miracle has taken place. Or a ‘sixth-sense’ stops someone from boarding a train that later has an accident. There are many small miracles taking place every day which, the heavens suggest, we now have the eyes to see.

In astrology, we attribute the amazing ability to tune into this second-sight (using the wisdom eye) to envision beyond-the-norm and behold such miracles and marvels to the zodiac sign Pisces (as well as Neptune & the 12th house). This is the sign of fluid movement between worlds seen and unseen, of vision quests and day dreaming, of ‘letting go’ and finding spiritual enhancement by dissolving the ego, and connecting to the Divine within, by seeing the Divine all around.

And in the current astrological climate, with the Mutable T Square accenting life’s suffering, sensed through a highly tuned and deeply sympathetic Pisces –Virgo axis, it puts the bandage of compassion upon the wounds made by hysterical fear, while Saturn requires some kind of karmic control.

This resonance between all sentient beings is a powerful affirmation of all life’s interconnection, from the miracle of birth, throughout life, death and rebirth, the suffering and endings, of which every Pisces, sign of sinners and saviours is naturally, even if subliminally, aware. 

We don’t all have to be natural born ‘Piscean-Neptunian-12th House’ redeemers, saving the world from death, doom and destruction, or have power to wield over nature or time. But the essential message for this Full Moon is that if we want to create miracles in any place, at any time, then we do need to detox and simplify our lifestyles – as well as work harder at being kinder to each other, and ourselves.

Spring Equinox is on its way suggesting we wake up to nature of what lies ahead, and be more mindful of each other. So best be open to change and be creative when working with others, to be ‘in-the-flow’ of magical moonbeams. And bear in mind these words from  American 19th century novelist, Willa Catha, “Wherever there is great Love, there are always good wishes”.

With that I wish you a beautiful full Moon, with Love & happiness in abundance! 

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Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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