✶Heightened Psychic Senses in Everyday Situations ✶ ◯ Full Moon in Taurus 11°58’ Taurus 5:23am UT

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

✶Heightened Psychic Senses in Everyday Situations ✶

Full Moon in Taurus Sun in Scorpio ☉5:23am UT

“That thing you call intuition? It’s your soul. You can trust it.” (Quote unknown)

From the astrological and elemental points of view the Taurus Full Moon on Saturday 4th November, @5:23UT, is Fixed Earth: tenacious, solid and strong. Please bear these simple but practical qualities in mind, because setting the astrological tone and holding sway over of this exalted Moon, in the sign of the earthy Bull, is the intense and complex, dramatic Scorpio Sun, as ‘Fixed Water’. Thus the powerful and intuitive water sign Scorpio now benefits from the stable Taurean influence, as Earth and Water can be extremely fertile: anchored in mud’s murky depths (Scorpio) the beautiful lotus can surely grow and flourish (Taurus). Earth also provides a container for Water’s acute sensitivity. 

The robust Taurus tends towards a laid-back simple life, one that provides sufficient cuddles, finances, and food in the kitchen. A fine French wine may be a Bull’s prized possession; whereas Scorpio can seduce and share said vintage and transport both parties to discover previously hidden depths of the psyche. Scorpio may be shadowy and mysterious, but the 8th sign of the zodiac is also profound and perceptive, with an inexhaustible, deep well of concealed resources. This passionate sign of intimacy, secrets, shared assets and penetrative insights, doesn’t give up his or her secrets – or the Cabernet Sauvignon so easily: unless you are dealing with a the higher-minded Scorpionic clairvoyant, the one with x-ray vision who works an inner-wisdom that does not suffer fools too long, one generally needs to earn Scorpio’s trust.

Scorpio tends to wield the enigmatic with provocative control and a sexy sixth-sense precision to maintain a power base that brims with magical potential. And there is great astral news for Scorpio (and Taurus –and possibly other fixed signs Leo & Aquarius) to bring that potential into reality, as this is the only Full Moon in the Fire Bird year in which the Spirit of the Sun conjoins beneficent Jupiter, only recently moved into magnetic Scorpio. The celestial courier, Mercury, is also in Scorpio, albeit in late degrees, honing an eagle eye that could help one to seek and seize opportunities for growth and success, by concentrating the mind with Taurean determination and Scorpionic intensity.

Apart from the extreme nature of Scorpio accenting life, death and rebirth (easy on that red wine now, please), it is the starry blend of Sun and Jupiter when good things are cosmically bound to happen. Some might call it ‘luck’, but the Sun-Jupiter is a most astrologically preferred combination that nearly always represents good fortune and excellent timing. And, if whatever ‘it’ is that you have in mind when reading this comes into being, then give thanks; if not, Jupiter’s influence means it will be easy to be philosophical, keep spirits up, and move on: such is the nature of the sparkling duo, Sun-Jupiter. Incidentally, while this is the Full Moon exuding the most Jupitarian optimism, the exact hit of the glorious Sun-Jupiter Jupiter has actually already passed, since 26th October, with the waxing first quarter Moon, a traditional time of action; so some of you may already have experienced a boost to your system in one form or another (check your scope for 1-6°Scorpio to see how, what and where), which could have already been shared with the close and trusted, so that celebratory bottle may already be recycled. Events may still seem slightly exaggerated. In any event the Sun radiating with expansive, happy-go-lucky Jupiter gives a definite sense of hope, and situations surrounding this Full Moon could actually shed more than a little happiness – at the very least this Full Moon should show there is light at the end of the tunnel.  

Most people want to better themselves and going up a notch, in status or self-esteem, is common whenever the radiant Sun is with generous Jupiter – as is taking risks due to the belief that one’s view is true. Indeed, the Full Moon in the sign of Taurus accents how much we value our self-worth. But we must also be careful not to become prisoners of our own desires. At the time of this Full Moon, the Scorpio Sun also aligns with two fixed stars: one is Alphecca in ‘Corona Borealis’ which suggests a crown is given – a reward or prize for being in the right place at the right time. But such nobility and dignity come not without a price. There is no such thing as a free lunch, it would seem – even when the Full Moon is in the sign of foodie-loving Taurus. As the Sun is also with a minor fixed star, Acrux, it implies that along with any rise, award, or bonus given right now, one must be realistic about what one can achieve purely through luck or love, charm or good looks, and be prepared to work at going through whatever life presents, good or bad. That said, while Acrux may present a cross to carry, the ancients saw the brighter star, Alphecca, as a precious jewel in a garland worn with honour and artistic ability, so much so that scandals that arise now may not even affect the subject’s status or standing.

This Full Taurus Moon is also exalted, meaning it is in the best possible sign to experience the stability and security found with the easily attainable: good food, happy company and pleasant surroundings can provide ample comfort and joy over this Full Moon weekend, as well as a time and place for planning one’s next success. Because this Full Moon also has the backing of arch-tactician, asteroid Pallas Athena – at the degree of the Moon’s exaltation, plotting future moves around the dining table may well be the making of something a lot more solid. 

Both ‘Lights’, Sun and Moon, also make helpful aspects to outer planets, Neptune and Pluto, accenting transformative connections to our soul groups, as well as the legacy each generation leaves behind for those to come. Neptune in Pisces takes us into the oceanic realms of illusion and delusion, emptiness and bliss, compassion and charitable institutions (so that if anyone has one glass too many under full moonbeams, it will be easy to forgive if not forget). Pluto is Scorpio’s hard-hitting modern ruler who never overlooks anything, however; and Mars is Scorpio’s traditional ruler; so it’s good to note how Mars is now in his fall in Libra, and as such is on rear guard, softening negotiation but still driving the Full Moon horoscope’s locomotive formation with sweetly pushy and beguiling. It might also be worth noting here that in three decades of astrological study I have come to the conclusion that Pluto dominates those Scorpios who live and work for others (through altruism, diviners, and trauma professions: surgeons, psychology, undertakers, solicitors, detectives, police, chemists, researchers; miners, business people, architects, chimney sweeps and sewer workers also fall into Scorpio professions), while Mars generally has ambitions to be heroic with (someone else’s) cause to fight (soldiers, stock market, lawyers).

Photo by Agent23 Brett Joseph, at recent C*I*A retreat , Maitripa Centre, Healesville, Victoria

Plutonic Scorpios are also acutely aware of the dark side; they inherently know that personal power corrupts but the non-ego-bound energy sustains. Battles waged can also be against Scorpio’s own demons. But one thing is certain during this Full Moon: it is the powerful planet Pluto which makes the most promising contacts to Sun and Moon, meaning we all get to play a part in a dramatic transformation that leads, eventually, to an all-or-nothing regeneration: in this we can think of own our part in holding course to maintain healthy water, for example (drink fresh, blessed and pure), and know that what we do now impacts upon at least seven generations to come.

Psychic sensitivity is also heightened by any planet in Scorpio. And with Jupiter’s move into (tropical) Scorpio we can all expand more easily in this area over the coming year (until November 2018) should we want to touch base with intuition, or subtle body bio-energy, this is the year to do so.  Scorpionic issues such as transforming our position on death, sex, taxes, will also be brought into our attention; sometimes by first being dragged through the mud before reaching the light.

Those looking for answers, clues or messages from the unseen, as in the dream-world or intuition, won’t be disappointed. Though the message itself might seem rather cut and dried, mundane and plain, without any ‘spiritual’ frills, but still one should take note, as these are very insights that hone the way the mind perceives the world of the unseen and the subtle body energies.  Some messages will have all-singing all-dancing bells ringing to awaken sky dancers into action. But mostly, over this Moon, intuition could seem rather prosaic.

Looking ahead, beyond the encouraging New Scorpio Moon 18th November, to the December 3rd Full Sagittarian SuperMoon, when Jupiter makes a Trine (120°) to Neptune. The Full Moon after this is almost celestially designed, if not on the path already, to open your heartmind to daily spiritual practice, whatever that may be: meditation, yoga, dance, music, prayer, mindfulness, all can deepen naturally.  With Jupiter in good aspect to oceanic Neptune there will be no need to push, but to restez-zen in one’s flow. So that by January 2018, when the Fixed water Scorpio Jupiter harmonises with the Earthy Capricorn Pluto, through a sextile (60°), a personal transformation will almost certainly be felt. Pluto in Capricorn is only still half way through its passage of the majestic and formal Capricorn, so is still to fully renovate traditional but outworn authoritarian structures (with Pluto Cap connections) by 2025.

For now the challenge for the Scorpionic Jupiter’s Fixed Water is not to languish in darkness, grappling with good or evil, but to transform such polarity from deep within. Fixed water Scorpio has the ability to overcome the poison of ignorance and desire by slaying the internal nine-headed hydra through complete self-trust, psychological insight and an unbreakable will. Sifting through all the dross that comes to surface in difficult times is Scorpio’s task. Scorpio gets down, deep and dirty into the heart of any vortex, even into the cellular level of our body, with subtle body awareness that has the power to transmute and be reborn. 

On an elemental note, Water is a living structure that gets depressed when polluted. It’s the same with us; the more polluted our water the more likely we are to be low energy. Each minute cell of water is like a pane of information that ‘holds’ vibration and resonance within the ‘shape’ of its structure. Recognising that most living beings are also made of 70% water, we now know it is not the constitution of water, H2O, which is important, but the structure water creates as it weaves and waves and changes in flow, spin and vibration. Each drop of water within and without can be also purified in many ways by going through a change in structure, from gas to liquid, for instance, or solid to liquid, as well as by the power of intent, thought, mantra and word. One drop of water is actually a treasure to cherish, a potentially beautifully-charged hexagonal star shaped celebration of life, in love, with thanks (as per late water Guru Masaru Emoto).

With Cosmic Life-Coach Jupiter in Scorpio for most of 2018, ‘Fixed Water’ will provide celestial keys for conscious personal growth and collective regeneration. As the winds of change alter directions and currents, the water within the heart wells of purified loved will transform.

And while this is the Full Moon I would usually advise to look out for obsession, jealousy, hidden desires, certain fascinations have now naturally reached a point of sudden change, especially those desires appertaining to relationship and finances, beauty and bravery. Go easy now. Particular associated might find such change disruptive. Be aware the Venus opposition Uranus,  freedom-closeness dilemma is rearing its head, for relationships with loved ones as well as peer groups could make everyone now question the freedom to be one self.  Thus, events around this Full Moon could reverberate until Easter 2018, when Venus and Uranus come together again.

Closing this longer than usual Full Moon report from the Halloween Full Moon illuminating our collective and personal resources, as each of Earth’s hemispheres now begin to circle towards the Wheel-Turning Solstice Yule, when we will be welcoming of ‘Time Lord’ Saturn into his very own Capricorn domain(to join Pluto 2020): a very interesting evolutionary time indeed!

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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